Swelling of the face in the morning — what could be the reason. Why swollen face after sleep and what to do with it.

How often in the morning You had to see instead of the usual reflection in the mirror, puffy face with thin slits, for which it is difficult to consider the eyes? Of course, if You do not abuse alcohol, lead a healthy lifestyle and eat right, most likely, you this situation will get people talking.

What to do if you suddenly had swelling of the face in the morning? Why the face after sleep looks swollen and «bruised»? Today we will talk about it. We will try to tell You how and for what reasons on the face is edema and what you can do to continue to avoid it.

The main causes of edema of the face in the morning

In order to understand where on a beautiful woman’s face swelling, first is to explain what it is. The swelling is the swelling of the skin, which is localized in a certain area, for example, on the eyelids or under the eyes or apply to the entire face. Sometimes this swelling can be unmarked and have a kind of «looming» age, but sometimes the swelling is threatening, not only appearance, but health.

So, under what circumstances you can try to get rid of facial swelling at home:

• When the night before You eat a meal salty, fatty and smoked food. As you know, salt is able to hold in the body and tissues fluid. As the fluid simply has nowhere to go, it accumulates in different places and most often in the facial area.

• If during the evenings and nights were consumed plenty of fluids. This often happens just after You eat something salty. You always want to drink and You’re up all night running to the kitchen. By morning, surely your face will swell up.

• If You had a great time at a noisy party, but, unfortunately, overdo it with alcoholic beverages.

• When You regularly sit at the computer or take my work home and sit behind it until late at night. Swelling often occurs in people-owls, late, and in the morning very hard to Wake up.

If suddenly in this list You find similar symptoms, do not worry. In most cases, the swelling is completely disposable, and a lot of time to do this, You do not need. How to remove facial swelling in the morning we will explain below, but first let’s discuss the causes swelling, which should alert You. So:

• Sometimes one of the first symptoms of diseases of the kidneys and liver are swelling in the morning. The inability of the kidneys to remove excess fluid and reducing the formation of protein in the blood triggers the appearance of puffiness of the person in the first half of the day, often immediately after awakening. Usually to do with the swelling in this situation, nothing is impossible, whatever the compresses and masks You’ve tried. By mid-day the face looks a little less swollen, but by evening the swelling completely disappears. If you press on the swollen place, the mark lasts for quite some time.

• Heart disease and blood vessels can also contribute to the occurrence of edema. If the heart muscle is unable to pump blood as before, it will inevitably lead to fluid retention, most often in the lower limbs, but often on the face.

• Hormonal disturbances in women is the cause of facial swelling in the morning. Swelling is quite dense, tapping a finger not a trace remains.

• An allergic reaction. Sometimes the swelling may be accompanied by rash, and change Your face almost beyond recognition. One eyebrow is higher and «fatter» the other, mouth curved, lip (one lip) is swollen, and the eyelids seemed to be falling on the eye. This manifestation is called allergic angioedema and is threatening to health because it can spread to the respiratory tract, larynx, bronchial tubes and even lungs. The outcome You certainly clear.

What to do in different situations if in the morning there is swelling of the face?

After the above, You probably want to ask the question: «How to eliminate puffiness and when to run to the doctor?» As You know, diseases of the internal organs do not promise anything good and require the intervention of at least a General practitioner and visiting specialists for diagnosis and prescribing.

Kidney disease start is not worth it, after all it is clear that the excess fluid our bodies don’t need. Usually for her withdrawal prescribe diuretics, only to self-medicate is not necessary. Necessary medication will be prescribed only by a doctor.

Cardiovascular problems should be addressed with a cardiologist. Maybe they are temporary and reversible, and swelling will not be disturbed after proper treatment.

To adjust a hormonal background it is necessary with participation of an endocrinologist. And to treat the manifestations of allergic reactions can be at home, if You have an antihistamine. But remember: if the person has indeed changed so much that You not know, do not take risks – consult with the duty physician, perhaps You will prescribe a course of Allergy injections, in order to avoid the spread of the swelling of the larynx and respiratory system.

Emergency action to remove puffiness from the face

If You are one hundred percent sure that the reason for swollen face – it’s too much of alcoholic drinks or consumption of salty foods, then you can use extra ways of dealing with them. The most common is a tea compress.

in order to effectively remove the swelling, don’t use teabags, it is better to make a fresh black tea, cool it and apply to the eyelids soaked cotton pads. Unscrupulous manufacturers often fill these bags not tea leaves, but simply waste generated after the production of tea: the crushed leaves are broken during drying, the legs and twigs, as well as flavoring and coloring agents. Believe me, no good for Your eyes cheap tea bags will not, so it is better to have in reserve a pack of this tea.

Another good way: if You suddenly notice swelling of the face after sleep, and You urgently need to attend an important event, wrap in a handkerchief a piece of ice and wipe swelling. Best to eliminate swelling not just ice and frozen mineral water, cucumber juice and parsley juice or decoction of herbs, for example:

• Sage,

• Chamomile,

• Lime blossom,

• Oak bark,

• Melissa,

• Mint

• Rosemary

• Birch leaves,

• Horsetail.

These herbs can be frozen to make freshly prepared decoction compresses the swelling, or create a DIY face mask. About them is to talk next.

Masked the swelling on the face with the help of miracle masks

When You urgently need in the morning to get to work, possible emergency measures will be very useful. But if You have free time and can spend 20-30 minutes exclusively for yourself, here are a few effective facial masks. They will help not only to cope with already appeared swelling, but also to prevent its further appearance, especially if these masks You will do regularly. Anti-stress facial products will reduce swelling and inflammation, smooth and make the skin very tender.

Mask from swelling with grated potatoes

Is very simple, and, most importantly, quickly. To do this, take:

• The half raw potatoes,

• 1 tbsp sauerkraut

• 1 capsule of vitamin E and vitamin A.

Connect the ingredients, prepare a piece of gauze or thin cloth. Lie back, spread the potato mixture on the eyelids and cover the top with gauze, so that it is not glass. So you need to lie down for about 20 minutes and gently remove the mask with a tissue.

Potatoes are very well tighten the eyelids, removes puffiness and relieve bags and unsightly dark circles under the eyes.

Mask from swelling of the face with peach

Also You can try to make a face mask with peach and sour cream to remove puffiness. It is suitable for sensitive skin around the eyes, so that you can safely apply it on the area. You need to prepare:

• Peach, peeled and ground in a blender,

• 1 tbsp sour cream,

• Essential oil of peppermint – 1-2 drops.

Traditionally all the ingredients, mix and cover the face, leaving for 15-20 minutes. Great mask will soften the skin, make it incredibly silky and eliminate swelling in any area.

Mask from swelling of face with oatmeal and chamomile

Another caring emulsion with a soft texture is a mask with oatmeal and chamomile broth. To do it yourself is much easier than You can imagine:

• Brew chamomile flowers, let cool and strain the decoction,

• Separte oat flakes in boiling water,

• Mix the ingredients, in such proportions: 2 tablespoons of oatmeal and two tablespoons of broth.

Optionally, You can add the mask with olive, almond or jojoba oil or steamed cereal is not water, and milk.

Mask from swelling of face with cucumber and parsley

In addition, very effective are masks with cucumber and parsley, as well as preventive massage of the eyelids with essential oils:

• Fruit of the olive tree,

• Jojoba,

• Camphor,

• Almond,

• Juniper and others.

The expression on Your face was never swollen in the morning, you should pay attention to diet, moderate use fluid, especially in the evening, as well as to detect symptoms of disease and to be screened from the doctor. Be aware of regular swelling in the morning, because they can signal problems of the female body, and look very aesthetically pleasing.