Your skin is dry or just dehydrated? How to determine.

Among the existing types of skin there are two common, but having significant differences. This dry and dehydrated skin. Some even accept this terminology as a description of the same state. But it’s not.

The main characteristic of dry skin is a feeling of tension and absolute lack of skin salvadorena.

This type of skin is more common after 30-35 years, when it begins the gradual loss of its own moisture and thinning of collagen and elastin fibers.

Dry skin is a natural given. Therefore, in the comprehensive care of this condition is recommended nourishing cream, nourishing and revitalising face masks, and be sure to special tonics for dry skin.

In dehydrated skin is present the same state of tension as dry, but it is aggravated by the irritation and increased sensitivity.

But the main difference is the presence of periodic salvadorena on the skin that may occur in the morning in the nasolabial area and forehead or chin.

Thus in the presence of dry irritated skin there is oily areas on the face. This condition is the result of improper care of the face, so it is unnatural and needs correction.

To restore the normal condition it is necessary to regulate the water balance of the skin, return its natural acidity and lost elasticity. It is recommended to exclude alcohol-based tonic, absorbent, facial masks, scrubs and traumatic application of soap.

In the morning wash with water only tonic for dry skin, all foaming cosmetic warblers use only in the evenings. 2-3 times a week apply a moisturizing mask 2-3 times per month – nutritional. And to choose to care light moisturizing cream with restorative functions.

After rehabilitation condition of the skin should return to its natural.