7 simple ideas of nail designs: pictures of examples, tips and tricks. Fashionable manicure with their hands – simple nail design ideas (photos)

Manicured hands with shiny nails that attract men’s attention and causing the admiring sighs from women – isn’t striving for every fashionista?

Stylish and original manicure easily done at home, because today the trends are encouraging because of its brevity.

Just get inspired by the fashionable ideas of nail design photos and create unique images of their hands.

Fashionable manicure 2016. Study the latest trends

Looking closer to the novelties of the spring fashion week in new York, you can find three at first glance, incongruous trend.

First – as close to nature, naturalness. Triumphal procession nadovich shades on the catwalks is not surprising: the trend in natural topical for several years and looks set to lose his popularity is not going to. Natural beauty convenient – even when fashionistas will not be ashamed to be seen with the «makeup» nails?

Pay attention to the trends of futurism. The texture is metallic, bright and graphic, the magnificence of bright colors, – the ability to feel yourself in the fantastic world of the future is well worth it.

And the most heated discussions cause crazy nail design ideas. Photos of nail effect stained the land owner, using a giant decorative elements, denim and even patchwork fur impress even the most sophisticated connoisseurs of outrageous. It may seem that this nail art will remain art, and it is not used in ordinary life, but the growing popularity of the style bubble nails (nails covered with such a thick layer of gel that they resemble soap bubbles), casts doubt on this. Courage modern fashionistas not to take.

Many of these ideas can be harmoniously combined with each other, to adapt them to suit your needs and fit in your way too easy, the main thing – do not be afraid to experiment.

A simple but effective solution: nail design ideas, photos which inspire

If nature has not endowed you with outstanding artistic abilities, do not despair. To do with your hands trendy and stylish nail design, carefully draw complex patterns not necessarily. The same effect can be achieved by using simple techniques that will even a beginner ecomaniac.

Colors – Express nail design ideas: photo

The easiest way to get a bright manicure using different paints. Looks good contrast of colors and textures: reinforcing shades or a combination glossy and matte lacquer with glitter.

Scroll to the manicure, the ring finger, following your mood, or Oriental legend – telling, this technique provides energy to meet new people, lots of fun and romantic adventure. It is interesting to look and contrasting colors on the ring and middle fingers together. The only thing you need to remember – don’t paint all the nails piecemeal and do not do too different nail Polish for different hands. Even an eclectic design must have unity of style, so if you want to use more than three shades of nail Polish, take care of additional unifying elements.

A seductive way to complement a manicure with painting the inner side of the nail. Are louboutins really available to any girl that has red nail Polish. Just use the manicure black or other rich color, and the inside of the nail tip cover red. Will scarlet glare, no less fascinating than the sole of the famous shoes.

Another relevant idea of nail design photos which you can see in the reports from fashion week, as it involves using several shades of one varnish – opalestirutm the glitter in a transparent base.

Color can be very expressive and without contrast neighborhood. This is best exemplified nadovich shades. Pick and choose which trend you prefer: classic glossy, semi-matte or creamy texture.

The many faces of the strips. The nail design ideas, photos and description of correct accents

The strips today have become a real hit of the season. The diversity of ideas of the nail design in the photo with them is striking: minimalist white and black and bright multicolored, cool metallic Shine and shimmer shimmer, the severity of vertical and horizontal lines and fancy motives of complex shape.

Special chic striped manicure acquires in harmony with the style of the jewelry.

An interesting and concise idea of nail design along the center of the nail thin with a black band, slightly departing from the wells. It turns out a playful imitation of the cat’s claws.

To get the perfect line you can use lacquer for nail art or fine cosmetic brush, but it is easiest to take a special foil. The latter may add to the actual nails or the metal layer to serve as a stencil for multicolor manicure.

Neat stripe you can put on polupronicaema lacquer with large rhinestones or glitter. If you can’t buy dry glitter «catch» the most beautiful pieces from a favorite liquid glittery nail Polish.

The classic charm of the French and lunar manicure

The graceful lines still do not lose their relevance, just find a new sound.

Fashion in 2016, lunar and French manicure is color-coded: black, blue, Burgundy, bright neon and unobtrusive pastel tones. In the course of and luxurious Shine of gold and silver in the form of a thin foil or lacquer textured «metallic», a popular and bright glitter.

It is impossible to ignore one of the main trends of French and lunar manicure – a departure from the flowing natural curves to graphic quality and asymmetry. Curved stripes turn into islomania lines, zigzags or triangles with a vertex in the corner of the nail.

The development of the ideas of nail design in this direction has led to the emergence of a manicure with frame. Adding contrasting lines on the sides of the nails emphasizes the elegance of their form.

To quickly and accurately perform manicure complex shapes, use stencils. In the absence of the factory fit homemade stencils cut from ordinary duct tape. A few times stick it to the skin of the hand to reduce the stickiness, and use only over a well dried coats of varnish.

Interesting and delicate contemporary version of the French game with textures. For a sophisticated mix of Matt and gloss need to be applied on the tip is painted matte lacquer nail strip simple top.

Gentle color transitions and technique «Ombre» nail

Time pastel! This merit belongs to the company Pantone, filled the ten main colors, 2016 mainly gentle tones. Rose quartz, peach echo, dirty lilac, diluted coffee and the fading hue of the sky called «serenity» today, at the height of fashion. They fit perfectly in a romantic or casual look as pure and smooth transitions «Ombre». Latest tech, owes the name «big brother» from the world of hairdressing art, reminiscent of the effect pleasant, but can be done and conventional products. To implement this idea of nail design photos which you can see below, use two colored lacquer, or a combination of black or white. Carefully to ensure smooth transition at home you can use household foam sponge.

Pastel shades can be the perfect backdrop for a manicure with polka dots. This idea of nail design will you prefer when you can’t choose what varnish to use. Perky peas look good and coloured, the main thing – to follow the harmonious combination of colors.

Endless source of ideas of nail design. «Photography» in manicure

When you use negative techniques manicure some parts of the nails remain unpainted. The transition from natural color to the color of the lacquer reminiscent of the film, for the reception and got such a name. Ideas nail design in this technique it is possible to come up with a lot: use stripes, French or moon manicure, geometric patterns or delicate curls.

The key thing to remember is if you show at least a piece of the nail in its original form, its status should seek to perfect so do not neglect the care of hands. This applies not only to negative technology, but many options Nyda.

Abstract in manicure

To feel the artist is very simple. Deliberate negligence manicure using a dry brush gives a lot of abstract ideas of nail design. Photo with bright vivid strokes occur in two variations: white patterns on the physical background and contrasting colors.

In order to have got worse, several times brush from the jar of varnish over the paper and then apply the pattern. It is possible to allocate for these purposes and a separate brush preferably with synthetic bristles.

Original nail design ideas: photo

Another hit of the season – glass nail Polish. This idea of nail design, photo of avalanche flooded the social network (see for yourself by entering the search tag #glassnails), mimics the iridescent shimmering shards of glass. The technique is reminiscent of the wings of insects or the colorful mosaic of stained glass.

To perform a similar manicure at home for lack of a special brand of film can, stick to the varnished nail trimming regular foil.