The services of a makeup artist: how to choose master for your important day?

A makeup artist is not a luxury, and the ability to look stunning on the most important day of your life. Weddings, anniversaries, parties, dinners… For these and many other events, it is customary to invite a specialist in makeup that can efficiently and professionally prepare you for the exit. How to choose the right makeup artist, what criteria to take into account what to pay attention?


The first thing you need to see when choosing a makeup artist are examples of his work. Typically, each master tries to capture on photo makeover, performed by his hands and create a gallery of his professional merit. However, remember that most photos today are processed in graphic editors.


Learn from the master, what cosmetics and materials he uses in the process of creating makeup. Ask him about the manufacturer, quality, durability, hypoallergenic of funds to be applied to the skin. Preferably, it was a professional cosmetic that is used in the preparation of the models to the photography.


Of course, the makeup artist needs to be neat and tidy. Please pay special attention to the hands, as is often the texture mix on the back side of the palms. Brushes and sponges should be clean and thoroughly disinfected, cosmetics are also disinfected with the aid of special tools.


Be sure to ask the makeup artist if he could leave the house or not. Field work more comfortable for the client, but the wizard might be harder to make high-quality makeup at home. This is due to lack of adequate lighting, convenient platform for the cosmetics and brushes, the inability to bring all the materials available.


Where trained makeup artist, what additional courses and seminars attended in any competitions and exhibitions participated – all of this information can help determine the qualifications of the expert, his professional level and the level of proficiency in the art of makeup. Do not hesitate to ask from the master.


You have to spend with the makeup artist an hour or two, at a time when he will deal with the makeup. You need to communicate with someone was easy and pleasant, you should not have the stress and embarrassment since the success of the dialogue with the wizard depends on how correctly he will be able to understand what you want to get in the end.

Text: Valentine Shmidova