Short haircuts. Trendy female haircuts 2015 for short hair — photo.

The peak of fashion today – natural deep rich colors, accented with the diverse haircuts. With hairstyles can not only add variety to their appearance, but also to emphasize the shape of the face and the most pleasant features, especially the eyes, and to divert emphasis from the places that I would like to hide.

For choice of haircut, there are a huge number of criteria. You must consider a lot of nuances, but do not worry! With creativity, it was the haircut can give the appearance of a woman harmony, regardless of height, shape, figure, oval face, proportionate figure. In this review we will look at various haircuts for short hair so you could choose the most suitable one. Photos of short cuts, see below.

Short haircuts for round face

That chubby beauty is not worried about special features of their face shape, choose a hairstyle elongates the face and a bit of narrowing it down. Best copes with this task a layered haircut with volume on the crown. When strands frame the contour, falling down on her cheeks, the face becomes visually.

Good help to reach this goal and an asymmetrical haircut, as relevant as ever today. Leave the ragged ends a little sloppy to go on the cheeks – round face becomes more harmonious. Perfectly complement this effect Bang – oblique, torn, video, but not necessarily thinned.

Short haircuts for oval face

Girls with a pleasant oval face may be jealous of absolutely everything, because nothing lends a natural beauty, so the «correct» shape of the face. To emphasize his stylish short haircut is the easiest – it’s a peculiar standard of attractiveness.

The oval face gives a great opportunity to try almost any haircut. However, if he pulled out a bit — move parted to the side, and the magnificent results are guaranteed! Well, charm and sophistication can be added if a few strands of my profile to the cheeks and to leave the bangs long and straight.

Short haircuts for full

Full girls can only rejoice that the popularity of hairstyles for short hair skyrocketed. It is a short haircut will allow for the background slightly imperfect physique to present profitably the face, and thus to make a finished and attractive look.

The first option is a wave. Lush, flowing waves in your hair perfectly mask full face and at the same time enhance the femininity of the image, highlight the bright lips and eyes. Well, if your hair is curly by nature – a layered haircut for medium hair will balance an oval face. At length to the jaw line emphasized his chin, he becomes more narrow, the face appears much thinner.

With direct hair can stay on the classic haircut «Bob», however hair should be no shorter than the length up to her chin. Curly hair also can form a multi-layered and scatter the curls in layers. It is fine to extend full round face hair style can be straight, sharply defined length below the shoulders.

Short haircuts with bangs

Oh, those bangs! Who among us has not imagined himself in front of the mirror, trying to «try on» their various options. It bangs is the main element for correcting the face shape. Types of bangs is directly dependent on the shape of the face. They can be short, long, straight, beveled, thinned, symmetrical, elevated, graded, «on the side». Bangs breaks the accurate geometry of the face on the asymmetrical zone.

Bangs in the form of the arch will soften the angular face. This is especially suitable for those with oily fine hair. Removing tilted arc, you can always look neat and well-groomed. Slightly profiled bangs on rare hair creates the effect of thick curls. Bangs are increasingly going to those who has long face and long hair.

Ragged bangs are great for many types, giving the elegant elements of randomness in the classic «kind» and in a state of the art «ball.» Restructurarea hair with jagged bangs, you look much younger and elegant. Thick long bangs will go to those who have a high forehead and a round face. Very short bangs brings mischief and fun.

Short haircuts caret

The basis of many modern concepts of haircuts caret lies. This versatile haircut is suitable for any hair type, it is spectacular for thin and thick, thick and thin hair. It can be worn with wavy and straight hair. The main criterion when it is selected it becomes the shape of the head. Chubby and full can choose a graduated penalty, too wide cheekbones hides the caret in the form of a ball. A square with an oval contour ideal for elongated face.

Short haircuts Bob

Introducing Bob, the drawn image with the original asymmetry. If you prefer a custom shape and like to experiment, try a long Bob. It is suitable for almost all types, regardless of whether curly hair or remain straight. Long locks allow you to create a variety of stylized images of the original pilings. Girls with round face can choose a corner, «Bob», with an oval type that looks good short straight bangs. Increasingly popular is the short Bob.

