Yogurt mask for hair

Yogurt mask for hair: useful properties

Why in those days when there were no shampoos and conditioners, the hair of women was thick, lush and healthy? Because they washed their natural products – eggs, black bread, sour milk. Progress since then has gone far ahead. Each year on store shelves there are the latest development of cosmetic industry a variety of shampoos and conditioners, gromashevskaya about the miraculous properties. But somehow our contemporaries, with few exceptions, cannot boast the beauty and luster of your hair. Maybe we should look back and learn from our ancestors how to care for your hair. You can start with simple masks, for example, kefir.

First, the yogurt- available and inexpensive product, and secondly, it contains a lot of useful elements – lactic acid and acetic acid bacteria, vitamins E, B, yeast, proteins. He not only restores the structure of the hair, but also nourish the scalp, strengthen hair follicles. Due to the acidic environment, the yogurt is ideal for cleansing the hair from dirt and grease deposits, and skin from the keratinized. It forms on the hair and scalp’s natural protective layer that protects from negative outside influence. Just a couple of months of regular use of kefir masks your hair will be transformed: they come to life, shiny, silky, soft, will start to grow faster. You will forget about breakage and hair loss, greasy hair and dandruff.

Kefir hair mask: recommendations and contraindications

Yogurt mask is recommended for absolutely everyone. A contraindication can be an individual intolerance to the product. Depending on hair type, changing only the additional ingredients. Yogurt, with its acidic environment, is a natural oxidizer, which renders the hair of a slightly lightening effect. So yogurt mask especially will be to the liking blondes. But dyed brunettes and brown, if they cherish dark color, kefir masks have to give up, or do them less often.

By the way, instead of buttermilk you can use sour milk. It has the same useful properties. For masks it is necessary to use only fresh products. To make sour milk, or yogurt, you need to leave for the night on the table, fresh milk in glass containers. To make it sour faster, you need to put in a bowl with milk rye crackers. Buy it better in the market so that it does not contain preservatives.

So the yogurt does not run after application to the hair, the head can be wrapped with oilcloth or package, and wrap a regular towel. Keep kefir mask for at least one hour. Wash it with shampoo, just warm (not hot) water to not curdle the protein. After the procedure is recommended to rinse hair slightly acidified with vinegar or citric acid, water. Yogurt mask can be done in a long time, with regularity once or twice a week.

Yogurt mask for dry hair

1. To strengthen the hair. In a glass of curdled milk or fat yogurt to mix the yolk and a large spoonful of burdock oil. After applying the mask, the hair disappeared brittle, shiny.

2. For hair growth. In a glass of buttermilk add a large spoonful of mayonnaise, vegetable oil and a small spoonful of mustard powder. Stir well. This mask may cause a slight burning sensation is a valid phenomenon. If the burning sensation brings discomfort or pain, wash off the mask ahead of time.

3. Revitalizing mask. Two large tablespoons cocoa mix the egg yolk with a large spoon of vegetable oil and a Cup of yogurt. Mask with cocoa stimulate growth and stop hair loss. To cocoa is better dissolved, the powder is preheated in a water bath or the microwave.

4. The mask gives splendor to thin hair. In two parts yogurt to one part sour cream. To distribute on hair, to massage the head.

5. From hair breakage. Grind two onions to a pulp, squeeze the juice. Partial glass of kefir, stir the yolk, onion juice (2 tablespoons) and a big spoon of burdock oil.

Yogurt mask for oily hair

1. For hair growth. In a glass of buttermilk to dissolve a large tablespoon of mustard powder (dry mustard), add a small spoonful of any oil, natural honey and egg yolk.

2. Nourishing mask. Gives hair volume, Shine. In half a glass of buttermilk to dissolve a large spoon of blue clay. To distribute the roots. Blue clay is sold in cosmetic stores or pharmacies.

3. Revitalizing mask. First, prepare a decoction of hellebore on the vinegar. Mix ½ Cup water and vinegar (6%). Boil the roots of hellebore (50g) in acetic solution until the liquid to evaporate half. Cool, mix with ½ Cup of yogurt. Massage into roots and distribute through the hair.

4. Degreasing mask. Beat protein, mix with 2/3 Cup of yogurt. The mask rids the hair of excessive greasiness.

5. Against dandruff. Tablespoon of dried nettle (or mug), pour water (250ml.) Cook until evaporation to half volume. Cool, strain, mix with yogurt ( ½ Cup). The mask not only removes dandruff but also strengthens roots, accelerates hair growth.

Yogurt mask for all hair types

1. For hair growth. A teaspoon of cocoa, chicken yolk and half a Cup of yogurt to mix. The mixture is spread on the hair roots. To hold, as usual, one hour.

2. Revitalizing mask. Comes hair Shine and makes them more voluminous. To heat a Cup of yogurt, stir in two large tablespoons of colorless henna. Let stand a quarter of an hour, then you can use.

3. Against dandruff. Incomplete Cup of yogurt soak a small slice of black bread, add the vegetable oil (big spoon). A lot of carefully stir to distribute on the scalp.

4. For damaged and colored hair. A small spoonful of dried brewer’s yeast, stir in half a Cup of yogurt or sour milk. Leave for an hour, the mass ferment. Next, to use, distribute through the hair.

5. Brightening mask (for owners of blond hair). Mix the egg yolk, three large spoons of cognac, freshly squeezed juice of one lemon and ¼ Cup of yogurt. Mass to distribute with a comb or brush through the hair. Leave on all night. The bleaching effect is manifested from the first.