Lunar calendar haircuts on June 2014

It is difficult to calculate and even to imagine the number of hair passes through the hands of a Barber for even one month. It is proved that each person on the head may grow from 90,000 to 150,000 hairs. Really, work with what is. But the real «masters» of hair I know a lot of secrets that help them perform haircut and style hairstyle special way.

And you know what you have hair:

• Per day increase by approximately 0,350-0.35 mm, only 12 cm per year;

• 10 percent of the hairs fall out all the time, and 90 are our core of hair;

• in the summer and in the dream the hair grow faster and also at a youthful age;

• one of the hair bulb throughout life, able to grow 20-30 of the hair;

• the hair does not fall out during washing, try to keep the temperature of water is 33-35 degrees;

• hormonal disruptions provoked by food additives, and polluted air will cause hair thinning in 70% of men and women in General;

• women’s hair is a few millimeters deeper hiding in the skin;

• The moon affects hair growth by the growing moon and hair grow faster, waning moon slows the growth of hair.

That’s about the last interesting fact we’ll talk in more detail. Indeed, it is, and to determine in June 2014, the periods of growth and decrease of the satellite, let’s note the main points – the full moon on 13 June, the new moon on June 27. And because the month starts on the ascending moon, and the whole first half will be very favorable to manipulation of the hair. The beginning of the month controls the constellation Virgo. And that’s just fine – right now you can tidy up your hair for summer. The new moon will take place under the constellation of Cancers.

The lunar calendar haircuts 2014 — hair coloring

With hair you can do a lot of interesting action to radically change MT hair style, color, etc. If you want to impress others, try to their surprise was mingled with joy. June 2014 – a wonderful time, primarily because almost the entire month you can safely dye your hair. Start right at the beginning of the month, also for three days under the constellation of Taurus quite this feature. It’s time to build the experiments – the paint will wash off quickly, but you will be able to assess the selected tone and the next paint correction.

Love changes? Commendable! But hair coloring is a delicate matter, one awkward move can spoil your mood for the next few weeks, but because stylists warn – do not cut straight from the shoulder! Especially when it comes to lighten hair a few shades. Do it gradually, relying on your full treatment a few months. Between sessions should be enough time to allow the hair to recover. Because ammonia is difficult to return the hair gloss and perfect smoothness.

Quote on the subject: «Coloring hair — like cooking a Turkey: the faster you roast, the drier it is.» So, proceed slowly, allow to act medical masks at full power.

Remember that no paint can not hide the dry ends of your hair, and therefore it is better to shear them, but only after the procedure. Haircut in advance is performed only in the case if you plan to apply a few shades. Perfectly emphasizes the play of color of the feathering. Before painting a while you need to look after the hair to become perfectly saturated with moisture and alive.

The lunar calendar haircuts June 2014 hair

Modern chemistry along with the lunar calendar can work wonders. The moon will help you choose the right period and chemical science uses disulfide bonds, collapsing under the action of a hair special substances. Hair taking any position, using the locking mechanism it is fixed and «Voila!» — instead of a straight head of hair we have adorable curls.

And that we care about the fact that the inventor permed during the experiments on the hair of his wife twice burned her hair down? But today we can all use his invention. That’s just a little predosteregaet in June – in the middle of a Perm would be too strong and therefore elect either gentle carving, or go to the hairdresser in the first part of the month or in the last few days. The remaining days of twist the hair in curlers – easy and simple, but short-term way to enjoy your curls.

Lunar calendar of hairstyles June 2014 — favorable days for cutting hair

World’s catwalks presented a new collection, and everywhere there reigns retro. This means that it’s time for a short haircut, just such as was worn by our mothers and grandmothers in the not so distant 60-ies. Graphic prints and silhouettes in clothes entailed graphic and hairstyles, for example short solid haircut with bangs to mid-forehead or a direct and clear Bob caret. The volume has not been canceled. Thick and curly hair are perfect for short haircuts, but straight and frizzy with the modern means of hair care products would be a suitable material for almost all compositions on the head.

Lacquer-spray will fix the haircut, but its shape is somewhat affected by that what is hair. The June lunar calendar recommends that the signs Virgo, Leo, Taurus, Cancer as the most favorable time. Start with second day of June, take a break from 12 to 16, and again in the battle. Until 20 June you will enjoy a wonderful period for going to the hairdresser. Under the signs of Aries and Gemini hair will grow a little slower, but feel this will be great.

The lunar calendar haircuts June 2014 — unfavourable days for hair growth.

The June new moon June 27 passes under the constellation Gemini, and therefore do not plan a trip to the hair salon and on the 26th, and the full moon 13. Schedule these days his business, dream, plan, but don’t do anything major movements. It is possible to treat hair to reassure them, to cherish with masks and opolaskivanie herbs.

Lunar calendar of hairstyles on June 2014 – conclusion

Having long-awaited summer freedom we have right to use it, that is, using the advice of the lunar horoscope, to collect the «cream» and become a dazzling beauty. Indeed, the lunar calendar helps to choose the right run time, the most stunning hairstyle to do the right steps for the future. Oh, and pay attention to the shape retention of the hairstyle. Of course, the Moon will do the trick, but push aside the knowledge of the styling is still not worth it.

The most interesting thing about styling hair

Start with serum and spray. Light and weightless structure of these drugs helps to give hair volume and natural splendor, in contrast to the «wooden» nail Polish. Whey powder is used for thin and prone to dryness hair, especially bleached or permanently dyed. Varnish can also be used for soft and thin hair, but do not place the spray can too close, to avoid «casting». Let a hair will be naturally, this canister need not be closer than 30 cm.

As for styling gels – they are designed more for wet curly hair, but if you just need to put a certain area – take a little bit of gel, RUB on your fingers and dry your hair using round brush with many soft bristles. Unruly hair is easy to style with mousse or foam. Apply them should be dried, barely damp hair after washing, so it does not slid to the end of the hairs.

Comb this is done more evenly. Dry your hair with better hair dryer, but de do the air is too hot, otherwise you will get the effect of dirty hair.

The radical styling is a wax, it is used to simulate strands of hair, mostly very selectively, on separate curls. The basic rule is to dry not to touch this area.

Be charming with the Lunar horoscope hairstyles!

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