Effective mask of cucumber for the face at home. The best recipes of cucumber masks for young and Mature skin

Fresh cucumber pulp is the ideal base for homemade masks.

The unique composition of traditional vegetable easily gives the face a soft, fresh, clean.

Combining cucumber with other components, it is possible to solve various skin problems.

Use the mask of cucumber pulp for the face

The composition of the cucumber actually can be called unique in the sense of good for the female skin. In a simple vegetable weight vitamins and minerals, organic acids and enzymes. The effect of cucumber juice made not aggressive, so apply the cucumber mask on any skin, including allergic or irritated.

Use the mask of cucumber for the face is explained by the effect that gives each of contained in the cucumber juice and pulp substances:

• thiamine (vitamin B1) rejuvenates;

• folic acid (vitamin B9) clears problem skin from acne and acne;

• Riboflavin (vitamin B2) provides cellular breath;

• pyridoxine (vitamin B6) normalizes cellular metabolism;

• Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) smoothes skin creases, erasing from the face wrinkles;

• retinol (vitamin A) smoothes moisturizes dry and flaky skin;

• tocopherol (vitamin E) instantly refreshes the cells of the dermis;

• Biotin (vitamin H) provides for the recovery;

• ascorbic acid (vitamin C) makes skin glow, restores its elasticity;

• phylloquinone (vitamin K) rids the skin of redness, swelling, whitens;

• Niacin (vitamin PP) has a refreshing effect.

Is it any wonder that the mask of cucumber for the face as a magical drink of health, youth and beauty. You can use them to care for problematic, soft, young skin. The effect of masks are diverse:

• moisturizing and toning;

• whitening;

• levelling of wrinkles;

• power;

• removal of edema;

• treatment of acne and acne;

• tightening sagging skin.

Moreover, of all the means of home-made cosmetics namely cucumber pulp or juice can be safely and effectively used for the care of thin, prone to early formation of skin wrinkles around the eyes.

How to apply mask with cucumber for the face

To facial with cucumber mask was more effective, you need to follow some rules:

• use only fresh, crisp vegetables;

• prepare the cucumber puree without seeds and rind.

To obtain soft basis cucumber can crush on a grater, grinder or blender. Keep the mask on the face should be at least 20 minutes in some cases longer, up to half an hour. It is desirable during the procedure, lie down and fully relax. It is impossible to talk to Willie to actively use facial expressions, if one of the ingredients is clay or gelatin.

Cucumber mask at home is it better to do the courses. The full course includes ten procedures carried out 2-3 times in ten days. In the future, the skin can be maintained in good shape, making the mask once every seven to ten days.

Cucumber juice is often a component of refreshingly energizing mask. If the juice is many, it remains always possible to poison in the freezer, spilling into molds. Will be great quickening and awakening the lotion.

Universal mask of cucumber for all skin types

The simplest mask that you can imagine, consists exclusively of cucumber flesh. You have to slice the fruit into thin slices, put them on clean skin and hold for 20 minutes. After the procedure wash is not necessary. After removing the cucumbers, you can immediately see the changes. the code becomes more elastic, fresh and soft. A delicate mask with a good effect even on problematic, inflamed skin.

A classic recipe of mono-mask exists in a different form. Cucumber should be grated on small or medium grater and apply on the skin resulting mush. It is possible to distribute the face just like that or wrap in gauze. Of course, after removing the mask will need to wash.

To achieve greater effect to cucumber, you can add other ingredients such as lemon, parsley and honey.

Cucumber and lemon

Normal skin in need of hydration and toning. If you also want to get a whitening effect, there is nothing better than the combination of cucumber juice and lemon.

Cucumber RUB on a grater, squeeze the juice through a gauze cloth. Squeeze the juice from a fresh lemon. Mix two tablespoons of cucumber and lemon juice, soak a cotton pad and apply on face. Exposure time – 15 minutes. After drying, the mask needs to be updated.

You can simply wet the gauze or cotton napkin juice and apply it on the face.

Cucumber and parsley

One of the most effective masks of cucumber for the face and eye area. Perfectly refreshes, whitens, tones.

The average cucumber you need to RUB on a small grater. A few sprigs of garden parsley finely chop. Mix two generous tablespoons of the cucumber puree with the dessert spoon parsley greens. Apply all over the face, including the eyelids.

Mask with cucumber for oily skin

Very difficult to find adequate care for problem skin. Inflamed areas, subcutaneous acne, pimples and acne limit the ability of extra care. Meanwhile, troubled skin and hydration and nutrition, and protection. Cucumber is an ideal basis for the creation of homemade masks that are suitable to this type of skin because it does not harm her. Moreover, thanks to the miracle cucumber juice skin rapidly cleared from inflammatory cells. The effect can be enhanced by adding the masks to other components.

Cucumber and cottage cheese

Popular cucumber mask, through which the face is refreshed and gets rid of imperfections. Tablespoon cucumber puree need to connect with an equal amount of low-fat cottage cheese (2-8% fat). To wash, wipe the skin tonic or lotion for oily skin.

Cucumber and soda

Effective mask, which is due to a drying and antiseptic effect instantly improves the condition of skin. Cucumber RUB on a small grater or chop in a blender. Separate two tablespoons of mashed potatoes and pour half Cup of boiling water.

After cooling of the liquid add a half teaspoon of baking soda, mix well and spread the soda mixture over the skin. Rinse with clean cool (not cold) water and Pat face with a soft cloth.

