Mask of milk and honey – from your head to the tips of the nails. A vitamin rich mask of milk and honey for skin and hair

Perhaps not in the world of women, who would not know the phrase «beauty mask».

Masks of different kinds are firmly in our forever seek for beauty and perfection, life.

Of course, the most popular for the face, hair and body.

Unique components of the masks from milk and honey

How often do we find time to treat yourself to something special and useful? To saturate your body and skin vitamin cocktails and compositions that instantly transform us and give appearance fragrant. And the hair? They too need special care, especially with frequent changes in weather conditions and sharp temperature contrasts. Is there a universal product, which can «make» beauty and neatness in appearance? Our ancestors have long been known for the miraculous properties of honey and milk. These two unique product is able to transform every woman, because the composition is rich in useful components that it is difficult even to imagine that another, more useful, could you give us the nature.

Feature these products in the fact, that they can be used everywhere – body, face, hair, hands, feet. Widely used in food, benevolently affect the appearance and health.

Everyone knows that milk is a great moisturizing and nourishing product. Honey actively heals and regenerates tissues. And this is the smallest part of the benefits to which they are entitled. Use milk and honey can all, without exception, regardless of age. By adding accessories, you can get a great result. The only contraindication may be a personal intolerance.

Active use mask of milk and honey, the mask wraps

If we talk about the availability of components and their effectiveness, it is the simplest mask that you can think of is the mask of milk and honey. The proportions of these products you can define yourself. If the skin of the face, body or hair is very dry – add more milk. Well, when used for this purpose home-made milk or ghee, where enhanced concentrations of fat. If you need to add a vitamin cocktail to saturate the skin with antioxidants protecting it from aging, then add more honey.

Before you can use masks and wraps this composition, do a test on the inside of the bend of the elbow or wrist. Place in glass or plastic ware composition. Mix well. Apply a thin layer of the mixture on the delicate skin of these areas. Hold it for ten minutes. If the skin appears redness, no burning sensation, then with confidence we can say that these ingredients you absolutely suitable.

Most often, we use the notion of «mask», although in cosmetics extensively used and masks-wraps.

How do they differ from each other? Both these procedures operate on the skin, are powerful cleaners – removes the surface dead layer of cells, promote the rapid renewal and rejuvenation of the skin. They are anti-inflammatory and tonic. Activate metabolic processes in the skin, saturating it with nutrients. Between these methods there is a significant difference.

Mask-wrap is applied in the form of heat and covered with a protective film, towel, napkins. In this method, substance from the mask to penetrate more deeply. Effect on the skin and hair more effective. The usual mask is applied cold. Previously, if you need to open the pores, is a steam bath. The mask printed on the buckets, dries or hardens, which gives the opportunity to remove her thick coat, pull off the skin (preferably upward) or rinse with warm water. Then the skin care becomes more soft, gentle and refreshed.

Classify the mask of milk and honey according to the principle of

Do not forget that all treatments, masks and wraps, can be divided into groups. Remember they are very simple. Each aspect works, given the needs of the body. It all depends on the additional ingredients included in the mask of milk and honey, and how they are used.

  • Treatment (hydrating mask) – used when distinct problems with skin and hair. To the basic composition are added to a solution of herbs and antiseptic ingredients.
  • Moisturizing (hydrating) – designed for sagging, aging skin. Aims to improve circulation.
  • Soothing (relaxation mask) – saturated fat components, suitable for sensitive and irritable skin, relieve itching and redness.
  • Exfoliating (facial masks) to remove the dead layer of cells. Contribute to the regeneration of skin cells.
  • Tonic (smoothing), actively stimulate the smoothing of the skin, improve metabolism, eliminate wrinkles.
  • Cellulite – break down fat, normalizes water balance in the layers of the skin, increase blood circulation, metabolism.

Beautiful hair mask from milk and honey

1. Three tablespoons of milk mixed with one tablespoon of honey. Add yolk, a tablespoon of mayonnaise. Mix everything carefully. Apply the composition to the hair roots. Wrap as a compress. The action is aimed at strengthening hair growth. Keep thirty minutes. Then rinse with warm water.