Haircut short ladder

This haircut gives your hair extra volume, making them more alive and dynamic. Ladder like no other haircut that can adjust the shape of the face and give it femininity, softness, smooth lines. It is particularly suitable for girls with so-called «non-standard» face shape: square, triangular, round. For weak and thin hair it is a real salvation. The additional volume of the «ladder» in this case, as it is impossible by the way. The perfect solution — cascade. He unload with too thick hair, evenly distributing the hair, making the hair light and airy.

Short haircuts curly

Paradox! How dream of holders of straight hair to get beautiful curls, so suffer curly beauty with bobbed hair and styling my unruly curly tresses, scattering in different directions. Choosing short curly haircuts, you need to approach the process creatively. Preferable hairstyles without complicated styling, for example, using the graded strands.

Many are trying to straighten your hair using irons using means for thermal stability. The best way to deal with them will be a haircut with long curls that can be modeled with foam and curler. Drop down to the cheekbones strands soften their angularity. Corkscrew curls look better with a short back and longer length on the cheeks. If your hair is only slightly curly, will look good cascade or ladder.

Hairstyles for very short hair

Ultrashort haircut – this is the act! It is important to have the right facial features and proportional figure and head, then this haircut is just adorns a woman. The most popular haircuts of this series today is a «hedgehog» and «Garcon». Young girls with delicate facial features, with hair «like a boy», look fragile and gentle.

As the most simplified version, very popular Garson. With the help of various forms of stacking appearance can be changed regularly without spending a lot of time. Therefore, these haircuts have so much respect for the business lady. A short cut can be raised up, combed back, stab bangs beautiful hair to make small curls.

Short haircuts for fine hair

In this case, the ideal will be the length from bottom of ear to chin. If you do shorter hair will appear too sleek or tousled. A daring, independent girls includes an open neck line and flowing bangs.

Copes with this penalty, not behind it and already famous hairstyle «the Bob». Hair length on the nape varies from mid face to the line of the shoulders. Actual speed options of hairstyles. Hair volume is achieved by means of various kinds hair curlers.

Styling short haircuts

The most simple ways of styling applied to the hair foam or mousse for fixing and laying the tips of the hair up or down. Some haircuts need to fix only the bangs. With a narrow face, you need to give extra volume.

Medium length hair can be curled already. Fine hair long will not tolerate aggressive ways of styling fleece, hot hair dryer or Styler. For them is contraindicated and heavy gels and varnishes. The best way to style your hair is still considered the Hairdryer and curler. To blow dry long held, on the roots of the hair need to spray lacquer. Dry the hair by pulling them up and aiming hot air at the top.

Will not overdry it! Tendency to the natural dictates only one rule for hair is clean. The styling curler is considered to be the most forgiving. On almost dry hair, apply a little surface foam or varnish and install. Curlers dry? Hairstyle is ready!

Haircut for short hair 1 Haircuts for short hair 2 Haircut for short hair 3 Haircut for short hair 4 Haircuts for short hair 5 Haircut for short hair 6 Haircuts for short hair 7 Hairstyle for short hair 8 Haircut for short hair 9 Haircuts for short hair 10 a Hairstyle for short hair 11 Haircut for short hair 12 Haircut for short hair 13 Haircut for short hair 14 Haircut for short hair, 15 Haircuts for short hair 16 Haircut for short hair 17 Haircut for short hair 18 Haircut for short hair 19 Haircut for short hair 20 Haircuts for short hair 21 Haircut for short hair 22 Haircut for short hair 23 Haircut for short hair 24 Haircut for short hair 25 Haircut for short hair 26 Haircut for short hair 27 Hairstyle for short hair 28 Haircut for short hair 29 Haircuts for short hair 30 Haircut for short hair 31 Haircut for short hair 32 Haircut for short hair 33 for Haircut short hair 34

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