Masks, hair milk restored and nourished. Affordable and effective care – hair mask from milk

Beauty hair is one of the hot topics for any woman. Radiance, smoothness, volume – these are the criteria that define a healthy and well-groomed hair. In the frantic pace of life we forget that hair care is not only the shampoos and conditioners bought in the store, visit a trendy beauty salons, but also extra food and gentle care.

Effective solution – a hair mask from milk

Active sunlight, poor food, water with high content of chlorine, blow drying, perms, and temperature changes of air – at least of the factors that affect your scalp and hair. How often do we think about hair care? Trying to find effective methods and tools?

Considering that hair is located in the upper part of the skin, it can be concluded that their condition completely depends on the health of the epidermis. A beneficial effect on the skin has many other products that we are accustomed to see on his Desk or in the nature surrounding us. The main thing – to choose those that will give the best result for you. One of those unique products that provide the multidisciplinary health benefits of hair, it is milk and dairy products. The perfect solution – masks from milk. They will help to restore weak and damaged hair, refresh the damaged hair, nourish the scalp with nutrients that contribute to better hair growth and perfect health. It is very important to choose for cosmetic procedures, it is home-made milk as it is not subjected to chemical treatment, the percentage of fat is higher than that of store. If still no possibility to use the milk home, choose the store with a high ratio of fat, because we are going to give the skin and hair, high nutrition and hydration, which they often lack.

What’s the secret to the effectiveness of hair masks out of milk

As you know, milk is the product unique and easily accessible. No need to wrestle with where to take it, and whether it will be useful. Long been known the life-giving power of milk. On what kind of milk should look? Cow, goat… all depends on your preference. Perhaps your choice of stops on dry or condensed milk with sugar. All of these products, it is useful for the scalp. Pay attention to baked milk. The concentration of fat, due to evaporation, increases several times, which becomes very useful to nourish and repair dry scalp and brittle hair.

Milk is a real elixir for health and grooming of the hair. More than two hundred nutrients contained in milk, perfectly cope with the problem. When using hair masks from milk, it is important to monitor the temperature of the composition. It should not be too hot or cold. The most effective temperature – room or warm. The mask is applied to the scalp or hair (depending on the recipe). The head is wrapped in a thin cloth (you can take a bag for food or cling film) on top of tied cotton scarf or wrapped wool scarf (scarf). To create a greenhouse effect for this procedure is important. In this approach, the active ingredients included in each recipe that will work with maximum efficiency and benefit. Apply a mask before shampooing. Leave it for a time from fifteen minutes to several hours. The most courageous lady I like to go with a mask on his head and ten hours. It all depends on your mood and prescription instructions. The use of masks may be at intervals of 1-2 days, once a week, once or twice per month. Then you need to look at the condition of the hair. One thing is clear – to ruin the milk masks the hair – impossible.

Simple and basic care masks, hair milk

Perhaps many of us want to bring the hair in order, using a minimum of ingredients and time. The recipes, described below, will easily cope with this task.

1. Milk and salt is a simple composition, which strengthens the hair roots, promoting fast growth. Mix one hundred grams of milk with a teaspoon of salt. Heat milk, add salt. The solution is rubbed into the roots of the head lightly. This mask can not wrap. Five or ten minutes you can remove, wash with warm water.

2. Milk and tea. These ingredients can be mixed in two ways. In the first, to brew a teaspoon of tea two hundred milliliters brought to the boiling milk. In the second – to take one hundred milliliters of boiling water, brew the tea and add to the resulting solution one hundred grams of milk. You can take tea black and green – the medicinal properties of tea have long been known. Cool the resulting solution. RUB it into the scalp, pour over the hair. Leave on for 15-30 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Mask perfectly strengthens and vitaminiziruet the epidermis.

