What is cleaning the face better: mechanical, vacuum, ultrasonic, or a combination? How often can I do facial cleansing

Clear, pink, radiant healthy skin – that’s the main beauty secret. At any age it facial important to pay attention to.

This procedure helps to maintain healthy skin and keep its youthfulness. What is cleaning the face better – that’s the question that worries the young beauties, and women of elegant age.

What types of cleaning there are

Choosing care, the woman is in a difficult position. What to prefer – home or salon treatments? And if you go to the salon, what type of cleaning to try and apply?

Make the decision as to which cleaning your face better, you need based on the condition of the skin. If no problems, then you can use any version. If the skin problem is deep subcutaneous inflammation, copious purulent rashes, acne, for your own safety you need to consult a dermatologist or a doctor-cosmetician. The expert knows best what kind of impact able to solve the problem and return your skin clean and health.

The procedures selected deep and effective cleansing of the top layer of skin is pretty big.

• Mechanical or manual cleaning is the simplest and most popular method. Done in the salon and at home. The point is to pre-open the pores with steam, and then manually remove them from the grease tube or pus. You can do this with your fingers or a special device – spoon UNO. Mandatory disinfection.

• Brossazh, or brushing. A new procedure for mechanical cleaning, which is a special brush-head. Although the mechanical impact is much less traumatic than manual cleansing, causes no pain and leaves no residue on the skin. Effectively cleanses skin pores from black dots, and the epidermis from keratinized dead skin particles. Held in the salon or at home, if there is a special device.

Vacuum cleaning is based on creating the effect of pulling content then special manipulos. At the same time is a gentle massage that significantly improves lymph and blood circulation of the face. Is only in the cabin.

Ultrasonic cleaning – the most popular salon treatment. Ultrasonic handpiece operates completely painless, skin steaming is not required, and therefore, the cleaning allowed with rosacea. The purpose of the procedure is to destroy the sebaceous plugs, clean the dermis of dead cells and bring the decay products in a natural way.

Laser cleaning is based on the effects of the eponymous beam to the face. Popular salon treatment shown to solve serious skin problems and to maintain youthful skin.

Combined cleaning combines the mechanical action on the parts of the face and ultrasonic or laser cleaning.

Each procedures have their pros and cons as well as indications and contraindications. When it comes to beauty and health, details are essential. Important point is the regularity of treatments purifying treatments. How often can I do facial cleansing, should determine dermatologist.

Cabin cleaning: pros and cons

Regular visits to the salon after 30 years – a contribution to its youth and beauty. So, say beauticians, and they are absolutely right. But at a young age help of an experienced specialist is necessary. Especially if we are talking about really serious problems: keratoses, acne, skin inflammation. They are addressed by the specialist individually, which determines how often you can do a facial.

Indeed, in the Arsenal of a professional cosmetologist, there are fixtures, apparatus, high-performance cosmetic products, without which the success of the procedure would be questionable. Still, you have to evaluate all parties to a salon facial and have to understand how often you can do a facial.

Non-replaceable advantages:

• multiple methods for steaming the face before cleaning, including the impact of hot steam (gel or paraffin mask, vaporizer, etc.);

• safe removal of ulcers. At home even if sufficient disinfection there is a danger of blood poisoning subcutaneous purulent contents of the capsules;

• special hardware treatments in the salon only with the use of laser, ultrasound, vacuum coating, completely safe, and most importantly – painless and noninvasive. Besides deep cleansing the skin, it smoothes the complexion and stimulate the production of collagen fibers, rejuvenate, smooth the complexion, eliminate wrinkles and puffiness, tighten the oval of the face and provide a long lasting long-lasting effect.

What salon treatment combines cleansing, rejuvenation, healing. Quality salon treatments effectiveness is superior to home care, providing skin health and beauty.

But there are also disadvantages that you should be aware:

• cleaning brushes (brossazh) and vacuum treatments are effective, but short-lived. Do they have regularly to maintain the cleanliness of the face. Not all girls are prepared twice in a month to pay for beauty;

• more costly cleaning with ultrasound and laser, although the effect will be noticeable longer. The ultrasound is not always able to deeply clean the pores, we’ll still have to resort to mechanical squeezing;

• in salon offer not only the technical procedure but also a mechanical cleaning. In some cases, shows a combined cleaning, because only manual removal of the contents then will be effective. Mechanical cleaning is a pain. In addition, will have to undergo a period of rehabilitation: to wait until the wounds heal.

Don’t forget that salon treatments have contraindications. For example, ultrasonic cleaning is impossible to do if you have rosacea, diseases of the kidneys, liver, gallbladder, inflammation in the sinuses, etc. From laser cleaning will have to be abandoned, if the discovered tendency to scarring of the skin.

Home cleaning: pros and cons

Deep cleansing of the dermis in the home is possible in several forms:

• mechanical cleaning with pre-steaming;

• the use of individual brush-brushing.

Not all girls are willing to trust the person beautician or regularly pay for the procedure. Someone because of an Allergy is not professional cosmetics, and someone simply is afraid of professional chemistry to the face, considering it too aggressive.

Home mechanical cleaning is the most popular, simple and obviously available to clean the pores. The advantages of home care are obvious:

• it’s fast and free;

• do not apply corrosive chemicals professional cosmetics, so there is no Allergy or harm;

• steam bath acts not worse than the depairing chemical mask. Moreover, the decoupling can be combined with treatment, hydration and nutrition, if you add herbs;

• properly performed home procedure sometimes cleans better than the expensive ultrasonic. So what is cleaning better?

Of course, there are pitfalls. First of all, the high risk of infection, so as to create a house absolutely sterile conditions is impossible. Steaming the pores are large and vulnerable, the infection may penetrate, even if they are perfectly healthy.

Besides, squeezing blackheads is a very dangerous. The consequences can be catastrophic, until the development of boils or blood poisoning. More often instead of getting rid of pimple the next morning the girl gets a pack of new large pimples or inflammation, which in some cases have to be treated medically.

How often can I do facial cleansing

The answer to this question depends on two factors: the condition of the skin (its type) and the type of procedure. Mechanical cleansing for young skin, oily and prone to acne formation is held at least twice per month. As soon as the wounds from the procedure will heal and begin the formation of new pustules or sebaceous plugs, cleaning must be repeated.

If the skin is dry or normal, the pores need to be cleaned much less frequently. One procedure mechanical cleaning in a month and a half is enough.

For Mature skin preferred cleaning laser or by ultrasound. After 30 years a tendency to fat disappears. Pores often clogged not greasy secret, makeup and dust particles. The mechanical effect is the point, and for removing the layer of dead skin the perfect ultrasound, laser or chemical peels.

The frequency of procedures vacuum, laser, or ultrasonic cleaning – once a month. To skin as long as possible to preserve the purity and freshness, it is advisable to do weekly scrub or peeling.