What if much hair fall out: to find out the reasons. Funds from strong hair loss: prescription masks

This theme will not leave anyone indifferent person.

This problem can face anyone no matter male or female, what age, and what of life.

Certainly the presence of such unpleasant and irritating factor serves as a Wake-up call about the dysfunctions in the body or improper hair care.

And that’s what it prevents and what to do if much hair fall out, we will understand more.

What if much hair fall out: internal diseases

To explore this problem there’s even a science of trichology. It deals with analysis of the condition of our hair and scalp.

On average, a person on the head is more than 100 thousand hairs. The loss of 70-80 hairs per day is normal for the average person. But when the number exceeds a specified number, you should think about how it feels to your body.

Hair loss is a secondary issue. First we need to know the root cause and eliminate its impact. It can be:

1) skin diseases (furunculosis, mycosis, seborrhea, dermatitis, etc.);

2) all diseases of the endocrine (disorders of the endocrine glands) system (thyroid, diabetes);

3) diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, cholecystitis), kidneys, liver (hepatitis, cirrhosis), gall bladder;

4) hormonal changes (hormonal disturbances, menopause, pregnancy);

5) infectious diseases and intoxication;

6) the postoperative period or reaction to various medications;

7) chemotherapy, other radiation;

8) lack of vitamin in the body;

9) nervous disorders and breakdowns can also cause most of your hair will remain on the pillow.

In this case, you must understand that no amount of hydrating mask, aroma oils and massages will not save the situation. Will help you only conduct a comprehensive examination, proper nutrition and a specialist who will help in solving your question.

What if much hair fall out: external causes

1. Ecology. It is the scourge of our time. There is no sphere in life which she would not have any impact. This adverse background radiation, and air pollution, and poor quality water. Not surprisingly, our hair is also prone to this negative impact.

2. Improper hair care, which is reflected in the regularity and quality shampooing.

3. The use of electrical appliances hot air, hair coloring, bleaching, perms.

What if much hair fall out: the basic rules of care

1. When washing do not use a shampoo with a paraben or alkaline soap. Try to buy organic shampoos with herbal extracts and natural oils, e.g. sea buckthorn, jojoba, olive, macadamia nut.

2. Comb must be wooden or natural bristle. Do not use metal combs. Hairbrush – this is not something on which we need to save. Purchase a high quality comb with a few teeth.

3. Head recommended to wash every three days with warm water. Do not use hot and especially cold water.

4. Do not overdo the use of a Hairdryer, irons and other plates. When do blow dry, turn on warm mode, and the irons straighten hair about once a week.

5. Don’t spend the Perm and hair dye at the same time.

6. Use balms, masks and infusions for the growth of hair about 2 times a week. This will contribute to hair nourishment, softening and saturation of the active components.

7. Take inside complex vitamin with vitamin A, H and E. They will help in the normal growth of hair and the top layer of the scalp.

Do not neglect these rules! All the above factors combined can cause the hair to change the structure of the cuticle and of the web, they will start to split and break and then fall out.

What if much hair fall out: the best remedy

First of all, exclude from the application of all of the drugs that can cause you to have allergic reactions or have adverse effects on health.

1. Essential oil. They are great help in the fight against hair loss. This, for example, such as chamomile, lavender, orange, cedar, ylang-ylang, juniper, thyme, avocado, etc.

For efficient use it is necessary to mix them with the base (1 drop to 1 tsp). As the basis can be used with olive or peach oil, honey or dairy products. Next, the resulting tool massage you must massage into hair and scalp and leave for 40 minutes. Very effective use of rosemary essential oil on a comb and therefore comb the hair.

The growing popularity of macadamia nut oil. Those who felt its impact, confirm that it really helps.

2. Hair masks. For their preparation can be used following components:

• vegetable oil;

• dry mustard;

• kefir;

• the yolk;

• cognac;

• med.

The procedure is simple: the components used must be mixed according to the recipes and apply to dry dirty hair. Head wrap a plastic bag and leave for 40 minutes. After a time the mask rinse with warm water.

Consider the most popular types of masks.

Mask with dry mustard


• the yolk of one egg – 1 PC.;

• tea, it is better to use a strong black – 2 tbsp;

• dry mustard – 1 tbsp

Mix the indicated ingredients, mix, and after 30 minutes, rinse with plain water. Try to do this mask 2 times a week until the cessation of hair loss.

Mask with egg and honey


• burdock oil (natural remedy that has a positive effect on the hair) – 1 tbsp;

• honey (one of the best remedies in the field of cosmetology) – 1 tbsp;

• egg yolk – 2 PCs.

These components are thoroughly mixed and rubbed into the scalp. Time – 60 minutes. Effective in combating dandruff.

Effective mask with aloe


• aloe Vera juice – 1 tsp or 5 ampoules of 1 ml. purchased at a pharmacy;

• yolk – 1 PC.;

• brandy (the alcoholic drink helps to restore the hair) — 1 tbsp;

• honey – 1 tbsp

Add in the liquid honey, all other ingredients and RUB well into the scalp. For this mask is sufficient 20 minutes. Use this mask once in a weeks for 4 consecutive months.

3. The sea salt. Also extremely appreciated to use in the field of cosmetology. Has a beneficial effect on the growth and strengthening of hair. You like to RUB salt into the roots and use the solution for rinsing.

Try sea buckthorn scrub the hair. For its preparation you need to take the puree of sea buckthorn berries, add a teaspoon of salt and RUB the mixture into the hair root. Write a composition on the head for three minutes, and then rinse with warm water.

4. As a natural means of treatment and care, you can use preventive and curative ointment for the strengthening and growth of hair of the daughters. You’ll be able to buy at the pharmacy. Apply a specified treatment is better in the complex, offered by the manufacturer. This shampoo, and toothpaste and conditioner. The effect of this will only get better and faster.

5. For a deeper problem of hair loss use the device darsonval. The technology of its application is based on the fact that the problematic areas of the head affected by high-frequency pulses under high voltage. Due to this blood circulation on the scalp is getting better and this reflects positively on the structure of the hair bulb. That is, the hair begins to fall less and grow faster.

So there are a lot of remedies and answers to the question, what if much hair fall out. Wish you to find your own version and have beautiful, healthy and lush hair!