The mask of puffiness under the eyes: accelerates the lymph and refreshed look. Recipes masks from swelling under eyes with herbs, fruits, vegetables, coffee

If the morning reflection in the mirror scares, eyes turned into slits and lower eyelids burden «bags», you need to solve the problem quickly and efficiently. Will help mask the puffiness under the eyes. What to do and how to apply, we will understand together.

Causes of swelling under the eyes

Swelling under the eyes in a healthy person are due to violations of the drinking and diet. After 6 PM the amount of fluid you need to restrict, and at night try to drink nothing. Provokes the appearance of puffiness salty food. Salt retains water and results in swelling.

Other causes of morning puffiness:

• alcohol (dehydrates and slows the flow of blood and lymph);

• lack of sleep;

• prolonged crying the night before.

A dangerous symptom is the constant morning puffiness. It shows about the problems in health. It can be kidney disease, heart, blood vessels, or an allergic reaction. Swelling occurs in pregnant women and should be sure to tell the gynecologist.

Rules of using masks from swelling under the eyes

Swelling under the eyes is not as harmless for healthy skin, as it seems. This is not just a cosmetic defect, which can be eliminated and live in peace. If swelling persists, the skin suffers from an increased load. When water accumulates under the eyelid – the skin is stretched when the swelling goes away, returns to the normal condition. As a result of continuous stretching there are wrinkles, she looks older.

Masks from swelling under the eyes effective, but require compliance with a few mandatory rules.

• Apply carefully so as not to injure the delicate skin of the eyelids. Do not RUB the eyes when washing.

• Not to tolerate discomfort if there is itching or burning sensation, immediately rinse the mask. Better to do an Allergy test using the first time. Apply a drop on the inside of the wrist or elbow and wait 15 minutes.

• Do not use for making masks under the eyes oil. They will increase swelling. Consistency funds should be easy.

• To creamy the tool does not hit the cornea of the eye using eyelash, make the patches and the lining from cotton pads or gauze.

Homemade masks from swelling under the eyes not only relieve from the problem of swollen eyelids, but also care for delicate skin, nourish, moisturize, tone.

An Express mask from swelling under the eyes


Frozen herb ice – the best way to stimulate lymph flow and relieve swelling. The problem is that in the morning, the medication must be in the ice tray. But fast effect and give a warm, just cooked the broth.

Components (take a teaspoon of each herb):

• chamomile;

• cornflower (flowers);

• lime color;

• green tea;

• Cup of boiling water;

• two mint leaves.

Prepare a water bath. Herbs fold in a saucepan, cover with boiling water. Warm the broth over boiling water for fifteen minutes and remove from heat. Cooled broth strain. Richly soaked in the healing fluid on a cotton pad, apply on the eyelids. Lie down with your eyes closed for ten minutes. After the procedure the swelling goes down.

Remaining broth, pour into molds and freeze. Even if no swelling, use ice for the morning protyani skin. Tones, refreshes, prevents the formation of wrinkles.

There is another herbal composition, which is also perfectly removes puffiness. In equal proportions mix the sage, chamomile and succession. Brew, make a mask, the remnants of the freeze.

Recipes masks from swelling under the eyes

Don’t have to brew herbs to remove puffiness under the eyes. In the house there are products that will cope with the task not worse.

Lifting the mask from a potato

Fresh potato juice has amazing properties. It instantly relieves the pain from burns, whitens, removes puffiness. RUB or preroute blender medium potato. Fold two pieces of gauze in two layers. Put a spoonful of mashed potatoes into the prepared patches to apply on the eyes.

Filled with potato bags and will refresh, cool and relieve swelling. In addition, tuck the skin as a means of lifting.

Refreshing mask with parsley

Parsley juice is known whitening effect. This mask is from the swelling under the eyes is good to use to lighten the skin of the lower eyelids.


• large bunch fresh leaf parsley;

• tablespoon of sour cream.

Chop the parsley with a knife, then turn into mush. You can pound the herbs in a mortar or blender. Press the juice through a piece of gauze or cloth. Mix the juice and cream. A thick layer put the weight under the eyes. Top off with a cotton pad. Keep the mask 15 minutes, then gently rinse with unsweetened black or green tea. The remnants of the mask can be stored 2 days, shifting in a glass jar in the refrigerator.

Protivootecna rejuvenating with birch buds

Wonderful complex mask will remove puffiness under the eyes, smooth out wrinkles, whiten dark circles. Regularly applying this cream, the swelling under the eyes, it is possible for many years to preserve the youthfulness of the face.


• one hundred grams of birch buds;

• raw potato;

• partial glass of warm water.

Birch buds pour into a glass dish. Pour warm boiled water, leave for a day. Strain. Grate the potato, pour in her birch infusion so as to obtain a thick mass. Apply on the eyelids, top-to-apply cotton pads. After twenty minutes, rinse with plain water. Apply on skin light moisturizer, not to have the feeling of tightness.

Toning mask with Apple

Swelling of the eyelids takes a good fruit juice. If you do not have any healing herbs or parsley, save sour-sweet Apple. Slice it thin slices. Attach the slices to the area underneath the lower eyelids, and lie down. Fifteen minutes later, the swelling will be less.

Firming protein mask with sea salt

Well pulls water sea salt. If not, replace the usual food, but the effect will be less. This mask not only reduces swelling, but also tightens the skin.


• raw egg white;

• ¼ Teaspoon of sea salt.

Separate the protein from the egg, beat to a froth. Add salt and blend again. With a brush or cotton pad, apply the mask from swelling under the eyes, allow to dry. Rinse with warm green tea. When the skin is dry, apply the usual light cream.

Protivootecna brightening mask with cucumber and lemon

Easy cucumber and sour lemon juice has anti-edema effect. Mask based on them is not only get rid of swelling, but removes dark circles under the eyes.


• small cucumber;

• quartered lemon.

Cucumber RUB on a small grater or chop in a blender. Fold the mass in gauze and squeeze juice. Squeeze the juice from the lemon. Connect both liquid, soak the patches of cotton pads and apply to the swelling. Be careful that the juice didn’t get on mucous membranes and cornea. Fifteen minutes later, the swelling will completely disappear, the face will look fresh and rested.

The mask of puffiness and wrinkles with cocoa and strawberries

A useful mask from swelling under the eyes can make multi-component, additionally to solve other cosmetic problem. For example, nourish skin, to strengthen it, smooth out the wrinkles.


• teaspoon of cocoa powder without sugar;

• large strawberry;

• half a teaspoon of natural ground coffee;

• half a teaspoon of potato starch.

Mash strawberries to a puree. Mix the components. Dissolve the mass in chilled boiled water to make a binding mass. Apply it under the eyes. To better smooth out facial wrinkles, close your eyes and relax for half an hour face. rinse off the mask, wipe the skin under the eyes strong tea.

Protivootecna with coffee and yogurt

Easy, pleasant mask from swelling under the eyes will enhance the eyes, open eyes.


• a tablespoon of natural yogurt;

• teaspoon of the ground coffee.

Mix the yogurt with coffee. Thickly apply a lot under the eye, cover with gauze patches. Rinse after ten minutes with warm water. Rinse the facial skin with mineral water.

Buckwheat mask from swelling under the eyes

Make a bag made of natural fabrics. Pour in the buckwheat. Immerse for five minutes in boiling water. Remove, wring out and allow to cool. Apply the warm bag to the lower eyelids for fifteen minutes to quickly remove swelling.