Mask from starch for the face: cleansing, nutrition and lifting. The indications of starch and recipes of masks for face at home

Skin condition is the main indicator of well-groomed girls, so many people are enthusiastically fighting and roughness, and with a dull color with age and wrinkles, gaining millimeter by millimeter, and skillfully use cosmetics company.

Lucky, if for the huge amount of money that women give them annually, the client will receive a good result: it often happens that the purchased assets either do not have the desired effect, or harm, which is worse.

An excellent way out of this situation will be hand-made mask.

All about the mask from starch for the person: how to apply starch mask for the face?

The most effective and budget option is a homemade mask for the face. They have many advantages: they are hypoallergenic, easy to prepare, does not take so much time as a salon, do not contain artificial ingredients that can harm the skin and they contain useful components at those concentrations in which the skin can absorb.

There are many types of homemade masks: mustard, gelatin, oat, honey etc. However the most convenient and versatile option is the applicable starch face mask. It has a positive impact on precisely those factors that concern the majority of women, the complexion, wrinkles and skin dryness.

Based on its successful impacts are the components included in the composition of the starch. Each has its own impact on the skin, because of this, it acts on the skin comprehensively.

The components included in the composition, and their effects:

• Ascorbic acid. Its positive effect is that it regenerates the skin, protects from sunlight and damage, and also destroys free radicals;

• Niacin. A great impact on the skin oxidative processes, so that all cells included in the composition of the epidermis, aktiviziruyutsya and divide continuously, which helps in skin renewal;

• Choline. Normalizes the secretion of sebum due to the inhibitory effect on cancer;

• Iron. Participates in the circulation and further enriches skin cells with oxygen;

• Potassium. This metal prevents excessive evaporation of water from the skin and supports vodoobmena processes in cells within the normal range;

• Vitamin PP. Activates the «sleeping» cells, releasing reserves of the skin;

• B vitamins has Beneficial effects on the regeneration and renewal of cells;

• Carbohydrates. Nourish and moisturize the skin giving it a healthy color and eliminating dryness;

• Calcium. As well as potassium, involved in the exchange.

It’s amazing how much nutrients is in the ordinary and usual starch.

For skin this gift of nature is a storehouse of essential vitamins and antioxidants. Every girl at least once in their life should treat your skin with this mask. But when this mask will benefit, and when would be the harm?

Indications for the use of face masks from starch, and in some cases, starch-masks will be panaceas

Starch face mask in most cases is generic, however, there are some cases when the use of this mask can result in failure. To avoid this be sure to familiarize yourself with the list of indications and contraindications.

Indications mask from starch:

• The mask is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive;

• Required when faded, tired and worn out skin;

• Suitable as an anti-aging, because starch is a great alternative to Botox salon;

• Helps as a moisturizing and nourishing mask;

• Soothe irritated skin, this mask is especially effective about problem skin;

• Starch mask will solve the problem with the secretion of sebum if the skin is too dry, moisturise it, and if you interferes with oily sheen, it is by reducing fat production mask will remove it.

Plus this mask in the fact that it very rarely causes an allergic reaction and almost never brings harm. The worst thing that can happen is that it just will not bring the desired result, but most of the reviews about this mask is purely positive. To mask has produced a favorable effect, you need to know about contraindications and do not use it in these cases.

Contraindications to the use of starch mask:

• Availability in the face of major cuts, scars or healing wounds;

• Individual intolerance to the components;

• Serious inflammation.

The list of contraindications is quite short, so this mask is quite popular. If it fits you, then you can use it to achieve the salon effect at home without spending any of their money or their time.

How to prepare homemade starch mask? The basis of natural mask from starch for the person

To mask from starch effect, it is necessary to observe some rules. First, you need to decide on the kind of starch you will use: a purchased or self-prepared. Of course, the purchase of starch will save you time, but cooked yourself is much more useful.

H ■ to prepare starch at home you need:

• To buy the regular potatoes: the main thing that it was not rotten. Preference should old potatoes, as most of the starch;

• Clean it and RUB on a fine grater;

• Cut the peel and grated the potato in cheesecloth shift;

• Tightly tie the cheesecloth in a knot;

• Prepare a glass jar and fill it with cold water;

• Place gauze lace up in the jar and start to compress it to squeeze into water starch;

• At the end of the decant water and a white precipitate to dry. It and use masks.

Of course, a starch found in many foods, but potatoes. To find out where it still contains you can do the iodine test. If the product is a starch, the iodine deposited on the product will change its color to purple. Starch can also be used cereals, bread and some fruits and vegetables, but potatoes it allot easier.

In addition, there is an algorithm, according to which you need to use a starch mask, because then they will give the maximum result:

• The solution for the mask should be mixed the day of application. In this case, all the nutrients will be preserved;

• The skin must steam before use. To do this, 5 minutes of steaming the face over a pan or basin. For steaming you can use as a normal boiled water and herbal teas, for example, a decoction of chamomile or calendula;

• During use, the face mask should be relaxed as much as possible. It is impossible at this time neither eat, drink nor talk. Just scroll to about 20 minutes a day, apply the mask and just relax, listening to music, and moisturizing your skin;

• The mixture should be kept on your face until it is completely dry and then rinse;

• Starch is necessary to rinse with first warm water, and then is to wash in cold. To complete the procedure, you can wipe the face with ice from the frozen decoction of chamomile, calendula or other herbs;

• To get a visible effect, you need to make the mask unit and the course. For example, 10-15 masks every 2-3 days.

If you follow all these rules, then you have prepared the mask will transform your face and skin will thank you for it.

Starch recipes of masks for face at home – the alternative to salon masks

Starch face mask – alternative to Botox salon, but unlike him, it is completely natural. At the core of the masks with lifting effect can be like potato and corn starch.

Recipes similar masks are many, there are classic options and masks with the addition of oils, honey etc. it should Start with a classic, because in this case you can learn if you do the mask on the basis of starch.

The classic version of the mask with starch and lemon juice:


1 tablespoon potato starch

1 tablespoon lemon juice

The method of preparation and use:

You have to cut the lemon and squeeze out fresh juice. The juice must be clean, without seeds and pieces of pulp. In a special bowl, mix lemon juice and cornstarch, let the mixture infuse. At this time, you can steam the face. Next you need to apply the mask on your face and keep until dry.

Fear effects on the skin of lemon juice is not necessary, because starch will neutralize its aggressiveness.

If this recipe will suit you, you can try to combine the starch with peach oil, honey, yogurt and egg white. Such masks are universal, so fit almost all.