Storage perfume

Many in life had an unfortunate situation when a loved aroma tenderly stored for many years a precious bottle is not just unpleasant and suffocating. As a rule, these changes are also accompanied by deposition to the bottom sediment of solids, and clearly indicate that the spirits permanently damaged. Most manufacturers claim on the packaging of its perfumes shelf life within three to five years. However, in most cases the actual time during which it is possible to use some perfume, depends not so much on the issue date than on the compliance or non-compliance of storage conditions.


Sunlight is the enemy No. 1 of any perfumes. Under its action breaks down the structure of the spirits, and lighter than the glass bottle, the more they are prone to damage. However has not been tempted to keep the graceful vial on the sun-drenched windowsill or dressing table, it is better to put it in a more dark place such as a closet.


Spirits do not like changes in temperature in both plus and minus, the aromatic substances in such conditions tend to settle to the bottom. So keep fragrances away from sources of heating, but in a fridge is not a place. Room with a minimum difference of daily average temperature in the apartment – the bedroom, her perfume will feel comfortable.

The air

Despite the fact that the alcohol contained in perfumes, is a preservative and protects against microorganisms and bacteria, it easily evaporates through the tightly ground stopper perfume without sprayer, and start the oxidation processes, leading to changes in aroma. Toilet water and perfume to this problem are deprived – spray atomizer firmly soldered to the neck.


Excessive movement will not tolerate any perfume, whether it’s a city bag or a drawer chest. For travel and refresh scent during the day, it is better to purchase a mini version of your favorite perfume or cast it from a large vial in a specially designed travel atomizer. It is convenient and practical.


Don’t put perfume near plants – evaporation of moisture originating from the soil can harm the perfume. Also a good place for storage is considered to be the bathroom, here the bottles with aromatic content threatens not only water and dampness, but also the possibility of falling onto the hard tiled floor.

Text: Valentine Shmidova