The perfect makeup for a festive evening

Holiday make-up ideally will consist of underlined expressive eyes, lips and even facial tone. Well, about the hair, of course, also do not need to forget!

The basis for evening makeup will smooth the complexion, which can be achieved with carefully imposed makeup. The skin must first be well cleaned from dust and dirt and also to remove black spots and uneven.

Thanks to the tonal cream and a layer of powder will disappear dark circles under the eyes and slight imperfections in the form of pimples. After application take a brush, previously dipped it in loose powder. So you can fully align the tone and disguise problem areas.

You can then move on to eye makeup. For this line under the eyebrows and inner eye corners accentuate the mother-of-pearl eye shadow bright colors. Mobile eyelid with this type of makeup can be light brown. Then enjoy coloring the line above the upper lashes, applying dark-gray shadows.

At the edge of the eyelashes carefully draw a thin line with a black pencil. Ink it is desirable to use one that will give the lashes extra volume by wrapping it in several layers. If eyelashes are naturally short, you can use overlay panels, gluing them to the outside corners of the eyes.

When painting lips, you first need to identify their path, taking for this purpose a pencil, the most suitable for the color of your chosen lipstick. Lipstick because it won’t melt, but lips will look tempting. For evening makeup, lipstick can be used with the addition of shimmering particles, which is recommended to be applied using a brush.

Stacking hair is not necessary to forget about the fixing means, which will help the hairstyle to hold out as long as possible. For a few nedosushennye after washing the hair it is necessary to apply a little styling bake, and then to wind the strands on curlers. When hair is curled, is a bit of a backcomb them at the roots, and the rest of the hair gently tuck and fix with hairpins.

To complete the image, take a special spray with glitter designed for festive hairstyles, which should be a good sprinkle styling.