How to do hairstyle for long hair? Consider the fashion trends of the season 2016: how to do hairstyles for long hair

Contemporary fashion gives complete freedom in choosing the length and color of women’s hair.

At the present stage of its development can be found and the girl with the short hair and a girl with long hair and a girl with absolutely no hair too.

One is not surprised, as the image for everybody.

What you need to know about the power and significance of women’s long hair?

But, it turns out that it was not always. Hair length anciently was of great importance, especially women’s hair. Ancient rituals and beliefs were frequently associated with hair. Now their echoes are most often considered modern humans, as superstition. And it used to be that the longer a woman’s hair, the girl not only more beautiful, but wiser, kinder and more tolerant than she is. It was believed that long braid protects the home from all bad, evil, and, conversely, draws home well-being, accumulates energy for my husband.

After the wedding, the woman wove the two braids that were stored and accumulated energy and strength for the mother and her unborn child. Very many interesting things you can learn from history about the importance of long hair not only in Russia but also in other States and countries.

But one thing remained common to all owners of long hair is their inexplicable attraction to the opposite sex. Statistics survey shows that in the question: what kind of girls attract you more — a long-haired or short-haired? – most of the men chose, without hesitation, the first answer.

How to make hairstyle for long hair: a variety of haircuts for long-haired beauties. Photos of trendy stylistic trends

Long well-groomed hair – naturally beautiful hair. But you always want some highlights, which would distinguish you from the crowd. Here comes all the variety of hairstyles. In addition, the stylists there, where the «roam» in your imagination and different hairstyling techniques. Having a certain shape, the hair won’t look so shock, will be a certain style and in your way in General.

Consider the basic haircuts from which you can choose the one that like more.

Cascade. There is an interesting view that this haircut invented for blondes. Actually, this is due to the fact that the blonde girls hair is thinner and is prone to cross-sections, so this type of haircuts and they fit perfect.

You can choose a graduated or ragged cascade.

A cascade – haircut is universal, fits almost all girls, regardless of face shape or hair color. A professional stylist can easily pick up the option of haircuts that will be perfect for you alone and also leave a place for the realization of your fantasies.

Elongated quads. Yes, do not be surprised! Many people think that this haircut is suitable only for short hair. But many designers see this hairstyle stylish and trendy precisely long hair.

This haircut is very suitable girl with a round face shape and girls with a full face. Strands of hair, if pojaviti inside, perfect disguise the fullness of the cheeks and elongate the face of the owner of this hairstyle. Since the time of Cleopatra it is believed that elongated quads or quads with the extension suitable for brunettes and brown.

If the question arose: what to do hairstyle for long hair for teenage girls? – you should look to this haircut like a Bob. This haircut looks stylish and modern, should appeal to the younger generation. Moreover, it is possible to diversify and colors.

Geometric and asymmetric, multi-stage haircut: the creative? How to do hairstyle for long hair


Asymmetry, geometric lines, multi-layered in hairstyles is always unexpected, sometimes even extreme. Such haircut will be suitable extraordinary personalities, self-motivated, creative, rapid. And, of course, immediately will attract the views of other people, so choosing some of these areas, be prepared to be the center of attention. Data trends in hairstyles will give the art a chaotic mess of your image, exclusivity.

Modern stylists offer another win-win option that is suitable for the long hair is shaved hair, shaved whiskey (one or two).

How to make hairstyle for long hair: beautiful casual hairstyles with your own hands

Neat hair is an important element of the image of girls in General. So if you are the owner of long hair, you have to learn to do yourself hairstyles yourself. What hairstyle to choose is a matter of individual preference and taste. There is a huge variety in a variety of variations. Here are the main, by combining them, you can perform a lot of different styles tail, bun, braid.

So, at home, at the base of the tail to make quickly, for example, hair «Turned tail». For it collect on the top of the hair in a ponytail, the rubber band relax and do using the thumb and forefinger to the hole above the rubber band. Grab your fingers all the hair and pass them to the hole above the rubber band. Quickly and original! On the basis of such inside-out ponytail you can perform other hair: starting to make the tails at the top of the head, twisting them and taking more strands of hair. Thus, you get a very stylish and quick hairstyle. You can braid two braids (or French) on his temples, and then gather the remaining hair in a ponytail to disguise the elastic band braided braids, wound them around the base and straightened, gently pulling strands from the braid. This hairstyle is perfect for a more romantic natures. Options hairstyles «Tail» — a lot! Experiment!

On the basis of the «tail» can be fabricated and a different kind of hairstyle: the beam. The bun on long hair may look completely different: stylish and elegant, mischievous, romantic, athletic. It all depends on how exactly do you make this hairstyle. For owners of long but not very thick hair in this hairstyle can need a special roller, which can replace the oversized rubber band in the color of your hair. For this look you will need pins, elastic, hairspray. The beam can be drawn from the tail by selecting a location on the back of the head (high or low beam). Technology of production of hairstyle is also varied. The hair collected in a ponytail, twist the harness and then wrap them around the base of the tail, securing with Bobby pins. You can apply various kinds of braiding and the braids have to build the beam, fixing it with pins and lacquer. Be creative!

And, of course, at all times been in fashion and remain relevant today different variations of braids and hairstyles, created on the basis of braiding. Long hair – a wide field for experimentation with weaving. On the basis of keys you can create, romantic, and classic images of the business, casual and festive hairstyles.