Study vitamins for hair growth: how do they work? What vitamins for hair growth are needed and how to take them

The hair grew quickly and was strong, shiny, thick, you need to take special vitamins for hair growth.

They will start in the body’s biochemical processes, so the curls will look perfect as a magazine cover.

When you need vitamins for hair growth

Not grow hair for many reasons, including of a medical nature. In this case, you must consult a doctor so as not to miss the development of a disease. This problem can be caused by skin infection, and then will need treatment. The need to consult the trichologist, but if this is not possible, to contact the therapist. Doctors will tell you what vitamins for hair growth in a particular case.

However, most often, the growth of the hair stems slowing down for other reasons, can health is not related. As a rule, it is a trivial vitamin deficiency caused by poor nutrition or some hard unbalanced diet, poor care of hair or extreme changes in temperature. If a girl walks in the cold season bareheaded, the hair being exposed to constant stress deteriorate.

It is possible to assume, what vitamins lacking in the body, according to the following criteria:

• slow growth of hair rods – a lack of vitamin B9, or folic acid;

• early graying of hair – not enough of vitamin B3, or nicotinic acid;

• the lesions are visible baldness – need vitamin B12, or cobalamin.

Of course, well, when I have the opportunity to go to the doctor to be tested for a lack of certain vitamins, to a clear recommendation, what and in what quantities and forms to take. But if this is not possible, you can buy in the drugstore good pharmaceutical complex. On the creation of such drugs are specialists, carefully selecting the formulations that work effectively against a large group of people. To drink such drugs, according to the General scheme, carefully study the instructions on how to take vitamins for hair growth. The result will certainly be.

What are necessary vitamins for hair growth

To speed up hair growth, you need to give your body what it requests. That is, compensate for a deficiency of critical nutrients involved in the biochemical processes. Here is a list of vitamins for hair growth, without which to count on the result is not necessary.

Tocopherol (Vit. E) acts as a substance, an antioxidant, prevents premature aging, protects the hair shafts from the aggressive influence of ultraviolet light provides nutrition to the follicles, strengthening the roots and accelerate hair growth.

Biotin (Vit. R) normalizuet processes of cellular metabolism, makes hair grow faster and day by day it becomes thicker.

Folic acid (Vit. B9) improves the processes of cellular metabolism, stimulating the growth of new hair rods, making the hair stronger and stronger.

Retinol (Vit.A) provides synthesis of keratin – the main building material for the hair shaft, strengthens the hair structure.

B vitamins make hair stronger, stronger, cause the curls to Shine and to grow faster, and normalize the hair follicles.

Ascorbic acid (Vit. C) normalizes blood circulation, provides necessary nourishment to the follicles, stimulates the formation of new cells.

Vitamin F protects the scalp from dryness, normalizes the work of the follicle, smoothes the structure of the hair rods, helping them to grow better.

Vitamin D has beneficial effects on the follicles, allowing for normal hair growth.

Independently choose one or more vitamins to solve the problem of poor hair growth the usual person not under force. Even knowing which vitamins are essential for hair growth, it is much easier to buy a ready-made vitamin-mineral complex that quickly restores the imbalance of substances will make hair grow faster.

Best drugstore vitamins for hair growth

Vitamin complexes are marked as «beauty» is one of those drugs that need to pay attention. They simultaneously improve the condition of hair, nails and skin, so called «vitamins of beauty».

The pharmacist will advise about composition, which, in addition to vitamins, should include healthy hair minerals. Accelerate the growth of the hair rods of zinc, iron, calcium, selenium, magnesium, silicon, sulfur. Carefully read the ingredients, if you suggested a new or unfamiliar complex.

The form of vitamin tablets or capsules. Here is a list of the most popular means.


The effect of this drug is based on a combination of numerous vitamins and minerals. Especially a lot in this complex, folic and ascorbic acid, Biotin, and tocopherol. In addition, there are extracts of Echinacea and burdock, minerals. On a background of reception strengthens the follicles, stops alopecia. If you want to quickly grow hair, you can drink a course of these vitamins. However, there is a side effect: in some people after taking the capsules starts nausea.


