How to get rid of subcutaneous pimples on the face. Folk and traditional remedies to get rid of white acne subcutaneous

Inflammatory processes in the sebaceous glands and various internal defects lead to the formation of subcutaneous pimples.

They bring a lot of discomfort as long to Mature, not squeezed and spoil the appearance of the person.

For what reasons can appear subcutaneous pimples on the face

Subcutaneous pimples on the face can be, not only in teenagers but also the older generation. Most often they are localized on the cheeks and chin, but can cover the whole face. Such education is to bring not only aesthetic discomfort but also pain.

The most frequent cause of subcutaneous pimples is a blockage of the sebaceous glands (this is due to the increased production of sebum). Excess fat begin to accumulate in the ducts, which undoubtedly attracts bacteria, which starts to proliferate and eat fat. The affected area of the face and inflamed at the site of inflammation appears seal solid character in a red bump.

Subcutaneous pimples on the face can be white. They resemble seeds of millet, so the people they call «corn Buntings». To learn how to get rid of white pimples on the face, you need to understand the cause of their formation (which in the first place and make a dermatologist).

Possible causes of subcutaneous pimples on face:

• predisposition to hereditary nature.

• poor hygiene of the facial skin (or even its absence);

• impaired metabolism;

• incorrectly chosen cosmetics or excessive use;

• sweating;

• diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the liver;

• injury skin, cuts while shaving;

• improper diet (lots of fatty, sweet, smoked);

• failure of a hormonal background (in adolescents, during menopause or during pregnancy).

When there are subcutaneous pimples on the face how to get rid of them knows only a specialist, so before you start to squeeze them (which is in any case impossible to do), to smear with creams or tinctures, consult your doctor or a beautician.

Subcutaneous pimples on face: how to get rid of and what methods

How to get rid of white acne on face? White or red education can bring the pain, and in their maturation can take up to 4-6 months. For this reason, doctors sometimes resort to surgery. However, surgical intervention can be avoided.

Methods for the treatment of subcutaneous pimples:

• mesotherapy of the face;

• the use of professional masks in cosmetology;

• acid peeling;

• laser resurfacing;

• cleaning the skin of the face;

• subcutaneous injection of ozone (ozone therapy);

• Elos-technology (effects on education-intensive blue light);

• method dezinkrustatsii (deep cleansing of impurities and excess fat);

• drug therapy;

• the people’s medicine (scrubs, lotions, masks, lotions).

Remember, that the reason which caused the appearance of subcutaneous pimples, can identify only a doctor (a dermatologist and an endocrinologist). To delay treatment is impossible, because the later you seek help, the longer course of treatment.

Effective ointment against subcutaneous acne

Drug therapy is one of the easiest to use. You will only need to buy the prescribed ointment or drink a course of drugs that the doctor advises (everything will depend on the causes of acne).

Let’s over analyze a popular ointment vs subcutaneous pimples:

1. Vishnevsky Ointment. It removes inflammation, pain, softens skin and disinfects. After this course of treatment it can be noted that the inflammation has passed, no irritation, and damaged layers of the skin restored.

2. The zinc ointment. Can quickly dry the skin to remove inflammation and protect the dermis layer from external contaminants.

3. The sulphur ointment. This is one of the most effective tools against acne. Kills germs, reduces inflammation. When applied correctly, improves the regeneration of cells.

4. Salicylic ointment. The ointment contains petrolatum, which softens and salicylic acid, which promotes regeneration, relieve inflammation and prevents new pimples.

5. Levomekol. Effective against white subcutaneous pimples. Reduces inflammation, renews cells of the epidermis.

Ointment should appoint a specialist after the diagnosis and identify the causes of the formation of subcutaneous pimples. How to get rid of them with the ointment, also tell the doctor. He will prescribe a course of treatment.

Remember, that to squeeze such education is impossible in any case! This way you can spread the infection throughout the face.

How to get rid of subdermal acne face folk methods

Unconventional medicine has been used for a long time. Many recipes are sent to us by our grandmothers and great-grandmothers. In fact, many people’s methods effective. Let’s see what you can apply in order to get rid of red or white subcutaneous pimples on the face.

1. Variety of homemade face masks. They can be based on the pharmacy blue clay, chopped onions, aspirin.

2. The tea tree oil. Yes, it is pharmaceutical remedy, but it can be safely used without a doctor’s prescription, because it is considered a natural antibiotic.

3. Saline compresses for 5 minutes (held every 2 days).

4. Cauterization with iodine (be careful with this method, because iodine may cause burns).

5. Lotions herbal infusions.

6. Pore baths. The procedure is not long, but it perfectly enhances all pores and clears them from dirt and dust.

If you have identified the cause associated with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or liver, you will need a therapeutic diet, during which you will need to give up sweets, too much fatty and salty food. To eat less meats, forget about alcohol.

Get rid of the formations of homemade masks

Let’s figure out how to get rid of the white subcutaneous pimples on the face using homemade masks.

So, the best recipes based on natural ingredients:

1. Recipe No. 1. For this mask should take a teaspoon of natural honey and the same amount of juice of onion. All carefully mix to a homogeneous mass. It will slightly sting the skin, but to use the mask every other day. Keep for 30 minutes.

2. Recipe № 2. For this mask you will also need honey and onions, but to the mixture add 20 g of butter. Put in a water bath and bring to a boil. Stuiver and add a little flour (enough so that the mask resembled plasticine). Tear off a piece of the mixture, mash and apply on the affected area of the face. Keep 20-30 minutes.

3. Recipe No. 3. Take the blue or white clay, mix it with milk. Add a little talcum powder. Mix and apply the mask for 15 minutes on the skin. Rinse with warm water without soap.

4. Recipe No. 4. Take oatmeal and mix it with water or milk. Apply it on the face. This mask is perfectly exfoliates dead skin.

Of course, if a specialist will cause related to hormonal, metabolic or organic diseases of internal organs, masks fade into the background. Yes, they can’t stop treatment, but in the foreground will be either medications or professional mask for facial skin.