3. Milk pudding for roots and ends. Cooked very simply with the addition of three ounces of cold milk, a teaspoon of any starch (corn, potato). All this is heated over a low flame, stirring constantly. Brought to a boil. By the way, for this recipe may be suitable, and condensed or concentrated milk. It is important to dilute the mixture. Jelly for nourishing the roots and hair ends will help to reduce the oiliness of the scalp and to nourish the tips of the invigorating composition.

Oily and dry hair mask from milk

Any hair mask are intended to normalize metabolism in the scalp, strengthen hair follicles, remove excess fat in oily hair and moisturize the entire length dry. Consider a few healthy recipes.

For oily

1. Apply on scalp and entire length of hair fat warm milk. Mash into a glass or plastic container one peeled banana. In mashed potatoes add two teaspoons of fresh lemon juice. Mix thoroughly and apply on the scalp. Mask hold for 30 minutes, wrapped with plastic and a towel. Rinse with warm water with shampoo.

2. Mix a third of Cup of milk, egg white, a teaspoon of aloe juice and brandy. Beat with a mixer or blender. Inflict on the hair throughout its length. Leave the mask on for 30-40 minutes. Wash off with water. Mask copes with excessive fat on the hair’s surface.

3. One teaspoon of yeast and warm milk to mix to a homogeneous slurry, add egg white. All is well beaten. Apply on the scalp. To make a mask-wrap. To wait fifteen minutes. Remove the mask with warm water. Try not to use much hot water for the first rinsing, as it «brews» protein and it will be difficult to remove.

4. To give hair the bounce and volume will make a mask out of milk, honey and oatmeal. In two tablespoons of warm milk mix a teaspoon of honey and the same of oatmeal. The resulting slurry is applied to the skin. Wrap for 30 minutes. Wash with a shampoo.

For dry

1. Perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the scalp mask with egg yolk, milk and butter. Depending on the length of hair, take warm milk (100 grams), one egg yolk and a few drops of any vegetable oil. Apply the mixture on the head. Rinse with warm water.

2. In the previous mask, you can add other ingredients. From this, it will become more nutritious. Milk (100 g), colorless henna (two tablespoons), honey (1 tablespoon), a teaspoon of burdock oil, one egg yolk. All mix, allow to infuse for ten minutes, add the pulp of black bread. Can the entire mixture to break the blender. Liberally applied to the skin and hair. Enough thirty minutes for a mask, but can leave longer.

3. To ensure that the scalp has got extra nutrients, try a mask based on sour milk and egg yolk. The yolk can be not only from chicken eggs. Both ingredients mix well and apply on the head and massaged. The mask can be left on for thirty minutes or more. Rinse with warm water.

Masks for hair from milk the secret of laminating and clarification

Lately, more and more women pay attention to effective and efficient procedure for protection of hair – lamination. To do this procedure with the help of milk – just enough. Hair will get extra Shine, become more voluminous and obedient. Such care is suitable for hair after coloring. He is struggling with split ends.

For short and medium length hair will be enough for one tablespoon of gelatin, liquid honey and two tablespoons milk. Bring the milk until hot and pour it over the gelatin. Leave to swell for 15-20 minutes. Add a spoonful of liquid honey and all thoroughly. Apply the composition on a clean, pre-washed, slightly damp hair. Cover your head with plastic or wear a shower cap. Wrap a towel. You can enhance the effect by using a warm air dryer. Keep the mask on hair for one hour. Then it off you. A similar procedure can be done once a week. For long hair, the proportion can be doubled.

Brighten and refresh your hair, using a solution of milk and chamomile. Fresh or dried flowers (one Cup) pour two cups of milk or milk+ water (one glass). In this case, the milk can be low fat. Bring composition on a steam bath to a high temperature for ten minutes. You can use a thermos, Bay, chamomile and leave it on for 15-20 min Then atteriwem liquid. Cool. Pour the hair with the mixture after shampooing. The procedure is repeated three times a week. Hair visibly brighten and acquire a healthy glow.

Presents recipes a very simple and useful. Try them. You will definitely see results on their hair, and get a lot of compliments in his address.