Walnut oil — its benefits and harms. How to apply walnut oil for beauty and health.

Walnut is not only treat, but also very useful product. Not just the nut under the shell resembles the shape of the brain. Walnuts able to increase brain activity and evoke in humans the desire to develop intellectually. One scientist who lived in ancient Persia, said that walnuts are a real brain, and that oil which is extracted from his mind. On this statement we can conclude that the locals revered not only walnuts, but also oil from them, in fact found it very useful and believed that it is a panacea for many diseases.

How do you get walnut oil

In order to win the walnut oil, it is necessary long and carefully to live kernels by the method of cold pressing. This method is used when it is necessary to do efficient and quality product that will retain the maximum of useful components, and it will have the healing properties, because this oil is extracted and, in the end, to benefit the people.

Pressing walnut kernels and getting the oil, it should be filtered so that it has acquired a beautiful amber color and a sharp, distinct, nutty flavor that nothing can be compared to or confused.

What are the benefits of walnut oil

This oil contains 77% of polyunsaturated acids. No oil can not boast of a high percentage of these useful components in its composition. Polyunsaturated acids play an important role for the normalization of all body functions. The supply must be replenished constantly, because the human body is simply not able to produce this product. The most easy and inexpensive way to do this is regular intake of walnut oil.

Walnut oil helps the body to recover faster from any illnesses or injuries to internal organs. That is why it is recommended to take in food to all those who recently had surgery and is undergoing rehabilitation.

Anti-inflammatory properties of the oil is useful to anyone who has damaged not only inside but also outside. Walnut oil promotes rapid healing of wounds, it is used in the treatment of various skin diseases. No one, even the most expensive ointment, is unable to cope with this task as well as it does the oil from the walnuts. This product is used when you want to restore the integrity of mucous membranes.

The oil in walnuts helps to ensure that the body will age much slower and you will feel energized and will be tired not so much anymore. Carcinogens can’t cause the body harm, because the oil from the walnuts will create a barrier that cannot be overcome.

Great results studies have shown that not so long ago was held at the California Institute. They confirmed that everyone who regularly took the oil from walnuts throughout the month, in the blood were normal cholesterol levels, and the index remained unchanged several subsequent months after you stop making oil.

Contraindications and possible harm of walnut oil

It is forbidden to take this oil for persons suffering from intolerance to walnuts or any other nuts. It’s clear that once you have an Allergy to walnuts and the oil from it, most likely, the body will not react in the best way. Of course, to learn this, you must take a chance and try to make the oil a couple of days. If everything is fine and no changes in his health in that time you have not found, do not be afraid to continue to take it in food, but in order to avoid Allergy after using any masks on the basis of walnut oil, it is necessary to hold on a small area of the skin a small test, the results of which will become clear, can you use this tool or better to pick something else.

If you are pregnant or a nursing mother, you should also hold off on taking this oil. There is a lot of information that is useful and will help further the development of the child, but it is not so. The women who took the oil of walnuts during pregnancy and feeding the baby confirm the frequent occurrence of Allergy to this product from a baby.

If you suffer from gastritis, peptic ulcer or intestinal diseases, you also can not eat oil from walnut. You can, of course, to consult on the matter with a specialist, but not themselves conduct experiments with your health, after all, has long been known that nothing good, they will not end without consequences certainly will not do.

Should avoid taking oil of walnuts, and all those who tend to be overweight or trying to lose weight. As are the nuts, the oil from them too, too rich. This is the product that will help you not to lose weight, and gain it far more quickly than you think.

Applications of walnut oil

This oil is often used in cosmetics, because it is best not only to make the skin beautiful but also that she be healthy, without defects and wrinkles. In order to prepare a sufficiently effective body lotion that will moisturize the skin and give it a delicate fruity aroma, it is only necessary to take oil of walnuts and add a few tablespoons of any other butter. Use this lotion daily after a shower and the feeling of freshness will accompany you all the time, wherever you were and whatever the weather was outside.

Walnut oil for skin

Not find a better oil than the oil from walnuts, for massage. Use it as base and add a little oil of orange or apricot. This Duo of oils promotes relaxation and an incredible smell mentally takes you to places where eternal summer, giving positive attitude.

This product is considered an indispensable photoprotection. Especially in the summer season, it becomes urgent question of how to protect your skin from the harmful effects of solar ultraviolet rays. The answer is quite simple: in such a situation is help the walnut oil. Take it orally, two teaspoons daily and spread it to skin before each trip to the beach. There is no need to waste money on ineffective sunscreen, if your house has a bit of walnut oil.

Walnut oil for nails

Straight heart rejoices when I see a girl with manicured nails and a beautiful manicure. But few people cares not only about the beauty of their nails, but that they were strong and healthy. The nail plate will become more solid, smooth and sturdy, if you regularly do the following procedure: take two tablespoons of walnut oil and pour into a separate container. Add one spoon of lemon oil and as much juice squeezed from a ripe lemon. The finished mixture and RUB it on the nails until it is almost completely absorbed. Remove remnants of a dry swab.

If you complain of excessive dryness of the skin on the hands, to the mixture of oil and lemon juice should be added one spoonful of thick cream. The rest of the procedure remains unchanged.

Walnut oil for hair

All beautiful ladies who care about their hair, have long used the oil from walnuts to make his hair more lush, shiny and thick. Healthy and beautiful hair at all times is the highest wealth. In some countries, those who had long hair of an indescribable beauty, just burned, after all, believed that only a witch’s spell is able to make hair so attractive.

But, it is not necessary to resort to higher powers to achieve this effect. Just buy the walnut oil and use it regularly, adding to the funds for the care of hair and making a variety of masks based on it. Take one egg and a small spoon of honey. Add one teaspoon of walnut oil and carefully mix all the components together. Work you effective and inexpensive mask that can restore damaged hair and give them the once lost Shine.

Not if you only outwardly will use walnut oil. It is necessary to include in your diet. Take two tablespoons of oil a day and do masks twice a week and soon you will get a result that will please you and you will become the proud owner of such beautiful and healthy hair, you have dreamed of for quite some time.

Walnut oil for weight loss

It was mentioned in the article that walnuts and the oil from them are very high-calorie foods. How, then, oil can be used in diets to lose weight, taking it in food?

It’s absolutely possible to lose weight by eating the oil from walnuts, you just have to do it correctly and carefully monitor their diet. Drinking oil on an empty stomach in the morning with two tablespoons. First time it will be difficult, because the taste of the oil, frankly, not very pleasant. But, don’t worry. Over time, you so get used to it, that is not going to feel it.

This oil refuel vegetable salads that I eat throughout the day. Don’t overdo it and remember that one tablespoon will be enough that the salad was not so fresh.

Remove from your diet all fatty and junk food, avoid sweets and eat healthy food. Do more exercise every day, increase physical activity and don’t forget to take the oil from the walnuts. I assure you that after a few weeks you will feel your pants become freer. Continue in the same spirit.

The oil from the walnuts will impress not only you but the entire family. See, your kids will abandon the cakes, to which oil was not added, and those who are not particularly fond of vegetables, both cheeks begin to eat vegetable salads, dressed with oil of walnuts. Change your daily diet, add this oil and be always beautiful and healthy!

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