The competition Miss universe 2013: Brunette «in law»…

In the eternal debate «blonde – brunette» contest «Miss universe 2013» firmly confirms the superiority of the latter. None of the blond beauty not only reached the final but were hardly represented any of the participating countries. However, none of the candidates are not too similar to the competitors: each one had its own shade of hair, its hair. Official hair sponsor of Miss universe is traditionally an American brand Farouk Systems, known to Russians shampoo CHI coloring and luxurious styling and uhodom means. Therefore, all the different shades and hairstyles luxury dark haired beauties – it’s obvious merits Farouk Systems.

Stylists of beauty center «Dvoryanskaya Usadba» is not just the experts at staining CHI, because I work on it since its appearance in Russia, they are experts in all the intricacies and secrets of the most glamorous hairdressing brand because trained directly in the United States, in Texas, the headquarters of the company, Farouk.

How to become a real Queen of beauty with the right hair coloring? Will tell the master of the international class Studio hairstyles «Noble Manor».

Let’s start with the fact that staining and care of Farouk Systems do not have analogues among other shampoo brands, they are not just healthy hair, but also create the effect of a thick «luxurious mane» due to the «napichavanie» hair silk. The technology-based brand are the development of the American Space Agency NASA.

However, in order to obtain the desired result requires more than just knowledge of the technique of painting CHI, but also a significant experience with the dye. CHI gives you the opportunity to obtain any color from deep black to white and a thousand different shades. If You compare the contestants of Miss universe 2013, please note that the vast majority of them are brunettes, however, each with its own unique shade of hair.

The movie largely makes the eyes deeper, and the skin freshness and radiance. Now, oddly enough, the border between blonde and brunette – very conditional. Very dark blonde is easy to call a brunette and. on the contrary, a brunette with a smooth transition from dark roots to lighter tips, combined with dark skin can even be considered a kind of blonde. In this duality is the beauty of new brunettes.

Of the five finalists, only one has blue – black hair color. Such can only afford the girl’s rather exotic appearance with a dark nature from the hair. If the image of the fatal beauty try on the owner of a medium shade, you will be sentenced to touch up the roots every 7 days.

Most of the other participating effectively dark hair highlighted various shades of brown. By the way, the choice of color is art. For example, if You belong to the warm color type, you can choose chocolate shades, each of them has a small reddish nuance. If Your complexion is closer to the cold, the complexion accentuate the hints of strong coffee or dark ash.

What do blondes in the coming year? If the brunette to soften the appearance, you want to slightly lighten, blondes, on the contrary recommended «blackout». This is especially true for dyed blondes: not only will You try more natural (and less sexy by the way) way, but also give hair a rest.

And, of course, if staining cannot be avoided, choose among the best brands, and stylists – the most experienced professionals. And then You in no way give even recognized pageant winners.