Complexes of exercises for weight loss lyashek. What exercise for weight loss lyashek effective: remove the inner and outer thigh

One of the most problematic areas of women’s body are thighs.

This word in the vernacular mean the hips, covering their inner sides and also buttocks.

Droopy ears, excess fat – it all annoying and engenders complexes.

In pursuit of the perfect booty girls are ready for everything, so exercise for weight loss lyashek topical subject.

The effectiveness of specific exercises for weight loss lyashek

Any exercise contribute to weight loss. But hips in women is the most problematic part of the body, because they lose weight longer. Therefore, if the goal is losing weight in LASEK, you need to pick specific exercises that uses specific muscle groups.

Do not forget that during the execution of the following complexes will not only lose weight thighs, and belly, hands, and chest.

Stretching exercises

Any exercise should begin with warm-up exercises that will help to warm up the right muscles and prepare them for further studies. Warm-up time is 10-15 minutes. Here is a sample exercise for her.

1. Stand upright. Alternately lift your legs, hands pressed against the knee to the chest.

2. Inclinations in the parties; in this case, the belt is either slipping on the thigh.

3. Sitting on the floor, stretch the legs. Drawn forward, trying to get the fingers to the toes.

4. Lying on your back, you will pedal an imaginary bike forward and backward.

5. Lying on your back, do the exercise «scissors». Legs raised straight up and alternately start them one after another.

Exercise for weight loss lyashek on the inner side

To begin, consider and try to perform the most effective exercises for weight loss lyashek on the inner side (see photo). They are all simple and accessible to all, regardless of shape and fitness.

1. Attacks. In turns each foot from a standing position. Arms freely hanging along the body or put on the belt.

2. The half squat. Legs set wide apart, pointing to the side, hands on waist. Crouch is not the end, feeling the tension in the buttocks and on the inner side lyashek.

3. The leg lifts from a prone position. One hand holding her head, the second on the belt. Feet are on floor and slightly bent. Raise the right leg up. Then go to the other side and repeat.

4. Press plus feet. This exercise for weight loss lyashek at home will help at the same time to pump up the press. Performed lying on your back, knees bent, feet on the floor. Raise your upper body.

5. A wonderful exercise that requires endurance. In contrast to all the others, it runs as long as the thighs do not start to be felt. You need to stand in the knee-elbow position and alternately raise the arm bent at a right angle to the leg.

6. Is performed lying down. Hands behind head, legs bent, feet on the floor. Tear off the buttocks from the floor so as to press the knees to the chest.

7. Strap side. For exercise requires strength in the hands. You need to lay down sideways, leaning into the floor with one foot and one hand (as in Fig.7). Stand as long as possible.

Each exercise is done at least 15 times. If you have the strength and time, you can run 20-25 approaches. Any sequence, tempo, too.

Effective exercises for weight loss lyashek with external parties

Proceed to the second set of exercises which will help to remove the breeches or «ears» on the outer side of the thigh.

1. Stand with your feet together. Bend down with straight knees and try to get to the floor. Linger at the bottom and «hang». Movement is not sharp, but smooth.

2. Adopt the pose of the cat, as in figure 2. Vygeboom back, then, on the contrary, Flex it. Repeat a few times. In the end to lie down and skomponovat (for the rest of the spine).

3. Lie on stomach, legs and hands pulling. Raise feet off the ground to feel the tension in the hips.

4. Laying on my back. Pull one leg, hold for 5 seconds. Then another.

5. Remains in the same position, but the foot put to the floor. Raise hips up and hold for as possible.

6. The same exercise, but adding the exercise ball. If there is no ball, you can use a chair or sofa.

Butt exercises

Only one weight loss will not be enough. Buttocks, for example, you still have to pump up that butt became firm and took a natural rounded shape. The figure describes the number of times you should perform each exercise. If not, less.

