Tar soap: the benefits and harms of the natural product. The composition and scope of lye soap: it is useful or is it harmful

Coal-tar soap was popular even among our ancestors.

This is not surprising.

Priceless qualities component — tar is a universal tool for healing of skin damage.

The soap is about 10% of this natural ingredient.

Tar soap: features and scope

Useful properties of tar soap due to its anti-Allergy composition. Besides tar, the soap contains sodium salts based on fatty acids, water, palm oil. Essential oil (birch tar) makes the tool extremely soft.

In tar soap has no chemical additives, fragrances. This quality is essential for sensitive skin.

Coal-tar soap cannot be confused with any other because of its peculiar smell. But he is appreciated for efficiency and ease of use.

1. Use tar soap for skin invaluable. If there is problem of pimples, acne, wide pores, it will help the regular use of the mask.

This soap makes the foam and for 15 minutes apply on the skin. Then produce a simple washing (first warm water, then cool). In conclusion, the procedures use the usual cream.

Attention! Such a mask is sufficient to impose 1-2 times per week so as not to cause peeling of the skin.

Coal-tar soap is useful as a low-cost natural remedies for acne. It can be used for normal, oily, and dry skin. Should be only right to stick to frequency of use.

So, for oily skin wash your face 2 times a day with lye soap, when dry apply it 3-4 times a week and at normal you can use natural product 1 time daily.

In addition to washing, coal-tar soap is used as compresses. It is necessary to scrape off a small amount and apply it directly on the pimples. After the time to rinse.

This method of treatment is simple, does not require special power consumption and, moreover, the result will be visible after a short time. Acne is reduced, are dried.

But do not think that coal-tar soap get rid of problems of rashes. In addition to the use tar soap is useful product for health should treat acne diet and healthy lifestyle.

First and foremost, you need to seek the assistance of a dermatologist to determine the cause of the rash and get useful recommendations.

It is important to adjust the diet, eliminating from the diet foods that can provoke an increase in the occurrence of acne and slowing their maturation.

As a rule, experts advise to abandon the sweet, fatty, canned and smoked foods and focus on natural products.

Coal-tar soap the multiple uses able to provide an invaluable service. It eliminates stains and scars, cleans pores.

In addition, coal-tar soap is useful for skin remedy that costs mere pennies. To treat rash no need to buy an expensive and not always effective drugs. It is sufficient to use a natural effective product.

2. Coal-tar soap is extremely useful for healthy hair. And, although in the Arsenal of modern women, as a rule, a wide variety of shampoos, conditioners, those who tried to use the for the strength of hair — was not disappointed.

Rules for applying medicinal soap:

• Do not wash your hair too hot water.

• Do not mail the head by a piece of soap and make a lather in hands, then apply it on your hair (you can dilute the soap in a little water).

• Keep the product on the hair at least 5-10 minutes.

• After the procedure (to get rid of the not too pleasant smell), use a slightly acidified water or conditioner.

• Do not use soap for a long time. Take breaks.

3. Tar soap is good for the health of people suffering from psoriasis. It is used as Supplement to primary therapy.

Soap was washed the whole body, paying special attention to affected areas of skin. Then rinse decoction of herbs.

Apply coal-tar soap, and masks that make 1 time a week. To start the tool rubbed on a grater, then pour water (10 g in 20 ml), stirred and applied to the affected area for 15 minutes. After the procedure, all rinse decoction of chamomile.

The beneficial properties of coal-tar soap can get rid of the itching, peeling, cracks and sores. The skin becomes soft and smooth.

4. Coal-tar soap is helpful for women’s health. It is used as an additional tool in the treatment of thrush. Experts recommend to wash with tar soap 2 times a day, and also use it as a preventive measure.

But do not think that medicinal soap can help in serious diseases. If you feel signs of any illness, I suspect that all is not well, immediately ask for help, not hoping that coal-tar soap will cure the disease.

As has been said, it is definitely useful, but only as a Supplement to the basic therapy, and assign it in some cases needs doctor.

5. Useful properties of tar soap make it possible to use it with success at the head lice. Wet hair treated with vehicle, stand 15-20 minutes, then wash off.

Afterwards comb small comb. Coal-tar soap kills the parasites and nits, soothes itching, dries the sores.

6. The product is widely used for the treatment of nail fungus. In this case it’s used: lather your nails with lye soap, then sprinkled them with salt and put a band-aid. In the morning all washed away. The procedure is carried out for several days.

In addition to the above applications, coal-tar soap as the most useful remedy for the skin used for eczema, dermatitis, seborrhea, dandruff, scabies, shingles, rash with vesicles (from touching poisonous plants).

7. Tar soap helps with burns and frostbite. With its help wash out damaged skin (foam). After that, all soak through the cotton fabric.

8. Effective in the treatment of bedsores in bedridden patients. As a rule, the problem areas are washed 2 times a day.

Tar soap: what’s good for the body?

1. Due to included healing tar soap, the product has a marked antiseptic action. Coal-tar soap restores damaged layer of the skin, disinfects, fights inflammation, destroys parasites.

2. Tar soap is excellent to cope with skin eruptions, sores, cracks. It is a natural remedy that contains no dyes and chemicals.

3. Coal-tar soap is useful for skin their property to enhance it metabolism, accelerate regeneration.

4. Tar soap has insecticidal propertiesthat allows its use in combating parasites.

Soapy water sprayed plants. They wash the animals, thus getting rid of parasites.

5. Coal-tar soap protects the female body from infections. It is effective for healing minor wounds and cuts (in case of unsuccessful epilation bikini area).

And all thanks to tar, which promotes faster healing.

6. Coal-tar soap strengthens hair roots, stimulates growth, and allows the hair to look chic after the first day of use.

7. The tool can be used as a preventive measure, protecting yourself and your family from mange, fungus, etc.

Tar soap: what’s the harm?

For all its beneficial properties of coal-tar soap should be used correctly. First we need to conduct a little test: apply to the inner part of the bend of the elbow and wait a bit. If there is no rash, you can safely use this tool.

The first thing worth paying attention to, talking about the dangers of tar soap’s odor. And if some people can easily tolerate, for many it is a source of nausea. In this case, it is necessary to abandon the use of this product.

In addition, coal-tar soap helps dry skin. So to avoid discomfort it is best after the procedure with application of means to use a nourishing cream.

Coal-tar soap is harmful in case if on a body there are open wounds and ulcers. Having such skin damage, should review the appropriateness of the use of funds.

For pregnant and nursing mothers: the harm tar soap

Pregnant women and nursing mothers coal-tar soap is recommended as a natural product for the treatment of acne, thrush, dandruff, hair, as well as for getting rid of lice.

Because this product is natural, and restrictions for pregnant and lactating no. Of course, it is necessary to observe a measure.

Tar soap for kids: helpful or harmful?

Coal-tar soap is difficult to call allergenic. It effectively and safely for teenagers who are familiar with such problems as lice, acne, skin diseases.

Thanks to its properties, is antiseptic tar soap is good for skin children. It disinfects, kills parasites. Therefore, if the children after a walk wash your hands natural remedy, about their health can not survive.

Some experts recommend the use of tar soap for hygiene (for girls). But do not forget that it can severely dry the skin.

If the baby’s skin is prone to dryness and allergies, the use of tar soap is better to postpone.

Unique, almost forgotten product — tar soap is a powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent. It (despite the smell) is used in the treatment of several diseases. Use a simple tool available and get a good result.