2. Brew in a glass of milk three tablespoons of chamomile flowers. Add two tablespoons of honey. A teaspoon of vegetable oil (any). Mix thoroughly. Apply to the hair. Wrap with a towel. Leave for an hour. Remove with warm water. The compound is rather vitaminized. Fit in the anti-dandruff.

3. To the mixture two tablespoons of milk and one teaspoon of honey to drive protein until light foam. Apply to the hair. Leave for 30 minutes, you can wrap your head with a towel. Mask great fights excessive oiliness of the scalp.

From the face to the tips of the nails – care masks milk and honey

Face masks

1. Tablespoon of warm milk mixed with a teaspoon of honey. Light massage movements apply to the face and chest area. Eliminate the area around the eyes and lips. After a twenty-minute rest with the mask, rinse it with water. The mask is suitable for all skin types as stimulating and normalizing metabolism.

2. Three to four tablespoons of milk to mix with two tablespoons of cereal or oatmeal, let stand until swelling. Add a teaspoon of honey and olive oil. Applied to the skin. To make a mask-wrap. After 20 minutes, rinse. Great for aging skin.

3. A tablespoon of milk, beat the protein of one egg, add a tablespoon of freshly squeezed cucumber juice and a teaspoon of liquid honey. Apply the mixture on the face and chest area. It is desirable to use gauze after covering its segments of the skin, the composition does not spread. After twenty minutes of use to remove. Mask-compress is suitable for oily skin as healing, and for the weary, as toning.

4. Two tablespoons of warm milk mixed with a tablespoon of yeast. Infuse. Add a teaspoon of honey, carrot juice, olive or any other oil. If the skin is very dry, then oil, you can add more. The mask is very well vitaminiziruet the skin, giving it a healthy and fresh appearance helps smooth the appearance of wrinkles.

5. Boiled potatoes mash and add a tablespoon of liquid honey. Dilute the pulp with two tablespoons of warm milk. To infuse the composition of a teaspoon each of fresh juice (vegetable, berry, citrus). Mass applied to areas of the face, not grabbing the skin around the eyes and lips. Can spread on the neck and chest area. Twenty minutes is enough to obtain the vitamin cocktail. To remove, gently massage, using a contrast shower.

Tender is the skin of the elbows and knees, get rid of the cracks

To ensure that the skin of the elbows and knees have gone soft, gone is the peeling and cracks, use effective vitamin composition.

1. Three tablespoons of warm milk mixed with a teaspoon of honey and the same amount of tea tree oil. Add fat cottage cheese (1столовая spoon) and mash one boiled potato. The resulting mixture, which resembles a thick paste, in the form of heat applied to flaky and rough skin. Well wrap it up a woolen scarf, or shawl, covering the pre-oilcloth. Can keep a mask-wrap. This mask perfectly soothes the skin. Can be applied daily or three times a week until full recovery of the skin. The same mask can be actively used in areas where deep cracks are detected.

Fight cellulite

1. Apply on a steamed skin of the body part of milk with the addition of vegetable oil (the consistency can be one-to-one). Then, use a solution of honey and any essential oil (a few drops). After applying the compositions to the skin, head massager (if available) or a conventional plastic bottle (maybe a tablespoon). Light massage, indenting movements go skin. Bottle can roll over the surface with «orange peel». Where cellulite is more visible – put the pressure stronger. This massage helps to rid the skin of toxins and free radicals. Increases blood circulation, removes cellulite.

2. Two tablespoons with a slide of mustard powder pour the milk until the consistency of thick cream. Add a tablespoon of honey and olive (any other) oil. All mix thoroughly and apply to dry skin prone to cellulite changes. Wrap those areas with cling film and woolen scarf. If you notice a burning sensation of the skin and redness, the part you want to delete, and next time increase the amount of vegetable oil. The mask effectively fights cellulite. It is better to alternate with showering (after two to three days). It needs to be with the effect of steam baths, to be able to increase metabolism, using the massager and massage cream.

All of the above recipes masks from milk and honey can be applied as desired and as needed. Watch out for its beauty. Love yourself. Be happy and beautiful.