Skin care around the eyes — how to do it right

Error difficult to correct, so it’s best to avoid them. Errors can be attributed to the neglect with which many girls could relate to her skin, especially around the eyes. It consists of a thin layer of the epidermis and is practically devoid of sebaceous glands that produce the protective film. Therefore needs the support and additional care. When the skin smooth and elastic, very few people were puzzled by the point that it will not always. The first disappointment come along with first wrinkles. That’s the only time they are different. To zoom out, you need to start with skin care since his youth.

How to properly care for the skin around the eyes

Care consists of four main points: cleansing, moisturizing, nutrition and protection.

1. Cleansing of the skin around the eyes. Even if you do not use decorative cosmetics, skin eye area before bed should be cleaned. No matter how delicate and expensive no soap, for washing it will not work. Daily it will dry out the skin and lead to premature aging. Plain water will wash away the dust but does not remove completely the remnants of the cream. Therefore, it is better to use special cosmetics for eye — lotion, emulsion or lotion. They moisten a cotton pad and carry out the cleansing, moving along the top line from the inner corner to the outer side and on the lower eyelid – in the opposite direction: from the outer corner to the inner. If you want to remove, use special tools for removing makeup. A simple lotion or lotion will not remove completely the remains of the carcass. It wash away in the first place. Under the lower lashes put half a cotton pad and closing his eyes, moving up and down with a cotton swab soaked in cosmetics, begin to clean the mascara from the eyelashes. The remains of makeup from the skin of the eye is removed in a circular motion as with regular cleansing. At the end of the procedure, rinse the face with cool water.

2. Moisturizing the skin around the eyes. Any skin, especially around the eyes requires moisture. To saturate it with moisture should be all year round. It is especially important to use moisturizing gels and creams in the summer, a refuge from desiccation, and in winter, when the skin is exposed to a double load. On the street it is dry cold, and houses the Central heating battery. If the cold, you go outside after applying moisturizer after 30 minutes, and it’s better to wait an hour. Otherwise the skin will not have time to absorb the cream and will AMMONOIDEA, and then will start to peel off. In the cold season it is necessary to use a moisturizer with a more dense structure, for example, oil-or fat-based.

3. Nutrition of the skin around the eyes. Eyelid skin starts to need extra nourishment. It is therefore necessary to use a cream with added vitamins, essential and cosmetic oils, kinds of plants, and other useful items. Nourishing creams contain different structure with smaller molecules that penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis. If the cream is used in the evening, apply on the eyelids it should be two hours before bedtime to avoid swelling. After about 30 minutes after application, a cotton pad or tissue you must remove the excess. In warm time of the year it is not necessary to use a cream on a fat basis. And it’s not just ugly unnatural Shine. A rich cream applied to the eyelids, melts, and is not absorbed. Overlaps the access of oxygen, there is complete lymphatic drainage. Fluid under the skin in the eye accumulates, resulting in swelling. Therefore, with the onset of heat, you should switch to tools with a softer composition.

4. Protect the skin around the eyes. The skin around the eyes vulnerable to adverse external factors. For example, low temperatures or scorching sun, and therefore requires special protection. In Sunny weather, be sure to wear sunglasses. It’s not a fad, but a real protection of eye skin from wrinkles and burns. When we squint from bright light, the skin is collected in small storages, which leave an imprint on the face in form of wrinkles on the nose and around the eyes. Their appearance is not associated with age, so to detect them even at very young girls. In the summer it is recommended to use creams with SPF protection, saving skin from the harmful sun rays that cause photoaging of the skin. In a strong frost it is better to refuse from the washing water. To clean the skin, use tonics (soap and alcohol), lotion, lotion.

Which cosmetics are needed for the skin around the eyes

For skin eye area it is not recommended to use products designed to care for the skin. In their structure can include more aggressive or allergic substances, e.g. lanolin or alcohol, which can have a negative impact on the eyelids. And, the cardinal rule in skin cosmetics should be selected considering the age. Up to 25 years for the skin of the eye sufficiently moisturize, protect and tone. With 25 you can add the food in the 30-35 products, strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

After 40 years, can not do without lifting creams with retinol, hyaluronic acid. Usually on the box of cream indicate what age is it recommended to apply it. You need to take into account the condition of their skin. If you are 35, and the upper eyelids are visibly sagged, it is not necessary to wait for the fortieth anniversary, it is time to begin to use a cream with firming effect. Cosmetic products for the eyes need not only to choose carefully but also to correctly apply. Squeeze a few drops on the pad of the index or the middle finger, we should hold it on the bone around the eye. The cream is not applied close to the eyelash growth that it did not cause irritation. Distributed it over the skin, you can gently tap with fingertips on the cheeks. These movements are easy preventive massage, slowing down the formation of wrinkles.

Creams, gels and oils for the skin around the eyes

To care eye skin there are many creams, oils, gels. How to navigate in this diversity and choose the right cosmetic?

Gels are watery or jelly-like texture and quickly absorbed, saturating the skin with moisture and active ingredients. Suitable for younger skin. The gel is essential for use in the hot season, creating the skin’s protective lipid layer, which keeps moisture.

Creams are more dense, rich texture. They are used to combat age-related problems and dry skin. Can be used in summer and winter, just to choose the cream suitable to season basis. Winter oil or fat, in the summer on the water.

Oils are liquid, but oily texture. Smooth, soften and rejuvenate the skin. They are added to the composition of homemade beauty products and homemade masks. Suitable for young and Mature skin. Not recommended for use in hot weather, pure and simple. Olive, almond, peach oil to remove makeup.

Masks for skin around the eyes

Masks for skin around the eyes is a weapon quick impact. When you need to tighten the skin, remove the swelling of the eyelids, to get rid of wrinkles, dark circles, bags under the eyes, best of Express tools is not found. They come in the form of a gel, fabric masks or creamy condition.

To get rid of signs of fatigue, to relieve swelling you can use the cooling gel mask in the form of points. Before use you need to hold it in the refrigerator and then 30 minutes to put over the eyes. To smooth out wrinkles will help mask cloth impregnated with a special compound, which is applied for 20-30 minutes on the eyes.

At home you can prepare an effective mask of the improvised potatoes, parsley and black tea. Mask of cucumber slices that just need to put on the eye, excellent tones and smoothes the skin.

The area around the eyes is useful to wipe the grapes, cut in half. Grape juice from the skin nourishes and smoothes.

To relieve inflammation and irritation can decoction of Linden and chamomile. A spoonful of dry flowers of chamomile or lime pour boiling water (200ml), to insist 15 minutes. Moisten cotton balls or discs this tool, put them on 20 minutes on the eyes.

The mask from cottage cheese or grated raw potato left in the skin under the eyes for 20-30 minutes, helping to combat dark circles. Wash it with gauze or a cotton pad soaked in fresh tea leaves tea.

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