How to remove dark spots on face with the help of salon and home methods. Recipes masks: how to remove dark spots on face

Clean, bright leather – based women’s beauty. If face appear hyperpigmented areas, it is very unpleasant. Do not despair, cosmetology knows many way to get rid of the problem.

Causes of hyperpigmentation

Dark spots on the face are formed when in separate areas of the skin cells-melanocytes begin to produce too much natural pigment melanin. He is responsible for the coloration of human skin, hair, iris of the eye. The higher the concentration of melanin, the darker the color becomes.

Causes of increased pigmentation are different, but to divide you into two groups: external and internal. The first group includes:

• excessive sun exposure, i.e. a long stay in the sun or in a Solarium without the use of means without the UV filter;

• use of hormone cosmetics as well as cosmetic products of low quality.

Particularly hard hit by the effects of sunlight on the skin early in the spring and summer. To be outdoors this time of year, not protecting the face with a special cream, lotion, not just undesirable, but dangerous. To not have to think about how to get rid of skin pigmentation on the face, do not forget to apply the cream on the skin with a high level of UV protection.

The internal causes of hyperpigmentation include:

• hormonal changes associated with pregnancy;

• hormonal age restructuring;

• imbalance of vitamins and minerals with a lack of folic acid;

• antibiotics, hormonal medications and certain other medications.

Most often, the appearance of the face pigment spots associated with pregnancy or old age. Sometimes hyperpigmented areas are stored on the face for quite some time and after the child was born.

How to remove dark spots on the face and whether it is possible in principle? Of course, to fight pigmentation, but only in the case that it is actually external defect. If we are talking about the manifestation of some disease (inflammation of the kidneys, liver, cancerous tumor) on the skin to influence impossible. so if you have no pregnancy, you are under 30 years old, not experiencing health problems, do not like to sunbathe, but appeared on my face hyperpigmented areas, better to be safe and consult a doctor.

After making sure that the skin defect is not dangerous, you can get rid of stains. Especially in the Arsenal of cosmetology many ways to do this quickly and efficiently.

Salon treatment of getting rid of age spots

Among the most popular and effective salon treatments – phototherapy, laser whitening, chemical peels. The degree of effectiveness they are about equal, as in value. However, each method has its nuances.

Lets see the result after the first session. Beautician affects the spot flashes of light destroys the melanin. By reducing the concentration of pigment brightens skin instantly, and over time, the spot disappears altogether. Other advantages of the method:

• no pain;

• you do not need recovery period;

• there is no danger that the site of action is the scar.

Phototherapy has a marked effect guaranteed. But there are contraindications: diabetes, poor blood clotting, and scars on the skin, herpes and inflammation on the face.

The light beam selectively acts on the darkened skin area, that is, the beautician working exclusively with pigment stain and does not affect the normal skin. The procedure is noninvasive and painless, but the effect will only appear after desquamation of the treated skin. Stain after laser therapy will either disappear or significantly fade. You may need another session.

A contraindication to the procedure is pregnancy, skin inflammation, and cancer pathology.

Skin whitening this procedure is the active chemical acids. After the procedure the top layer of skin dies flakes off and new skin smooth pleased with the beautiful color and natural white.

There are three different depth of impact types of peeling: superficial, median and deep. Beautician decides which procedure to use, although strong, especially senile pigmentation, conducted all three procedures.

Salon peeling is accompanied by unpleasant sensations (skin stings), and after the procedure need rehabilitation period. A superficial peel is it takes 4-5 days, when the deep – a few weeks. The effectiveness of the procedure is very high, but there is a risk of chemical burns and the appearance of scars,

How to remove dark spots on the face alone

Visit beauty salon requires time and cost. If you can not lighten your skin from a professional beautician, try to do it yourself.

Please note that processing can only actually chloasma – flat areas of focal pigmentation. If hyperpigmentationit the site is located on the modified surface (the skin is sealed, is inflamed, there is a bulge), to act on the spot is impossible. Also, do not try to remove moles, it is not only useless but also very dangerous. But freckles can be overcome.

How to remove dark spots on face at home?

First, apply brightening and aggressive treatments:

• mechanical peeling;

• chemical acid peel.

In mechanical exfoliation that is performed with a special electrical household apparatus with a rotating round brush with cosmetic warrior removed the top layer of the skin dead cells. Method works if the spot has appeared recently and not much pigment. So the effect of the peeling is visible, you need to do several procedures.

Chemical peeling at home is compositions, in which the percentage of acid does not exceed 6%, 9%, maximum 12%. Such tools can be found in several cosmetic brands. The effect will be visible immediately, but at the first application, you need to conduct the mandatory test to see how skin will react to the acid.

For the gradual lightening of pigmentation you can use skin cosmetics: lotions, masks, creams, serums, peels. Their action is directed on gradual peeling of the top layer of the epidermis, resulting in age spots gradually become lighter. Pay attention to cosmetics with high content of acids. If she’s not allergic, you can try to deal with hyperpigmentation by going to acid care.

Lightening products you can find in drugstore cosmetics. Inexpensive tool – options. This is a special kind of seaweed, crushed to a powder. When applied to skin, the product acts like a stiff brush, scraping a layer of skin and exerting a pronounced brightening effect. To enhance the effect in diluted water badyagu you can add a teaspoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide.

Popular recipes whitening remedies

To remove pigment spots from the skin will help folk remedies: lotions and masks. This method of bleaching has its own advantages: they are safe, easy to prepare, inexpensive, and effective. Remember that plant foods contain acid and can act irritant on sensitive skin.

Lemon juice

When it comes to how to get rid of skin pigmentation on the face, first of all talking about the lemon juice. Indeed, the fresh lemon juice has strong bleaching properties. The easiest way is to soak the juice cotton pad 2-3 times a day to wipe the stains. This method will work like a chemical peel. After the juice dries, rinse it off. Age spots will begin to lighten immediately, but after 4-5 days can even disappear.

Can enhance the bleaching action of the lemon and cleansing properties of white clay. Mixing these components the composition is applied to the face spot and give work to dry the clay.

Parsley juice

Parsley is known for its bleaching properties. Fresh grass cut, 3-4 tablespoons pour 1 liter of boiling water, wrap a towel and let it brew. The strained infusion, wipe your face morning and night, but remember that to store the herbal decoction is not long. If it happened a lot, you can freeze and wipe the spots with a piece of ice.

Fresh parsley juice is very good but not fresh directly on the stain. Another option is to mix the juice with sour cream and apply as a mask.

Potato juice

Perfectly whitens and fresh potato juice. Try wiping the spots with slices of potatoes in a few days. If there is a significant result, you can continue until the complete disappearance of hyperpigmentation. Dry skin potato juice dries, so apply after cleansing a moisturizer.

Soap and hydrogen peroxide

Mix 1 tsp. shavings of white soap with 1 tbsp of hydrogen peroxide. When the mass becomes uniform, add 2 drops of ammonia. Mass apply onto the stain, rinse off after 15 minutes.

To get rid of pigmentation on the face can be within 1-2 weeks. Don’t forget to protect your skin, and it will retain the freshness, purity and youth.