The use of folk remedies for hair growth: our goal is length! Folk remedies for hair growth, verified by practice and time

That just does not make women with your hair – dye, iron, wind thermopolium, curl chemicals – and much more regularly to sustain the hair.

And after the «extreme points», when the natural forces of the body can not cope with such pressure, hair thins and falls out rapidly.

And here come to the aid of the proven folk remedies for hair growth that quickly return the «soldiers» in the «system» and prepare them for new challenges.

Decoctions and infusions for hair growth

A fast and easy way to improve your health hair is to use a decoction of medicinal plants.

Onion and its peel for hair restoration

In addition to the universal opinion of external use of onion in the form of a mask or decoction, it is necessary to eat only half of a raw onion per day will significantly revitalize your hair and strengthen them.

With regard to outdoor use, the beauty has long been save onion peels to cook with her broth for growth, treat dandruff and add Shine to hair.

The broth is made from handfuls of dried onion skin, flushed before use. Husk pour a glass of boiling water, simmering under a lid for ten minutes and let it cool down completely. After each wash hair rinse them with barely warm onion broth. You can RUB it into the hair roots.

In onion broth there is one caveat: he is able to paint in a yellowish tint, it is especially need to pay attention to blondes.

Nettle extract-growth stimulator

Visible results when using nettle for hair growth can be achieved very quickly. To prepare 3 tablespoons chopped nettle leaves pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, cover and allow to infuse for two hours. Strain and rinse hair clean immediately after washing. You can use nettle to three times a week, and if possible squeeze the juice from the fresh leaves of nettle, it is necessary to RUB into the roots of the head for an hour before washing it.

Nettle helps women with oily hair – it normalizes the sebaceous glands.

«Ambulance» hair loss: burdock (burdock)

In addition burdock oil, which is easy to find in every store and pharmacy, strong regenerative properties also has burdock root. It is prepared in the first place, a decoction of three tablespoons of crushed dried burdock root pour popularly of boiling water and boiled in a water bath quarter of an hour. Chilled and strained broth used for rinsing hair after washing, or rubbing it for two to three hours before shampooing.

The burdock is and the main current component of the ointment. For burdock ointment 2 tablespoons dried crushed roots of burdock pour a glass of boiling water, boil to evaporate half of the water. You should get a concentrated broth in which you want to add 3 tablespoons of visceral fat. Stir until melting of the fat, put in a warm oven and leave it there, covered, for another half hour.

A couple of hours before washing the head to RUB burdock ointment 2 times a week. For oily hair, it is preferable to use the broth, and dry – ointment.

Deciduous and coniferous folk remedies for hair growth

Birch infusion since ancient times valued long-haired Russian girls for its healing effect. Birch leaves make them Shine, enliven the color and stimulate growth.

Collect leaves during flowering. To prepare the leaves are dried. 4 tablespoons crushed dried birch leaves take 0.5 liters of boiling water. Pour, cover and leave for at least two hours. Rubbed into the roots and rinse hair after washing.

Perfectly affects growth the use of juniper. It strengthens fine roots, giving strength to all hair. Dry twigs of juniper (3 tablespoons) pour boiling water (0.5 liters), insist.

If you combine birch with juniper, the effect will be even better. The infusion is prepared in the proportion of 3 parts of birch leaves and 1 part crushed juniper branches.

Folk remedies: oils for hair growth

Burdock oil

This is a very frequent component of the common folk masks, as well as means for strengthening of hair the different firms-manufacturers of cosmetics. The choice of burdock oil not without reason: its stunning effect to maintain optimal condition of the hair proven by research. Burdock oil stimulates hair growth when hair loss and prevents hair loss, strengthens and restores from roots to ends. Stunning effect from the regular use of note holders colored hair.

To apply the oil is extremely simple: on slightly damp hair for a couple of hours before the scheduled shampooing, apply warm burdock oil along the entire length. Be sure to lightly RUB into the roots and along the entire length to distribute the oil, combed the hair flat with a comb a few times in all directions. Hair needs to be soaked completely. Cover with a plastic bag and wrap with a handkerchief. Leave for a couple of hours, then wash head as usual.

You can use each time you shampoo. If skin is oily, you can apply burdock oil only on the lengths and ends of curls.

Castor oil

Unjustly deprived of attention compared to burdock, castor oil is not inferior to him in their beneficial properties for hair. If you regularly RUB castor oil into the scalp, hair grow faster and much stronger from the roots. The effect is due to the abundance of oil nutrients and minerals. Thanks to the castor oil progressive hair loss is stopped, they become thicker and acquire the luster.

To use castor oil on the same principle as burdock, or add the masks.

Olive oil

Despite its apparent thick fat, organic olive oil does not lead to oiliness and greasiness of hair. It soothes the scalp and nourishes the hair without letting the hair to dry and split. Apply on roots and spread along the length of the hair, press with plastic and wrap head with a warm scarf. The effect is only with regular use.

