«Curly» hairstyles for medium hair – feminine. Options of hairstyles for curly hair medium length – a minimum of time and money

The owners of curly hair and light curly locks, definitely to be envied. Their styling always have perfect form, precisely because it does not require any special skills and considerable practice in creating, and may also be limited to the minimum locking of funds. The success of the created image depends on the correct choice of hairstyle.

There are many options for hairstyles for medium curly hair. Each of them are interesting and relevant.

The average length of hair in women is very common in any age. It is determined by the length from the base of the neck (shoulders) to mid-shoulder blades. If you want to choose the right hairstyle, pay attention to the density of your curly hair. If you can not boast of a full head of hair, use a light fleece, to increase the volume. Lightly drizzle with bouffant hair (easy enough fix), and your hair will be «flexible».

Simple and attractive hair style for curly hair (photo)

Women know that lush and well-groomed hair always attract the attention of others. Women with voluminous curls win a stunning lightness of their hair. What to do if the hair you need to «tame»?

Someone that enjoys a special styling to create the effect of wet hair. This hairstyle is very elegant and gentle. And the easiest way to collect hair in a bushy tail.

Changes to the previous «curly» hair (photo)

You say that the tail is very trite and boring? Possible. But those who want to diversify simple hairstyle with a «horse» tail can allocate to one or both sides for an inch of hair, wrap them in lightweight harnesses and weave in tail at the nape. This hairstyle is perfect for its negligence and seeming «naughty» curls.

Kolosok – hairstyle for medium curly hair

What can be better than a simple braid from the hair? Of course, the scythe, which has a special appearance. This oblique, by right can be considered a «Spike». To call this a hairstyle for curly hair is possible and «Dragon». The special charm of this hairstyle will give the fact that each strand of the braid will lie in your own way, no matter how we tried to align them and comb. If your hair has some staining, the hair will be even more interesting due to the play of colors each strand. Often, when you weave the braid, it happens that the main «accent» your hair color is just the same, on her own lines.

If you want you can release the braided strands from each level and make them more voluminous. Hair style will require some skills or help someone close to you. The tail, which displays the tips of the braid can be centered or shifted sideways. In this case, «kinky» hair may begin since the mid-makuleke of the head, and on the one side, and leave the tail on the opposite side.

Light plaits in a hairstyle for curly hair (photo)

Having considered carefully the photo of this hairstyle, you can understand that it is very simple to do yourself. Perhaps to create it, you will need a couple of special clamps. They will help to keep the wrapped strands, while you’re spinning the opposite.

Divide all hair into three parts. The upper sections can be taken from the temporal plots, or, to lower the whole hair style below (then the first strand can begin at the level of the ears).

Separating a small amount of hair on one side, begin to curl light harnesses. Do not tighten tourniquet. Wrap the hair loosely around its axis. Attach the resulting strand to the main part of hair. Start twisting the opposite strands. Then, assemble both harness in one ponytail and secure with a rubber band, clothespin, or small pin the delicate hairpin retainer. You can do a couple Bobby pins, crossed with each other, and pinned to the remaining free hair. The next stage is repeated at the desired distance from the previous strands.

Will you do three rows of flagella or more, depends on your desire and abilities. It is possible that your hair on medium curly hair over only one tier. Then it will remind, the well-known «Malvinka», but will be no less romantic.

Make tight plaits for «kinky» hair all over the head

If you have a thick hair and the same average length, then this hairstyle will be a real boon.

Usually, the hair of the same length, creates lush and unruly mass. Very often there are situations when big hair splendor is not entirely appropriate, for example, office etiquette does not allow a large amount or an evening meeting needs to focus on the dress, not on the luxurious hair.

We will beat previous hairstyle for curly hair.

Separate the hair into multiple, equal-volume, strands. How many of them will eventually work – you decide. For more convenient creation of hairstyles, you can link each section of the hair elastic. If your skills and dexterity is able to do without the rubber bands, then you are a true Pro.

Since makuleke part zabivaite hair in tight plaits to until the strand will fit into a kind of «knot». Then, this knot, aligning, fastens to the base of the head, hiding the ends of the hair inside studs. Choose the pins corresponding to the volume of the resulting «knots». Note that a small stud can ruin your hairstyle during the day. They have little lock to the node, and your hair will begin to disintegrate. Therefore it is better to choose a standard size studs. They are always reliable.

The last «node» clip so that its edge was hidden under the lower part of the hair. If necessary, fix hair lacquer. It looks very elegant and extraordinary.

Harnesses that mimic the «Greek» curly hair – photos

Greek hairstyles are always winning on any hair. For medium hair with unruly curls to make this hairstyle easier. Does not require special skills. It is sufficient to «arm» a few pins, hairspray (if needed), and ten minutes of free time.

Start the morning in stages on both sides of the head. Strands take, given the density of hair. The number of curled plaits depends on your mood and the availability of pins for fixation. Given that curly hair always obedient direct, you can do a small number of pins (for one curl may need no more than 2-3 pieces).

Forming this hairstyle for medium curly hair, send all the wiring closer to the base of the neck. The main focus of the hairstyles will be created on the middle of the bottom of the head.

Each curl can be spun tight enough. If you want to hair was voluminous, it is best to raise the hair root fleece, and then start forming each harness.

Will the harnesses be laid in a chaotic manner or you will choose some special tactics of their attachment, depends on you.

Inject some romance this hairstyle a pretty hair bow pinned over the top «beams» or dressing in the Greek style, that is not less attractive. Moreover, the choice of some and others is very high.