The wheat germ oil and its beneficial properties. How to use wheat germ oil for face and hair.

In all countries the wheat germ oil has long been valued as a unique tool used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. From small wheat grains pressed natural vegetable oil which has unsurpassed antioxidant and anti-aging properties. The gift of nature, containing a huge amount of macronutrients, vitamins and beneficial substances, used since ancient times and until today. Biochemical composition of the oil is unique, so it is actively used in medicine, cosmetics and food industry. Three active components: tocopherol, antioxidants and carotenoids determine the unique biochemical composition and storehouse of useful qualities. Wheat germ oil is recognized as a champion of the content of vitamin E in conferring immortal youth and beauty. Therefore, those girls and women who strive to stay young, beautiful and healthy, should pay a closer look to wheat germ oil.

The wheat germ oil and its beneficial properties

Conventionally, the properties of the oil can be divided into therapeutic and cosmetic. Let’s start with the first:

1. Stimulation of metabolic processes in the body. Thanks to the oil is accelerated metabolism, allowing women extended youth, beauty, fit, and «blooming»;

2. Slowing the aging process (the main secret is the abundance of vitamin E in the biochemical composition of wheat germ oil);

3. The cleaning function of the body (the chemical composition of the oil promotes the active removal of toxins and harmful substances)

4. Anti-inflammatory function (soothes the skin, effectively removing inflammatory processes);

5. Fights with various skin diseases and problems:treats acne, acne and other skin rashes;

6. Effectively heals abrasions, burns and wounds on the skin;

7. Optimizes the processes of blood circulation in the body;

8. Preventive against cardiovascular diseases and diseases of the CNS ;

9. Normalizes reproductive function (cures prostatitis, infertility, increases the potency, etc.);

10. Acts as antioxidant, blowing back the aging process of the cell membranes;

11. Activates the human immune system, increasing the overall level of body resistance;

12. Normalizes the level of cholesterol in the liver, the blood;

13. Has a calming effect on the Central and peripheral nervous system;

14. Eliminates hormonal disruptions in the body;

15. Prevents the development of varicose veins, due to strengthen the impact on the capillary walls.

Cosmetic properties of the oil of wheat germ

1. Has anti-cellulite effect (recommended to do special anti-cellulite massage with this oil);

2. Strengthens and nourishes the hair;

3. Smoothes wrinkles (due to active effects of phytosterols, vitamin E and polysaturated acids);

4. Gently cares for the skin making it soft, beautiful and healthy (due to the content of vitamin b, vitamin E, linolevoy acid set optimal water-lipid balance);

5. Allantoin softens skin, transforming and toning it, making it tender and moist;

6. Improves the condition of teeth and nails (recommended external and internal use of the oil);

7. Evens skin tone, removes pigmentation;

8. With regular use, has a slight whitening effect;

9. Eliminates stretch marks and deep wrinkles, increasing the elasticity of the skin (due to zinc, vitamin A, copper, and sulphur is the acceleration of the processes of synthesis of fibrillar protein collagen and elastin);

10. Calms skin sensitivity;

11. Has peeling effect;

12. Stabilizes the glands the sebaceous glands (pores).

Vitamin E, the main secret of the success of the oil, provides a great service to women’s health and beauty. Antioxidant effect extends to the girls youth and freshness, so for us, this oil is a unique treasure and a valuable treasure.

Contraindications to the use of oil of wheat germ

The only contraindication to the use of this oil can be considered as individual intolerance and allergic reaction to the oil, but this occurs only rarely. Also this oil does not need to apply those who have noticed kidney stones and gall stones.

Ways to use wheat germ

Allocate internal and external use of oil of sprouts of wheat. Inside this oil is used as a food additive in diseases of the PNS and CNS, anemia, in the case of overweight, disorders of hormonal levels, in cardiovascular diseases, a number of other ailments. Also oil is good to use for people who recover from serious illnesses and are in the rehabilitation period. Also prescribe a treatment of oil of sprouts of wheat people who are exposed to constant stress, who suffer from insomnia.

The oil dosage is usually 1 ml per day for 30-60 days. It dose and length of treatment tools is able to normalize the level of cholesterol in the liver increases the ratio of the overall resistance of the organism.

Important! Before taking the oil, consult your doctor! Self-treatment can harm your body and health.

The use of oil in cosmetics has a positive impact on the condition of the hair, skin, nails, and even eyelashes and eyebrows. It also will help to cope with wounds and burns, acne. It is usually diluted with other, less severe vegetable oils (e.g. olive, avocado or almond), because it is relatively more dense. Observe the correct proportion of 1:4. In not diluted this oil, use only on certain areas on the skin (directly wrinkles, wounds, rashes, inflammation, rough areas on the skin).

The wheat germ oil for face

Do not use pure oil (especially on eye area), definitely dilute it. This oil is not suitable for daily use on all skin undiluted (clog small pores).

The wheat germ oil for dry skin

You must mix oil with rosehip oil, olive or almond (ratio 1 to 3). Use the mixture before going to bed.

The wheat germ oil for oily skin

You have to mix oil with grape seed oil (1 to 4) and apply the mixture before going to bed.

The care of aging and sagging skin

Three teaspoons of oil, use one drop of orange, peppermint and sandalwood oil. Blot with a cotton towel with the mixture and apply it on the face. To keep such applications are required from 25 minutes to an hour.

Care for problematic skin prone to inflammation

Three teaspoons of oil use two drops of cedar and lavender oils. The mixture is applied on a cotton towel, and then applied all over the face. Keep this towel on your face you need 25 minutes. Try to relax during this session of beauty, then the result will impress you and surpass your hopes, dreams and expectations!

For whitening and even out skin tone

Three teaspoons of oil use one drop of orange or lemon oil. Apply the mixture on for twenty minutes, rinse. This mask for a noticeable effect, it is recommended to do twice a day (course duration — 25 days).

Get rid of wrinkles around eyes

Three teaspoons of oil, use one drop of sandalwood oil and neroli oil. Delicate and neat, Pat applied the resulting liquid to the skin around the eyes. She is absorbed, it is not necessary to wash off.

Facials using undiluted oil

For oily skin

You can lubricate the problem areas on the skin (burns, acne, ulcers), a small amount of non-diluted oil. Also, the oil efficiently and quickly moisturizes rough areas on the skin.

To fight against wrinkles

Undiluted oil and applied on the parts prone to the formation of wrinkles: forehead, area between eyebrows, nasolabial folds, corners of the eyes.

To get excellent results only need to use natural recipes.

The wheat germ oil for hair

To increase the elasticity, Shine and natural beauty of hair will be able regular use of masks on the basis of oil of sprouts of wheat. This oil also effectively combats problems: hair loss, weak and brittle, dull and lifeless curls.

Firming mask with wheat germ oil hair

Apply undiluted oil on the scalp for half an hour. This mask should be used twice a week (two months). Then slightly modify the recipe of the mask. You need to mix the oil with jojoba oil (in equal proportions). The resulting liquid is rubbed into the scalp and evenly distributed along the length of the curls. Keep the mask for 20-30 minutes, rinse thoroughly.

The oil wheat germ shampoo for hair

It is very easy to improve the formulation of your daily shampoo, conditioner or lotion for the hair. For this you need to add only one teaspoon of oil in the above products. Your hair will be gorgeous and incredibly beautiful.

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