Masks – the most popular folk remedies for hair growth

The appearance of masks for hair growth naturally – it is possible to mix all your favourite funds and to obtain emulsion or bulk, easy to apply, and rinsing.

«The main hero» for hair growth: mustard

The first remedy that comes to mind beauties that support lush as his hair is a mustard mask. Once, women enter it into your binding complex to care for hair and scalp. Mustard mask not only stimulates the growth of hair and strengthens them, but also struggling with troubles like dandruff, as it has a drying and antiseptic effect.

The hair growth when applying the mask with mustard provoked, more, burning, warming the scalp with the hair follicles. Mustard masks can be combined with other components, well proven.

To get from mustard maximum benefit, you need to know a few rules of its use:

• mustard must be dry, powder, not as a finished sauce, dressings for foods, in addition to useful for hair substances in such products are undesirable;

• do not dilute with hot water, especially boiling water – you can get toxic oil. Water for cooking had to be warm!

• dry hair to smear mustard cannot be, otherwise there will be irritation, hair becomes brittle and can appear dandruff. The biggest benefits of mustard – oily hair. Normalization of the sebaceous glands, easy drying provides regular (but not frequent!) mask of mustard.

• women with particularly sensitive skin should be careful to use the mustard, start with a small area of skin.

The most famous and the best mustard mask for hair growth is prepared from the following ingredients: mustard powder, sugar, warm water and olive oil taken in the same proportion (two tablespoons) and one chicken egg yolk. The mustard is mixed with sugar, diluted with water, add yolk, stir thoroughly, and at the end add oil (you can take burdock or castor). The more sugar in the mask, the stronger the mustard will warm.

Mustard mask is applied to the roots, carefully dispensing, and gently rubbing the skin, cover with a package and tie with a handkerchief. Keep at least 15 minutes – the skin should warm up well. To do this mask can be no more than once a week.

Onion mask for hair growth

Legends about the effectiveness of onion pulp came from the earliest times to the present day. In spite of the inconvenience in use and unpleasant smell that remains after onion juice, onion mask for hair growth remains in the ranking of the most used.

With a simple but effective method of application is to spread all the hair on the head of the finely crushed onion «mush».

On the basis of Luke cook even more effective mask. In the first place is a combination of onions with a brandy and burdock. For this mask 1 tablespoon of dried root of burdock pour 0.5 cups of boiling water and boil for ten minutes. 6 tablespoons of cooled and filtered turnip infusion mix 3 tablespoons onion juice and 1 tablespoon brandy. Carefully massage the mask into the hair roots and leave for an hour. Wash your hair as usual.

In order to reduce the intensity of the impact of the bow and make the mask more useful, it is supplemented by other, in particular, the above products. As additional components using raw egg yolk, castor oil, honey, lemon juice and essential oil. The key to success is thorough mixing of the mask and uniform rubbing her hair roots.

Often the onion mask use is not worth it – a couple of times a month is sufficient.

But this folk remedy for hair growth there is one drawback: a strong onion smell after the procedure. Experienced women know some effective ways of getting rid of him.

The first method, which will provide a strengthening effect, it is steamed henna. When the onion mass deposited on the hair, you can start to prepare colorless henna. Pour the powder in a sufficient quantity of hot water to the consistency was like sour cream. After rinsing the onion mask hair, apply on the roots of the henna and leave it on for half an hour. Rinse first with water, then usual shampoo.

The second method: the normal dose of hair conditioner after shampooing, add a tablespoon of liquid honey and the juice of a whole lemon. Apply to hair after rinsing onion mask and leave on for 20 minutes. Wash your head. Use the conditioner.

The hair to grow by leaps and bounds

Recipe yeast mask, which can be done up to two times per week:

• 1 teaspoon of honey;

• 0.5 cups of warm milk or yogurt;

• 1 tablespoon of baking yeast (not dry).

All quickly stir thoroughly and put in a warm place for half an hour. Cause yeast mask on the roots profusely, rubbing and spreading length. After an hour rinse with shampoo and plenty of water.

Gelatin mask support the hair structure

Women try to imagine gelatin, celebrate it a stunning effect – the hair gets volume and thickness.

Mask to do so: gelatin with hot water (not boiling water) is mixed in the ratio of 4:1, to avoid lumps, and leave for 15 minutes. Add a tablespoon of hair conditioner, mix thoroughly and RUB into the roots, spreading along the entire length of hair. Cover with polyethylene and a warm scarf and leave for 20 minutes. Wash with a shampoo. Apply twice a week.

The above described only the most common, proven folk remedies for hair growth, and women world known a lot of these «drugs». They really work. But frankly delusional ideas do not fall – do not smear the head store-bought mayonnaise, because the taste enhancers on the head you to anything!