Ylang-ylang is its useful properties and applications. How to apply the essential oil of ylang-ylang for beauty and health.

Magical flowers of the ylang-ylang a lot of centuries have attracted attention. Why magic? And because they are often used during various ceremonies and rituals, it is usually considered that they have some unexplained magical force that is able to give happiness, love and bring prosperity to the house to anyone who asks that of a flower. In some areas distant and beautiful of Indonesia to this day there is a tradition which says that during the wedding night the new husband and wife to their bed must be completely covered with these beautiful flowers. Only in this case, the married life will be happy and carefree.

From the plant ylang-ylang make essential oil, which may apply more often than fresh flowers because they tend to quickly fade, and the wonderful intoxicating smell of the essential oil of ylang-ylang will accompany you whenever you want and wherever you want. Interestingly, this oil is able to please not only its flavor, but also surprise healing properties that can be used by anyone, regardless of age.

How are essential oil ylang-ylang

Essential oil of ylang-ylang can be won in two ways: by the method of water distillation and steam distillation. Any of these methods certainly has its advantages, but much more efficient method is steam distillation, because at the time it is obtained from oil, which almost completely retains all its healing properties. The fact that the essential oil of ylang-ylang, people used to use for a variety of purposes. Please note that not any oil of ylang-ylang is able to have useful for a person properties. Some oils are only to be use during aromatherapy, for example.

To make the oil only from flowers that were collected in the summer season. After the first distillation of the flowers are essential oil is the top grade. This oil is often used in the field of perfumery. Exactly three hours after the distillation process was started to give an oil of second grade. Six hours later ready third-rate oil, which can be added to inexpensive Soaps and lotions, to impart a light floral scent. This oil does not have have absolutely no medicinal properties. All it can take, only pleasant smell.

The essential oil of ylang-ylang has a bright and even a little pungent smell. Some people associate it with the holiday spirit, and some are unable to carry a sweet fragrance, so they have to mix it with other essential oils to produce an incredible cocktail of smells, which will give positive emotions and a positive attitude. In its consistency the essential oil of ylang-ylang fluid, watery and light. His color is Golden, which is not different oil of ylang-ylang from the rest of the essential oils.

Useful properties of ylang-ylang

The oil helps people who suffer from nervous disorders, who have frequent breakdowns on the basis of various stressful situations. Breathing in the pleasant smell of the essential oil of ylang-ylang, you will immediately feel how your heartbeat and breathing is restored, and the tense atmosphere is not so pressing and depressing. Adaptogenic properties vested in essence, allow you to use it as a light anti-depressant drug that is sufficiently effective and does not harm the body, as purchased drugs of dubious composition.

Many people are interested in and what oil is a good aphrodisiac. It will be a great erotic stimulant that helps to properly relax and get away from lovemaking as much fun as you’ve never experienced. All who used this as ylang-ylang, was amazed at the feeling of bliss and happiness, which had covered them at the time of immersion in the boiling lava of passion and orgasm. The oil will help prolong erection men and women will be more sensitive and can feel the real taste of love.

With the help of this oil you can forget about the nightmares that could have you up all night to chase after a hard and busy day. The smell of ylang-ylang banish from your life depressed mood, feelings of nervousness, fear, anxiety and anger. Inhale his scent and feel the euphoria engulfing you, which will take you mentally to places where you would like to be most. If you suffer from insomnia, the problem, the oil will also help to solve. Its aroma will banish insomnia and get rid of obsessive bad thoughts, not wanting to leave your head. You will finally be able to fully relax, and in the morning will be full of energy, strength and desire to conquer new peaks.

Bioenergy action of essential oil is that it is able to attract only positive energy and can create around you a good atmosphere, strongly promotes relaxation, rest and peace of mind.

Several properties possessed by the essential oil of the finest flowers of ylang-ylang:

• helps to normalize menstrual cycle in women and helps to make the premenstrual period were much easier and quickly;

• reduction of muscle tone, helps to relax not only the body but also the brain;

• has the ability to normalize the process of selection body’s sebum;

• helps to reduce too high blood pressure, get rid of terrible headaches and help you sleep.

A big plus is that the oil can be used and children. Many parents are familiar with the problem of unfounded childish fears which constantly harassed the child and not allow him to sleep and cause nightmares, which negatively affects the formation of the psyche of the child and his behavior. If you notice that your child has become more irritable, withdrawn and less talkative, do not hesitate to enlist the help of the essential oil of the flower of ylang-ylang.

The essential oil of ylang-ylang contraindications and possible harm

Please note that this essence is suitable for external use only. It is possible to simply smell or to mix in any kind of cosmetic, but can this oil to drink.

If you breathe in the smell of pure oil, you risk to damage the nasal mucosa, because the essence is quite concentrated and has a sharp odor. Ylang-ylang without problems combined with other essential oils, so it will be good if you add a drop of your favorite oil to ylang-ylang.

Some people suffer from intolerance to the oil. If you add it in cosmetics and various hair products skin starts to itch and redness are observed, you must immediately stop using the oil and wash the remains with the skin.

The oil must not get on mucous membranes. If it just so happened that it happened, don’t panic. Go immediately and flush the mucous membranes with large amounts of water without soap or any other means.

All those who are allergic to flowers or any other plants, it is better to avoid this essential oil and is strictly prohibited its use for any purpose. Do not inhale the smell of this oil, because the body can arise red spots, and the nose will begin to itch and swell. If you breathed in the smell of oil and already starts showing signs of allergies, you need to urgently have a drug Allergy or, better yet, seek the help of a specialist.

In the article it was mentioned that the oil is permitted to use and children. Yes, it’s true. But, it is worth noting that children must be over three years. If the child has reached this age, and you give him a sniff essential oil of flowers of ylang-ylang, then it might be a terrible Allergy.

The indications and ways to use ylang-ylang

This essential oil is often used for cold inhalations. If you have the aromatic pendant, just twist a little oil and twice a day breathe its smell for five minutes. This procedure helps to relieve stress, relieve headaches and eliminate nasal congestion.

Ylang-ylang oil suitable for massage. If you mix it with some fruit oils, it will make a wonderful blend that will make your skin hydrated and gentle, relaxes tense muscles, but the incredible smell is able to give positive emotions and cause, at least temporarily, to forget the dull, boring, grey everyday life.

If you love to take a bubble bath after a busy day, you can add a little oil to the water. This will help you relax and banish bad thoughts. Moreover, after taking a fragrant bath the skin becomes velvety, tender and will find floral smell that all day will accompany you and give a good mood not only to you but also to those who sit near you.

The use of essential oil ylang-ylang oil for hair

Essential oil can be used for those who dream of a luxurious head of hair, but has repeatedly disappointed in the expensive tools that did not work. The oil helps to strengthen hair follicles. Hair will become much less fall out and acquire a beauty and luster.

Oil can be added to existing cosmetic, and it is also possible to make a mask or lotion based on it. Here is the recipe of one good means: take a liter of water and add a little fresh lemon juice, and then a few drops of essential oil of flowers of ylang-ylang. Rinse ready miraculous solution after washing the hair and soon will see the result, which, of course, will be satisfied.

Not all properties of this oil even know. It is an incredible way able to affect humans and even substitute for some drugs. Many of those who used the oil once, for anything else it would not change. Enjoy its gorgeous smell and be always healthy and beautiful!

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