The ice for the face at home. How to make and apply beauty ice for face.

Girls who want to perpetuate the beauty, sometimes thinking about the freezing of his body. Hollywood stars with cold prolong youth. We constantly hear about the rejuvenating qualities of procedures, built on the overcooling of the outer layer of the skin.

Everyone seems obsessed with and assert that cryotherapy, cryomassage necessary human, because they make it healthier, more beautiful, younger. That’s just to pay for expensive physiotherapy not all can or want. What do these poor or economical people to have unhealthy and aged skin? People who want to heal, rejuvenate, cleanse, moisturize the skin, can create beauty ice for face, neck and décolleté.

What is the use of ice for the face

During impacts of ice on the skin narrows the blood vessels and when taking away they are expanding. Thus, the beauty of ice enhances blood circulation that is immediately displayed on the appearance of the skin. She becomes a beautiful, fresh color. Ice for the face of a positive impact on the skin tone, cleans it, reduces flaking, normalizes the sebaceous glands leads to pores. Skin after using the ice gets healthy, uniform color.

Regular use of ice for the face makes the skin elastic, toned. Cosmetic ice produces superior anti-aging effect. It smooths fine lines near the lips, eyes. The ice for the face is a wonderful tonic.

How to cook beauty ice for face

To prepare the ice for the face from one of water. Even in this case, it works fine. At least, frozen water will have to skin all the actions mentioned above. You can also prepare ice of the other ingredients. They should be selected based on the type of skin. For example, if you want to cook cleansing, imbues the skin with vitamins ice for the face, you make it from fruit juices. For oily skin you will need the juice of a sour fruit, dry – sweet.

Not only to rejuvenate, purify, but also to lighten the skin try to make ice from mineral water and lemon juice. To lighten your skin and beauty with ice from the broth of parsley. To soothe irritated skin, preparing the ice from decoctions of herbs. Perfectly tones the face, removes dark circles and bags under eyes tea ice. Quite popular ice out of the congee. It is used to lighten dark spots.

As we understand, prepare the ice can be from many different components. Optional to use only juice greens, fruit, berries in ice are often part of these components in paste condition. Often to restore the beauty of using ice cream with pieces of frozen fruit or whole berries.

Prepare the ice incredibly easily. Pure or diluted auxiliary fluids, kasha water or a decoction of medicinal herbs is poured on the cells of ice cube trays and put in the fridge. After the magic water in the mold will turn into ice for the face, you can begin the healing and rejuvenation of the skin.

for the preparation of cosmetic ice water, circulating us through the pipes, does not fit. You should use mineral water (better without gas).

Comprehensive care of any skin with ice

We have already mentioned that there are many recipes for homemade cosmetic ice for different purposes and skin types. But many women do not pursue particular goals using the ice. Because not everyone needs to lighten pigment spots, clean up a rash, etc. If you need only basic care (cleansing and moisturizing facial that refreshes the skin around the eyelids), we will show you how to do it step by step. We need to make three completely different part of the cool cosmetic product.

Cranberry ice

Let’s start from a refreshing, cleansing the skin, narrowing the pores of the ice. It’s made with cranberry juice. We will need about 100 ml of juice. It should be diluted with water in ratio 1:1. After that, the mineral cranberry liquid to pour a tablespoon of aloe juice. If you don’t know where to get the aloe, will buy it at the pharmacy extract. Mix the ingredients. The prepared composition is ready for freezing.

This ice you will use first. After five to eight minutes, face should be wiped with the other cube – moisturizing.

Phony miracle

So, the facial skin is cleaned. Now you need to moisturize it. Women used to do it by applying a fatty cream. But it is better to leave the cream in the past. Moisturize, nourish the skin, you can use the fake ice. The first step is to prepare a decoction. You will need a tablespoon of lime blossom and a Cup of boiling water. Pour the lime boiling water, let it brew broth and strain it.

100 ml lime broth you need to add a spoonful of sea buckthorn oil. Also for making the moisturizing cosmetic ice needed another component – the oil of myrrh. It will be enough only three or four drops of this oil.

Using the beauty of ice and buckthorn oils, you will feel that your skin was soft, velvety, moist. Oil in an amount not overload the skin, but only to create the finest nourishing, moisturizing layer. This ice can be wiped not only the face or neck, but also hands. Fake ice for the face oils great alternative to expensive moisturizing cream. In addition, thanks to the myrrh oil, your skin will not only look adorable but also extremely pleasant smell.

Tea and ice milk for eyelids

Looking at the front of the mirror the skin around the eyelids, women often start to get frustrated. These disappointments cause dark circles under eyes, puffiness, wrinkles. For toning the skin around the eyes and remove bags, dark spots will suit the ice for the face green tea (one tsp per 150 ml water) and milk. Let’s learn how to cook this type of ice to be used in complex care for the skin.

For making this wonderful rejuvenating and refreshing the skin around the age of ice will need to mix equal amount of milk and tea. So how long to keep milk cosmetic ice it is impossible to mix large portions is not necessary. It is enough to take each of the components of 100 ml. they should add about five drops of fresh olive oil. To treat this cosmetic ice the skin around the eyes can by moving along the eight.

to wipe a face of cosmetic ice should be on the massage lines, sliding circular movements, not lingering long at any of the sites.

For the procedure you will require all three types of cosmetic ice. Refresh, rejuvenate, moisturize the face and thus times a day. It is better to do for the night. A course of five treatments. When you need to take a break for three days. Only courses with a break of a few days should not be less than three. After make a longer break of two weeks to a month.

Tonic beauty ice for face

Minty-lime ice for the face is considered supercontinuum means. It is especially good for people with oily skin. Such ice is also great tightens, refreshes and improves the complexion. It is prepared much the same as a Mojito.

For the preparation of tonic beauty of ice you will need 100 grams of mint and one lime. Rastalkivaya mint leaves in a mortar. They added the juice of one lime and a little spoon of white wine or rum. All this is filled with sparkling mineral water. Soda will need not more than 100 ml. Conduct refreshing treatments frozen ice Mojito you need every morning.

The ice for the face from skin aging

To give freshness withered skin, use vitamin beauty ice for face. In 100 ml of water add five tablespoons of watermelon juice, three grapefruit. You will also need about three tea spoons of prune juice and ½ tsp black currant. The last component – the aloe Vera juice (a tablespoon).

Wipe this vitamin ice withered skin twice a day. Once thawed fruit water dries on the skin, you need to wash the face with mineral water.

The ice for the face from rashes

Usually to combat a different kind of rash apply ice for the face made from decoction of medicinal herbs. You can use any well-known herb that has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action. Most often, rashes on the face and irritation of the skin prepare a decoction of chamomile pharmacy. But you can rely on other herbs. For example, for making ice from rashes you can use a decoction of celandine.

To prepare the broth you will need a tablespoon of celandine and 400 ml of water. Dried celandine, pour boiling water. Liquid bring to the boil. Insist broth for about an hour, then strain it through a fine strainer and freeze.

Many girls prepare a broth for cosmetic ice from a set of herbs. But to do so only when you know that none of the plants will not cause any allergic reactions.

cosmetic ice is not suitable for people with colds and rosacea.