Stone oil and its medicinal properties and uses. How to use rock oil for beauty and health.

The white stone of immortality or mountain wax — common names for rock oil. Long-hunters with surprise and undisguised delight watched the game, which for a long time licking rocks. They could not guess what animals are not carried away by the stone, and the selected medicinal resin. Stone oil is a storehouse of health and unfading beauty, because the minerals balance the minerals in the body and improve blood chemistry. This oil can save the life of a person suffering from cancer, and eliminating the metabolic disorders in cells. Also the oil contributes to the protective functions of the organism, active restoration of the epidermis, mucosa and bone tissue. Stone oil improves the barrier function of the entire body, so it can be a lifeline for a very large number of people who are affected by a particular disease.

Pure mineral product which contains no organic impurities, widely used in cosmetic whole. Skin, hair and nails it is difficult to fully saturate minerals of any, even very high quality manufacturing creams, lotions and masks. But stone oil is able to normalize the mineral balance, making hair and skin will Shine with beauty and health.

How to make rock oil

In the crevices of the highest mountains you can find this mineral substance. The method of obtaining pure manual (it is scraped from rocks). The sour taste is complemented by a specific astringent finish. Color stone oil rather greyish-yellow or pure white. Color can be other (red or beige) because of the peculiarities of the chemical composition of the substance and its location. The substance is easily soluble in water, but it leaves a little sediment. The chemical composition of oil also varies with the time of collection and location. In China, Mongolia, Russia, Tibet, Burma stone oil has long been used in folk medicine.

In fact, to extract the rock oil is very difficult. How and why it is formed in rocks to this day exactly not been studied. And the location of the substance is very inaccessible and nominally very little. Therefore, it is difficult to find the genuine rock oil in the free market, you can stumble on a fake.

Properties rock oil

Virtually any sore spot in the human body can be positively affected by rock oil. In the villages of China, where people regard this oil as the immortal food of the people, local residents live an average of 90 years. It is possible that a long, healthy and happy life they provided just stone oil.

Such a disappointing diagnosis as infertility and cancer have been cured with the healing oil. This is not surprising, because it includes all the element from the periodic table (including platinum, gold and silver).

Stone oil will help to cope not only with such serious diseases as prostatitis, ulcers and other diseases, but it can strengthen the protective function and the entire immune system of the body. However, begin use with small doses, checking the body’s reaction to him.

Medical application of stone oils:

Liver problems (including viral diseases and cirrhosis caused by intoxication);

Prevention of metastasis;

Injury of musculoskeletal system;

Diseases of the respiratory organs;

Problems with the gastrointestinal tract (ulcers, gastritis, colitis);

Therapy of burn wounds;

Diseases of the Central nervous system;


Prevent the growth of tumors (to form a capsule of tissue), and their destruction by direct action;

Problems with the pancreas (and other endocrine diseases);

Sexual stimulation, and physiological activity.

Cosmetic application of stone oils:

1. Stone oil is a storehouse of macro and micro elements;

2. Antioxidant effect;

3. Thanks to the strengthening of the regeneration in the cells of the body, the oil helps prolong youth and beauty;

4. Has a stimulating effect on collagen synthesis;

5. Has anti-inflammatory and soothing effect;

6. Normalizes the sebaceous glands.

That is, the stone oil can help troubled, dry and aging skin to acquire a healthy and even tone, beauty, softness and velvety.

Dry skin and stone oil

Sensitive skin, which slope to dry, susceptible to premature aging processes, it is more of a slope to the appearance of wrinkles than normal or oily.

To combat wrinkles («crow’s feet») in the DAB solution stone oil two cotton pad, then put them for fifteen minutes on both eyelids. This method will also help to cope with the problem of dark circles and bags under the eyes.

Also dry skin will be extremely useful wash solution stone oil. Prepare a mixture in the proportions: 2 liters of water, take 3 grams of oil. This solution wash your face before bed for an entire month. Do not rinse or wipe with a solution, let the skin gets dry naturally. Your skin will tell you thank you!

Oily skin and stone oil

With the problem of excessive sebaceous glands of the skin, shininess and blackheads will help to manage scrub on the basis of rock oil. Its preparation will not take much time: take half a Cup of rice or oat bran (wheat) and add one teaspoon of powder stone oil. One portion of scrub — a tablespoon of cooked mixture. RUB well scrub the main problem areas (pay special attention to nose, forehead, neck, chin, cheeks). Rinse the scrub with ordinary running cool water. It is recommended to do a scrub once a week. Store the scrub in the fridge, preferably in glass containers.

Combination skin and stone oil

For oily skin soap is the worst enemy. We therefore recommend that you replace it with a solution of rock oil. The recipe is identical to that for dry skin.

Universal mask of stone oil

This mask will suitable for all skin types and will provide her a stunning effect. Add a few drops of five percent stone solution in beaten egg white. Mix well the mixture and immediately apply to face. Rinse the mask is recommended after 10 minutes of running cool water. Repeat the procedure a couple of times a month, not abusing.

Stone oil for hair

The rich content of minerals in a stone oil makes it very valuable and effective for the care of women’s hair. In addition to the beautiful appearance of hair, stone oil is also able to eliminate and prevent the emergence of a number of problems: hair loss, graying and other. Also the oil contributes to a more intensive growth of the hair follicle, therefore, beauty can grow hair to the waist! Secret stone oil is simple — it acts directly on the scalp, so the effect of adoption visual and fast.

Solution for rinsing hair

Add to two liters of water three grams of powder stone oil. Rinse the mixture of your hair after washing it, rubbing it into the scalp. To enhance the effect, can massage the head, rubbing the mixture into the skin.

Applications for ailments

Healing solution

For a positive result from the application of stone oils, you must adhere to simple rules in the preparation of the miracle solution. Three liters of warm water add one tea spoon of rock oil. Before meals (half an hour) it is necessary to drink just one teaspoon of this solution. Watch out for their own well-being after ingestion of the solution: the body responds well to it, you can continue taking. Gradually, the number of drink solution must walk up to three tablespoons at a time. You can use one tablespoon of the solution three times a day.

Healing lotions

Lotions are made from the solution in the case of skin diseases. Three liters of water you need to add three grams of oil. These lotions should be applied twice daily on the skin where there is disease. Keep this compress for 5 — 30 minutes.

Medicinal baths

You can bathe in a bath with the addition of stone oil. 15 liters of water you need to add half a teaspoon of oil. A course of such baths will be 10 sessions (do baths every other day).

Treatment interruptions

Apply stone oil can be up to one month, then you need to take a break at least for a fortnight.

Contraindications stone oil

Before starting treatment be sure to consult your doctor as it can be dangerous for your body! Always monitor your health after the use of stone oil and in case of deterioration discontinue use and seek the advice of your doctor!

Contraindicated to apply oil to the following categories: pregnant, children, breastfeeding women; people with individual intolerance; persons suffering from chronic constipation and obstructive jaundice.

When you are being treated with stone oil, in any case can not drink alcohol, antibiotics, coffee, strong tea, cocoa, chocolate, radish, duck, goose and pork (these foods contribute to the aggravation of kidney stones).

Very carefully take oil: heart defects, arterial hypotension, thrombosis, increased blood clotting etc.

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