What is the danger of antiperspirants and when they should be abandoned

The most popular cosmetic product is considered a deodorant. Actually this tool has long been firmly established in our lives and how without it is difficult to imagine. But today, the debate continues relative to the damage caused by this tool to our body. In this article we consider the main negative aspects of their use.

What’s the danger?

What we promised is? The freshness and lack of sweat all day, and it’s self-confidence and beauty. A similar effect is achieved by the substance that is the basis of antiperspirant – clohidrato aluminum, it works by blocking the sebaceous glands, which leads to the minimum of sweat.

What’s the harm? A few years ago a study was published by British scientists, who insisted that the use of aluminium chlorohydrate leads to the appearance of malignant tumors. Continue this theory is not found, but some data from the document to inspire confidence and make you think.

The research was conducted in women with cancer of the breast. The test results showed an increased amount of aluminum in the armpits, after all they used antiperspirants. However, it did not go further, no one took the tests for a match of aluminium that is used in cosmetic products, and thus to prove something is impossible.

However, after the sensational statements of some countries are considered safer to replace the hydrochloride of aluminum to zirconium complex, more expensive, but safer for health.

Antiperspirants can cause allergic reactions. The thing is that in the composition there are many components (fragrances, alcohols and other substances) that can cause irritation, redness and itching.

Expired product or wrong application can lead to hidrogenio. This seal (very painful) in the axilla, the removal of which occur surgically (inside seal is pus), after this intervention the patient are ugly scars.

When should you stop using antiperspirant?

There are cases when the use of cosmetics from sweat undesirable.

  • Do not use deodorant, if you go to the gym. Excessive sweating and the use of funds against him can cause severe irritation or inflammation.
  • Going to the beach, forget the antiperspirant. Its components can react with ultraviolet light, which will lead to the appearance of age spots.
  • Do not use cosmetics immediately after depilation or if the axilla has scratches or cuts. First, it can amplify inflammation, and secondly, can receive an infection at the site of injury. Therefore it is better to use antiseptic than antiperspirant.
  • Do not use tool if the skin is wet or dirty. Before using, you must wash your armpits and dry them thoroughly.
  • Do not exceed recommended dosages for one time use.
  • Antiperspirant is not recommended for use at night, skin needs to breathe.

To make recommendations regarding the use of this tool or waived, we will not. The main thing is to stick to the listed recommendations and to monitor their health. And as clear evidence of the dangers of antiperspirant not, and categorically send it to the trash is not worth it.