The lunar calendar haircuts for February 2018: favorable and unfavorable days for cutting, Curling and dyeing hair

The February moon is subject to the same cosmic laws, and therefore we better compare their lives with the eternal clock. The shortest month is important in hair care is no less than any other. Curls are beautiful, and the color and the curl is good, if perform the appropriate procedures according to the lunar calendar.

The main events of the month:

• fattening the disc of the moon observed from the seventeenth to the twenty-eighth of February;

• the emergence of the Crescent moon happy sixteenth;

• decreasing the lunar disk visible from the first to the fifteenth of February.

The full moon in Feb, so on the magical day when the manipulation of the hair, everything is permitted, hope not. Nevertheless, it is important to look at the favorable and unfavorable days for cutting, perming and colouring curls.

The lunar calendar haircuts for February 2018 Perm hair

Thanks to the salon Perm, you can dramatically change the image. However, chemicals are aggressive and therefore can damage the hair. To avoid this, it is best to choose auspicious days, when the dyes are not so much destroy the structure of the hair shaft. Lunar calendar will tell you how to avoid dull looking, brittle, lifeless curls.

Most favorable for «Khimki» phase of the moon-beauty through the house of Virgo. Bold plan salon Perm at the beginning of the month – 2nd and 3rd of February. These days the hair is almost not affected by chemicals, remain in force Shine.

Mixed results promises a Perm for the days when the moon stays in a zodiac Lion. The fact that Lev enhances the natural waviness of the hair. So for owners of unruly curls «Khimki» may be too strong. Fearlessly trust the master of the «lion» period of the first, twenty-seventh and twenty-eighth of February can only girls with thick, coarse hair.

Water zodiac signs increase the potential damage from perms. It is not necessary to appoint a radical change of image these days:

• sixth through eighth February (Scorpio);

• fourteenth, the fifteenth of February (Aquarius);

• from the sixteenth to the eighteenth of February (Pisces);

• twenty-fifth twenty-sixth of February (Cancer).

Natural keratin protection these days is weakened, therefore, the harm from the procedure maximum. Hair will have a long time to heal.

The lunar calendar haircuts for February 2018 – hair coloring

Hair coloring is also quite aggressive procedure. It is safest to carry it in the cabin. Then the color will turn out as expected, and the hair will not suffer so much as from non-professional coloring tools. The easiest way for those who use natural henna or Basma constantly: they have stripes, as a rule, healthy, strong.

The dyes will harm the strands is less than in the growth period of the moon. In February, the entire second half of the month, from 17 th to 28 th. For 12 days you can easily plan a color change or touch up. And yet the 13th lunar day, which falls on this auspicious period (27 February) may be a negative effect on the result. Be careful with this day, show staining in the extreme case, otherwise the color may disappoint.

Lunar calendar you can use to improve your life, if you paint hair in accordance with the recommendations of the astrologers. You can get these results from the procedure:

• 3rd: there will be new opportunities;

• 7-e: improve the financial position;

• 8-e, 12-e: cheer up;

• 17-e: improve relationships with others;

• 18-e: natural colors will enhance the credibility at work, ensure financial stability;

• 26-e 27-e: guarantees business success.

Dyeing don’t spend 5, 10, 14 February (will spoil relations with others), February 15 (color will not the same), 20, February 22 (provoke a quarrel), February 28 (worsen health).

Tip: you can pre-prepare for dyeing, to reduce the risk of damage and rapid washout of the dye. Need three days before the scheduled procedure to make the procedure hair. This will suit a professional mask applied to the curls.

The lunar calendar haircuts for February 2018 – favorable days for haircuts

A lunar-stellar calendar guarantees the enjoyment of the haircuts made during the period of alignment of the disc with the houses of the virgin (February is the second and third number), Taurus (21st and 22nd), Gemini (23rd and 24th), Capricorn (eleventh and twelfth). The result will be exactly the one wanted, and the hair remain strong, shiny or, on the contrary, full of health through the procedure.

In addition, it is important to consider and astrological recommendations for days of the month. Favorable haircut on the following days:

• 6-e: strengthen health;

• 14-e: give well-being;

• 19-e: strengthen financial position;

• 22-e 26-e: lengthen life.

Tip: if you need to quickly restore the weakened, thinning hair, trim them while you power on the sky of the zodiac of the Lion. In February-2018 three days: 1, 27, 28 number. Additionally, use within two months burdock oil, applying it as a mask for 3-4 hours two or three days.

The lunar calendar haircuts for February 2018 unfavorable days for cutting

Cutting hair affects their appearance, if the procedure was not in time. Unfavorable is the presence of the moon in the houses of Scorpio (6-8 February), Aquarius (14-15 February), Aries (19-20 February), Archer (February 9-10). Or master something does not work, or the hair will start to behave not the best way: to spoil, to break, to split, quickly dirty.

In addition, mowing can cause troubles on the following days:

• 1st, 15th, 20th: will attract failure;

• 3rd, 9th, 23rd, 24th, 25th: worsen the feeling, can cause disease;

• 4-e 10-e: will cause health problems;

• 11-e: provoke depression;

• 13-s: shortened life;

• 18-e: frustrate the plans.

Tip: with Feb begin taking multivitamin preparations marked «beauty». This will help you to prepare for the summer season: to make your hair shiny, thick, to protect from aggressive solar ultraviolet radiation.

During February it is important to choose the right day to visit the hair salon. Do not refuse health treatments during the period of «weight loss» of the lunar disk. Even the waning moon, you can choose the days when a visit to the beauty salon will leave a good impression.