The front sight is the ideal way to complete the look

Flies on the face in Vogue in the days of the popularity of the French kings, and originally was a small piece of black taffeta, pasted on the selected location. Today, this small detail of the exterior has not lost its popularity. There are several ways to decorate artificial mole, emphasizing their individuality or to give her some intriguing savory component.

A bit of history

Flies (from the French. mouche – fly) appeared thanks to the ingenuity of the British Duchess of Newcastle, which, sticking to the face small pieces of black taffeta concealing the flaws of their appearance. Gradually, this accessory has gained extraordinary popularity. Many women, coming into the light without flies and felt almost naked. Gradually formed a «language flies»: depending on where on the face it was located, its owner was trying to signal something to her. For example, fly-half moon is an invitation to date night, round front sight, placed between the temple and the eye was called «Holy special».

Today, many well-known personalities have on face natural mole. There is information about that in the beginning of their careers of models Cindy Crawford several times offered to bring the fly face. She decided to abandon the operation, resulting in a charming nevus in the area of her lips became a calling card of the star model. Besides her, there are other celebrities whose faces adorn the fly. What if nature has not given such a feature since birth?

The easiest way of solving this issue: paint a mole on the face using a cosmetic pencil. Preferably, the cosmetic product was with a soft pencil. And the location of the fly and its color depends on what effect wants to achieve woman. To fly look natural, it is recommended to lightly powder.

The only disadvantage of this mole is its fragility. But it can be used for one night to make a spicy accent to the created image. To fly remained a longer time, it is convenient to use the services of permanent makeup. The birthmark is caused by special means, is not removed with water. Specialist tattooing is obliged to conduct the procedure in accordance with the regulations, observing safety precautions. In addition, he can suggest where to place the fly. With this piece, you should not worry about his condition. A mole will look like a real, drawing the eyes of others.

The procedure of permanent make-up is simple and takes relatively little time. Master tattooing specify size, color and location of future moles. This is followed by processing of the required area of skin on the face. This is a mandatory requirement, the skin should be aseptically processed only after this procedure is allowed to start work. Tattoo artist will design a special tool and a special mineral paint. The process of healing usually occurs within two weeks.

Seriously should be treated and the choice of the location for a future fly. This little embellishment makes a great accent on the details of the exterior, which is located near. If you place a mole near the lips, it will add a Flirty touch to a woman. Fly near the eyes makes the look incredibly deep. By the way, decorate the fly, you can not only face, but also, for example, chest or neck. A charming mole on the chest area perfectly accentuate female sexuality. Looks spectacular sights and beautiful long neck or a flat tummy.

If you still decide on a tattoo, you should listen to the advice about how to try to draw a mole in the selected location and a few days to go in this manner. Should get used, to experience a new way to see the sights in this place or should be somewhere to move. After all, the new mole able to change facial features.

In addition to cosmetic functions, application of fly can have practical significance. It is possible to disguise a small scar or scar on the skin. As they say, scars decorate men, but not women.

Should not such a way to show existing natural fly. This process takes the doctors. After serious deliberation the question of a new front sight and weighing all the «pros» and «cons», as well as deciding on the procedure of tattooing, you can safely proceed to the embodiment of the dreams of spicy gunpoint in a desired location.