Swedish the secret to beautiful hairstyles

To get rid of dandruff without harming the hair, and prevent its re-emergence?

Sounds good. And also achievable, you only need to choose the right shampoo and conditioner.

Hair meet

Obedient healthy hair is an important component of the image of the modern urban dweller. Of course, life in the city with all its stress and bad environmental conditions negatively affects the condition of the scalp and hair. We all know that, but continue to admire those who managed to keep his hair in order. Conversely, those whose costumes are «decorating» the dandruff, much harder to impress qualified and neat staff, or to impress members of the opposite sex.

Prevention and treatment of diseases of the skin scalp and hair have a special doctors trichologists. But, first, they are not at all health centres, and secondly, the time for the visits of the inhabitants of large cities anyway. The good news is that the majority of hair problems can be solved without medical help, finding the right care cosmetics, shampoo and conditioner. It is not only self-assign yourself a therapeutic drugs, especially among cosmetic-prophylactic means recently appeared quite effective in the prevention and treatment of dandruff products.

The scientific approach

Shampoo and conditioner for Dry Dry the the complex is relatively new for the Russian consumer the care system for the scalp and hair. The Swedish company Scandi Line that produces these funds, conducted extensive research and eventually withdrew his own «formula of success»: the shampoo opens the hair scales, making them more receptive to the nutrients contained in the balm. Thus, the simultaneous use of these two products allows to achieve maximum effect is to clean hair and provide them with protection and care.

But that’s not all. The shampoo and balm Dry Dry is a unique natural ingredient Dermosoft® decalact, effectively eliminates dandruff and prevents its reappearance. Dermosoft® decalact is fundamentally different from the triclosan and climbazole, antifungal agents, traditionally added to shampoos for dandruff. And triclosan and climbazole can lead to quite unpleasant consequences for health, the effectiveness gradually decreases because microorganisms are able to develop resistance to common antimicrobial drugs.

Dermosoft® decalact acts very differently — it normalizes the level of acidity on the surface of the scalp, which helps to restore the natural microflora and prevents the growth of fungus causing dandruff.

Regular use of shampoo and balm Dry Dry not only removes the dandruff but also soothes irritated scalp, removes itchiness and promotes healthy hair from the roots to the tips. Shampoo and conditioner for Dry Dry have a neutral smell, they can be used by both men and women.

Although: complex Dry Dry helps to solve the problem of dandruff and itching, it relates to cosmetic-prevention segment, and therefore, can be used as long and as often as needed — no restrictions on the use of the shampoo and conditioner of this brand does not exist.

All products manufactured under the brand name Dry Dry, made in Sweden. It meets stringent European quality standards and has all necessary certificates.