1. Squats with stretch arms forward. Feet shoulder width apart. Without any sudden movements.

2. Keep hands behind the chair. Leave one leg out to the side and back. Same with the other leg.

3. Squats with legs wide apart. Hands on his belt.

4. The bends with dumbbells (you can pour in a bottle of water). Knees do not bend.

5. Attacks. Hands on his belt.

6. Incorrect swallow. Standing on one leg, bend down so that the body was parallel to the floor. One arm pressed against the body, the other looking at the floor.

Common exercise for weight loss lyashek

In addition to these three complexes can also be performed with other more efficient exercises for weight loss lyashek.

Jumping rope

It’s surprisingly simple but very useful apparatus that gives a great cardio and strengthens the thighs. If you do at least 100 jumps a day, a month later, you notice that Lyashko noticeably thinner.

Jump on two legs and on one. You can cross legs, or for one bounce pass through the legs the rope twice. In General, remember your childhood and have fun.


In this exercise, important sharpness. Need, standing on one foot, make sharp blows forward, sideways and backward free leg. You can imagine the enemy and beat him. Another option: kick the punching bag, but it is important not to damage the joints or the back.

Due to the sharpness of motions, strengthen muscles of the hips and thighs become thinner. In addition, these exercises allow you to emotionally unload after a hard day.

Static squats

One of the most effective exercises for weight loss lyashek. The squat is performed slowly with legs wide apart. In the middle you must freeze and stand in a half squat as long as possible.

If too hard, you can do this exercise, gliding back and hands on the wall. It will be useful to pick up dumbbells to weight.

Leg swings backward and sideways

We have already accomplished, but in the knee-elbow position. Here you need to stand facing the wall, leaning into her hands. Waving one leg back, then sideways, back and sideways. Then the other leg.

Similarly, you can get up to the wall back and swing your feet forward. It is no less effective for weight loss lyashek.

Walking with the ball

Need any soft ball (volleyball or just a baby). It pinched between Lyashko and go through the apartment a few minutes. You will feel tense all the muscles. You can also jump with sandwiched between the legs of the ball.

Leg lifts

Lie on your back on a hard surface (floor podseleniem Mat). Hands along the body, legs extended. Raise your legs together with buttocks up, slightly placing them in the air in hand, return back and drop to the floor.

Aerobics American

You may remember old record with girls who are fervently engaged in rhythmic music. This exercise also reminds one of those that were executed by the American fizkulturnyj. You need to lie on the floor on his side, propping one hand on his head. Second hand ubiraem to the floor and keep the balance. The bottom leg is slightly bent and the upper direct raising and lowering. Changing the position and doing the same with the other leg.

All of these exercises are also performed for 15-20 approaches.

Clothing and shoes for classes

Complexes of exercises for weight loss lyashek at home should be performed in comfortable clothes. This is important not only for personal comfort but also for safety.

Doing barefoot, there is a risk to pull the ankle or causing harm to the spine, because the stop will not be depreciation, and the whole burden will fall on the back. So dress up for your workout properly:

• sneakers (put on cotton socks);

• leggings, Cycling shorts or shorts (pants should not deal with);

• top or t-shirt.

The principles of exercise for weight loss lyashek

So the effect of exercise was maximal, it is necessary to adhere to simple principles and recommendations.

1. Include rhythmic music. This will help to tune in. The rhythm of the music will set the pace of the exercises, and practice will be more fun.

2. No stress. Before exercise for weight loss lyashek at home to relax and forget about all the problems. Aim at the score and think only about how beautiful will our thighs after a few weeks of training.

3. Observe the regularity. You need to make a schedule and stick to it. It can be 5/2, a day, or some other principle. If you do according to schedule, the body will get accustomed to the periodic stress and tone.

4. Snack 1.5 hours before class. Eat not need. This can be a banana or yogurt with granola. Do not forget that our goal is the slender thighs, so all the fat and flour from the diet exclude.

5. During class is not recommended to drink. Be patient and drink after the workout.

Regular exercise for weight loss lyashek at home will soon help you to achieve your dreams and get slim and beautiful legs. Cellulite leave, the priest will become elastic and inflated. Each time you can do not on 15 and not 20, but 30 and 40 approaches, because the body will be more trained.