Cucumber , clay and lemon

If you do this mask once a week, then a month later the condition of the skin problem will be consistently good. Need pharmacy blue or white clay. The mask: 2 tbsp clay and cucumber puree, 1 tsp of lemon juice.

Apply the mixture very carefully, without touching the eyelids and the delicate skin around the eyes. The exposure time is less than usual: only 10 minutes to soak and have worked. To wash his clay will have to be careful, finally, was washed face with clean water.

Cucumber and oat flakes

Perfectly eliminates oily Shine, calms sebaceous glands, nourishes. 3 tbsp of Hercules to grind in a coffee grinder. To connect with three tablespoons of the cucumber puree. Mix the components until you get smetana consistency, to use as a normal facial.

Mask with cucumber for oily skin

Careful care needs and oily skin. Many girls make a great mistake when we stop to moisturize it. As a result, the face starts to Shine even more, often clogged and inflamed. The cucumber in this case plays an important role: it moisturizes the skin and simultaneously reduces the activity of sebaceous glands.

Cucumber and egg protein

Good mask tightens pores, soothes inflamed skin, dries it. From the cucumber puree to make the juice (2 tbsp) and whip it with a fork with egg white. Apply to clean face. After washing be sure to apply moisturizer daily or nourishing night cream.

Cucumber and Apple

Grate the cucumber with skin (cut it should be only in case if the vegetable has got an old, overripe). Grate half an Apple. Mix the components in equal proportions, spread on face and keep for half an hour.

Cucumber and rye bread

The original method of cleansing oily skin – gentle exfoliation-grater on the basis of the cucumber. Of half of the middle of the vegetable, pureed in a blender, you need to squeeze the juice. Take a piece of black rye bread, choose sourdough and soak it with the juice of a cucumber. Clean the face with a wet piece, moving along the massage lines. When the bread starts to glide over the skin smoothly, cleansing finish. Be sure to wash, apply cream according to skin type.

Cucumber and salt

Another great recipe for cleansing mask peel. On tablespoon of salt, small or medium-grind to take a dessert spoon grated cucumber mass. Spread evenly over face, allow mask to work and wash with cool water.

Mask with cucumber for sagging skin

Mature skin needs delicate but at the same time, the active care. Cucumber juice must be combined with the other active ingredients to pull up saggy dermis, to give it tone and elasticity.

Cucumber and honey

Another great tool home cosmetics – cucumber and honey mask. Tones, moisturizes, nourishes, lightens pigment spots, gently reduces redness of the skin.

Honey you need to pre-heat over steam or in a microwave oven. Mix two generous tablespoons of mashed cucumber with a teaspoon of liquid honey. Apply the mixture on the face after washing cosmetic products not to use.

Cucumber, milk, cheese, parsley, olive oil

Such a rich composition provides a complex effect on the skin. Face get rid of puffiness, you will look younger, tone and structure of the skin equalized. 2 tbsp grated cucumber mass you need to take one tablespoon of any milk, low-fat cottage cheese, finely chopped garden parsley. Pour a dessert spoon of olive oil, mix and use as usual. Rinse the cucumber mask first with warm water, then cosmetics (skin, lotion).

Cucumber and potatoes

Wonderful brightening and refreshing effect and gives the skin a cucumber-potato mask. Potato tuber should be raw. 2 tbsp. of the cucumber puree takes an equal amount of grated raw potatoes. Lift, tone, radiance – this is the result of the course of cucumber masks at home.

Cucumber, gelatin and milk

Great result for the skin texture and give a gelatin mask. For making homemade beauty product needs one cucumber of medium size, table for two. spoon gelatin powder, six tablespoons of milk.

Gelatin pour the milk, after swelling to dissolve the fire. Blend the cucumber, squeeze through cheesecloth juice. Mix cucumber juice and warm gelatin, put weight on the face. The exposure time from 30 to 40 minutes.

The person will appreciate the freshness, and immediate visual tightening. The mask reduces swelling, whitens, tones. To achieve sustainable results, apply twice a week.

Mask with cucumber for dry skin

Cucumber works great on dry skin. Cucumber masks at home can be done with sour cream, egg yolk, cream, carrot, oatmeal, rose water.

Cucumber and sour cream

The main components of the mask mix in equal proportions, to send for 10 minutes in the fridge, apply on face. Additional cooling will enhance the toning effect cucumber juice.

Cucumber, yolk and butter

Perfectly nourishes dry and sensitive skin oily egg yolk. It should be mixed with 2 tbsp. of the cucumber puree, 1 tsp products (wheat germ, almond, peach) or olive mass and apply on face.

Cucumber, cream, sour cream, parsley, olive oil

The rich composition of this homemade cucumber mask is great moisturize and nourish dry skin. After the procedure, the wrinkles will become less noticeable, face blanch slightly and acquire uniform color.

Components, including parsley, mixed in a blender in equal proportions. The homogeneous mixture is applied there, in 20 minutes wash with warm water. Quickly rinse with cold water.

Cucumber, cream and rose water

Beat three tablespoon of cucumber juice with equal amount of cream and rose water. The mixture is applied all over the face. After washing off the mask treat your skin with a cotton pad soaked in rose water.

Cucumber, carrots, Hercules

Perfectly whitens, moisturizes and nourishes the face mask of cucumber pulp mixed with ground oats and fresh grated carrot. Vegetables will need three tablespoons, ground into flour of oatmeal, one spoon. If the mixture seems thick, it can be diluted with milk or cream.

Cucumber masks are inexpensive, but allow you to get a quick visual effect. They are great to revitalize the skin and give it a glow of beauty and freshness.