How to wipe the face with ice: the benefits and harms of the procedure. Method and recipes of beauty ice

The ability of cold to slow skin aging and improve health were known even to our ancestors. To check the effectiveness of the theory on myself, not necessarily to resort to the services of beauticians. Today you will learn whether you can wipe the face with ice and as a procedure for improving the condition of the skin done at home.

Is it possible to wipe the face with ice: use of procedure

The positive effect of the ice on the skin due to its ability to dilate the blood vessels. Increased blood flow leads to rejuvenation of the skin. Melting ice is actively nourishes the dermis healing with moisture, and the components that go into its composition, revitalizes and rejuvenate the skin.

Cosmetic ice, according to beauticians, shows high efficiency for the overall health of the skin and is used for:

• slowing down the aging;

• smoothing of wrinkles, folds and grooves;

• easing;

• power;

• inflammation and redness;

• tightening and improving elasticity;

• improve complexion;

• normalization of sebum;

• eliminate age spots and dark circles under the eyes.

Why wipe the face with ice damage and contraindications of the procedure

Opponents washing the ice have noted that cold can cause great harm to the skin. As evidence, they cite the following arguments:

1. During washing with ice the skin is exposed to severe stress. It becomes even more sensitive.

2. Spasm of dermal blood vessels and the outflow of fluid in the tissues lead to disorders of metabolic processes in the skin.

3. Ice dries the skin, which can lead to the appearance of redness and peeling. For this reason, wiping contraindicated for people with very dry and hypersensitive skin.

4. Vasoconstriction and reduction of secretions of the exocrine glands only beneficial for oily skin type. Dehydrated skin due to ice washings may lose elasticity and grow old early.

5. Rubbing ice can cause vasodilation. Therefore, the practice is contraindicated for owners of thin skin, where blood vessels are located very close to the surface of the dermis.

6. Ice cleanser can cause insomnia.


The washings with ice must be abandoned, if you have:

• sensitive skin;

• sinusitis;

• colds;

• increased body temperature;

• allergic to the cold;

• migraine;

• the presence of herpes and sores.

How to wipe the face with ice: guidelines and equipment washing

To get the maximum results from washing with ice experts recommend to use the following guidelines:

1. Wipe the face with ice once a day. It is best for this procedure to select morning hours. This will facilitate rapid awakening and will give cheerfulness and positive mood. Evening applying ice can lead to problems with sleep.

2. For making fruit ice use only filtered or mineral water without gas. Never take ice water from the tap.

3. Wipe the face with ice, there is a quick sliding movements along the massage lines that result in the movement of lymph. In one area linger no more than three minutes.

4. After the procedure, allow the face to dry naturally. In this case, all useful components contained in the cosmetic ice has time to soak into the skin.

5. Clean ice not only the face but also the neck and neckline.

6. Do not store prepared ice in the fridge more than 5 days.

7. Don’t do the procedure just before going out.

8. To the person rubbing you was comfortable, wrap an ice cube with a tissue.

How to wash the ice

Answering the question of whether to wipe the face an ice, you need to know how to do it as efficiently as possible. So, during the procedure should always adhere to the massage lines. Washing made easy rounded movements without pressure.

First wipe the face with ice starting from the middle of the chin to the earlobes. Next draw a line from the mouth to the middle ears. Draw a line from the center of the upper lip, continuing to move the ice to the top of the ears. Then move to the same point from the wings of the nose. Ractice lead on the upper eyelid from the inner corner of the eye outwards. Now on the lower eyelid to the nose. Wipe the forehead from the center to the temples, the nose – from the nose to the wings.

To secure the result after the procedure, after 15 minutes, apply a nourishing or moisturizing cream.

For the procedure you will need no more than one minute. During washing process, every wrinkle. Always move from the Central part to the periphery.

If the cosmetic procedure brings a visible result, you feel intense discomfort, it is best from potiranie to refuse.

Cosmetic ice: recipes

The method of preparation of cosmetic ice is pretty simple. The prepared liquid should pour into molds and send in the freezer. After a few hours of miraculous pieces of ice will be ready.

In each of the refrigerator are special forms for making ice. Also very convenient to use molds made of silicone. They are well bent, so extract the cube from the cell is not difficult.

There are many recipes of beauty ice. Consider the most popular of them.

Mineral water.

This type of ice will retain all the beneficial properties of the water extracted from natural sources. It can be used without harm to the holders of all skin types. The procedure will have a marked tonic effect.

The juice of a lemon.

To prepare lemon ice take juice of citrus and a glass of water in the ratio 1:2. This frozen drink is perfect for oily and combination skin. As a result, regular washing is the cleansing of the skin, eliminate pigment spots, enlarged pores become less noticeable, oily skin has a matte finish.

The watermelon juice.

Watermelon ice is prepared from the pulp bocenago plants. Press the required amount of juice and put in the freezer. Cosmetic ice, made according to this recipe, refresh the skin, will return it a fresh and rested appearance. The recipe recommended to use owners of normal skin type.


One tablespoon of crushed mint leaves pour a glass of boiled water. Allow the herbal infusion to cool. Strain and pour into molds. Peppermint ice has a refreshing and antiseptic effect. It perfectly counters irritation and tones the skin.

Aloe Vera.

The juice from the fleshy leaves of the plant dilute with water in the ratio 1:3. The resulting liquid ice. Ice aloe Vera gel has a healing effect on the skin, prone to inflammation of the sebaceous glands. Washing, so ice will reduce the sebum production, prevents acne and makes the skin more matte.

Bay leaf.

Take 3 leaves of Laurel and pour 200 ml of boiling water. Insist broth in a thermos during the day. Pour into molds and freeze. Ice made this recipe, it is recommended to use for skin with allergic reactions. It will remove redness and peeling.


In 200 ml of water, boil 2 tablespoons of rice without adding salt. Drain in a colander. The resulting broth freeze. Rice ice helps to get rid of age spots.

Essential oil.

In a glass of water, add 3 drops of essential oils of pine and sandalwood. Mix thoroughly and freeze the ice cubes. This recipe is suitable for dry skin with first signs of aging.


Brew a Cup of organic coffee. Let cool and pour into molds. Grains are a potent antioxidant that clean the skin from dead layer of the skin, acne, pimples.


100 ml of water, take 2 tablets mummy. Mix thoroughly. Ice cubes effectively cope with sores and rashes. This recipe will clean the skin and nourish it with nutrients.


Strawberry juice freeze in tins. Received cups of ice can be quickly protonirovanie and to refresh the skin and prevent premature aging.

Now you know if you can wipe the face with ice. Subject to the recommendations of daily washing with ice will allow you to get rid of many skin problems. After a few applications of ice rubbing will make your skin more beautiful and healthy.