The cold can be a friend in the battle for beauty

What woman has not dreamed of a luxury body? But what if regular diets do not have enough willpower, but Nature has not given such metabolism in which calories are burned immediately, and not stored on your stomach or thighs in the form of unattractive wrinkles, and «pockets»? The desire of millions to lose weight without any special effort, prompted scientists to create a unique technology. With «always slimming» came the cold, which, it turns out, has a wonderful property – it is able to «melt» fat!

Battle for beauty

The ideal figure is the dream if not all, then most of us. However, destroying the harmony of the silhouette can separate the fat deposits in certain areas (they are also called «fat traps»). And often these «fat traps» with great difficulty, amenable to correction: they are powerless against diet and fitness. Because these areas of fat is a natural given, they are inherent in the female body genetically. Is it really the case – the most effective way to get rid of these «surplus»? Alternative to surgical intervention was… cold!

We freeze your problem

To the delight of all who dream of the perfect forms, appeared safe, non-traumatic skin method of action on body fat. Cryolipolysis apparatus on «Zeltiq» — a new word in aesthetic medicine. It is based on controlled exposure to cold on the fat cells in problem areas. The machine’s action is directed only on adipose tissue are particularly susceptible to low temperatures, skin, nervous and muscle tissue «Zeltiq» does not hurt.

After the first session of cryolipolysis fat folds starts to melt away, and within a half-dvuhmestnij it is reduced in size by an average of 20-25%! This result gives a prolonged effect even just one treatment! And with each repeated session speed «melting» of fat increases.

Cryolipolysis apparatus on «Zeltiq» is held in the cosmetology Department of the International medical center on clinic.

Cryolipolysis: benefits

The first advantage is security. The procedure is not invasive, no tissue damage. Ruined by the cold cells removed from the body gradually and naturally, and is not released high quantity of toxic substances — products of decay. The security of the method is confirmed by numerous clinical trials, including medical certification of the US – FDA and global experience.

The second advantage of cryolipolysis – the absence of pain (both at the time of the procedure, and after it). Accordingly, it does not require anesthesia, which not all tolerate well.

The third advantage is speed. Time procedure small: treatment of one problem area lasts less than an hour.

Thus, cryolipolysis medical center clinic, the most promising and the only method of correction of fat deposits without surgery or downtime. High efficiency and safety, the minimum amount of time – advantages.

Liposuction and cryolipolysis: what is the difference?

The main difference between cryolipolysis and liposuction, which involves surgery, no damage to the skin, cuts or punctures. The procedure for correction of fat deposits on the device «Zeltiq» wraps easily and comfortably. Is cryolipolysis selectively, that is, exposures are exactly the kind of area that needed to be corrected, the thigh, the area stomachs, backs, shoulders, etc.

The effect persists over a sufficiently long period of time, subject to the rules of a balanced diet and moderate activity.

To get detailed information about the method, about the indications and individual limits you can on internal consultation of the doctor dermatologist medical center clinic.

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