The preparation includes brewer’s yeast is one of the most effective for hair growth substances. In yeast many amino acids, minerals and vitamins of group B. the Rate of growth of the hair stems on a background of reception of these vitamins is increased, improving blood flow to the follicles, hair begins to Shine and stop falling out.


The drug is created based on brewer’s yeast with sulfur. Contains most b vitamins, calcium and silicon. Stimulates the active growth of hair follicles, strengthens nails, stops thinning hair.


This complex is also established on the basis of healthy hair brewer’s yeast contains iron, calcium, zinc, vitamin group B. Significantly improves the appearance and condition of hair. On a background of reception of curls within the first month to become shinier, stronger, thicker, grow well.


This property combines the benefits of brewer’s yeast, plant extracts and zinc. Vitamin a affects the roots and hair shafts. As a result, hair grow fast, Shine, becoming smooth and elastic.


This complex includes retinol, pyridoxine, thiamine, Riboflavin, calcium. Improves blood circulation, prevents hair loss and accelerates their growth, eliminates dandruff. At the wrong reception, or individual intolerance of the components can cause a strong negative reaction from the gastrointestinal tract.

Merts beauty

The basis of this drug – folic acid and retinol. In addition, the composition includes calcium and zinc. The complex helps to restore hair Shine and strength, hair become healthy and grow quickly.

Ledis the formula

In this range of vitamins many drugs, hair growth suitable special formula labeled «For hair, skin and nails.» It contains a lot of vitamin B6, herbal extract, magnesium, silicon. Quickly improves the condition of hair, effective against baldness and slow growth.


The drug contains a high concentration «vitamins of beauty» retinol and tocopherol. The capsule with the liquid oil solution can be taken internally or applied directly to the hair. They become more elastic, healthy, faster growth hair rods.

Alphabet Cosmetics

The successful combination of thirteen vitamins and ten minerals fill weakened, tired, damaged hair with energy and strength. Daily intake divided into three times, which allows to combine different vitamin groups, increasing the efficiency of the drug.


Along with vitamins the drug contains amino acids, herbal extracts, minerals. Quickly restores the structure of hair rods gives hair a healthy Shine and allows you to quickly grow hair.

How to take vitamins for hair growth

A very important point of vitamin therapy is to accurately observe the frequency of admission and do not increase beyond measure the course of treatment. Therefore, carefully read the instructions to preparations, learn how to take vitamins for hair growth. Manufacturers include ampoules, capsules and tablets of different amounts of basic vitamins and always prescribes the regimen.

Depending on the content of a substance relative to its daily limit can be prescribed once, twice or three times taking the drug. Exceed the dosage is impossible. Moreover, do not take any other vitamin complexes.

Course vitamin depends on initial condition of hair.

Standard scheme:

• 1-2 months of admission;

• A 4-month break;

• to repeat an intensive course with a break;

• maintenance therapy 1-2 times per year.

Uncontrolled vitamins, unauthorized increase in the dose or period of administration can cause hair will start to grow and fall out. This usually happens because of an excess of retinol. Simultaneously appear drowsiness, dry and itchy skin, dizziness.

If the body has exceeded the rate of b vitamins, appears tachycardia, nausea, insomnia. Symptoms of hypervitaminosis are also headaches, inflammation of the kidneys and pancreas, decreased vision, and capillary permeability. Permanent excess tocopherol is manifested in diarrhea and visual disorders, excess vitamin D threaten the development of osteoporosis.

How to vitamins for hair growth from food

To speed up hair growth, you can include in your diet some foods rich in «beauty vitamin». Eat liver, orange and green fruits and vegetables, nuts, meat, sea fish and seafood, eggs and cheese. Don’t be afraid sometimes to use butter it has a lot of retinol. Add in the meal plan bananas, beans, bran, cabbage, including the sea. Brew yourself a dogrose, a nettle, green tea.

Vitamins combine with the right hair care products. Often let them dry without a hair dryer, protect from frost and sunlight. A set of measures will quickly return the hair a wonderful healthy and will cause them to grow rapidly.