5 of the most useful Breakfast

For many decades there is a saying about Breakfast that must be eaten. Nourishing, tasty and healthy, it will energize and give strength, vitality and good mood. «Fast» carbohydrates, eaten for Breakfast, will be for a long time to split and provide the body with fuel.

Modern nutritionists say that a proper Breakfast helps to maintain a normal weight. All the nutrients are better absorbed by the body morning. This is reflected in the beauty of the skin and hair, and General health.

Breakfast to benefit, to prepare it you need from the right foods.

Cereals, cheese, eggs, fruits and berries, yogurt – these products are ideal for the first meal.


The benefit is that the carbohydrates and fibers. These substances clean the intestines from toxins and eliminate them from the body.

• A variety of cereal, cooked with water, with bran: millet, oats, buckwheat. Not forbidden to add some berries, fruit pieces, raisins, honey.

• Croutons whole wheat flour, soaked in a mixture of milk, egg and salt and fried in sunflower oil.

• Muesli made from rolled oats, honey, Apple and nuts drenched in milk, cream or yogurt.


This product is useful in that it contains large amounts of protein and calcium.

• Cheese or casserole with low-fat sour cream.

• Cottage cheese with herbs, spread on whole wheat bread.

• Cottage cheese with dried fruit, dressed with sour cream or natural yogurt.


Contain a lot of protein. The feeling of fullness will not disappear until dinner.

• Omelet with bacon and tomatoes.

• Hard-boiled or soft-boiled.

• Fried eggs.

Fruits and berries

Many vitamins and minerals needed by the body, are composed of these products.

• Salad with any fruit. The combination of them and refilling can be chosen according to your taste.

• Pancakes made from apples.

• Roll of pita bread with apples and cheese, cooked in the microwave.

• Cottage cheese with slices of melon, sunflower seeds and honey.


Leads to normal metabolism and cholesterol.

• Cereal with Apple juice and vanilla yogurt.

• Natural or vanilla yogurt mixed with fruit pieces and orange juice.

• Smoothies with fruit and yogurt in various combinations and proportions, whipped in a blender until smooth.

Such a delicious and quick Breakfast easily displace with the morning Desk harmful sandwiches, sausage, crispy pads. And the body get rid of toxins and cholesterol.