Several secrets of proper eye care

His eyes required constant attention from every female. When it comes to work, the need to take a break, during which you can sit for 5-7 minutes with your eyes closed. Doctors also warn of the eye, as well as entire body require vitamins, proper and balanced diet.

Grandma’s secrets of eye care is not outdated. To remove the fatigue from his eyes you can put on them cotton balls soaked in tea leaves of green tea. Such compress not only relieves redness and eye fatigue, but also give them a playful sheen.

The skin around the eyes also need constant care. Early wrinkles do not paint any woman. In this area the skin is extremely tender, not having the fatty tissue and muscle fibers. Now the market of cosmetic services offers a wide range of creams for the eye area, which need to apply with light, stroking movements. The lower eyelid is treated from the outer corner of the eye to the inner, upper the opposite.

«Bags» under the eyes – not a rare phenomenon in many women. The reasons for their emergence are many: it is the cardiovascular disease, hormonal disorders and banal fatigue. To identify the real cause of such defect, it is better to consult a specialist. In case the doctor did not reveal any violations in the work of your body, you can use the quite popular folk remedy – a poultice of sage.

A decoction of sage to compress for eyes

100 ml of water requires one tablespoon of crushed sage. On low heat the mixture boil for about three minutes. Then, once the broth configure themselves, you must drain it and divide into two equal parts. One need to cool, the second warm. Then there is the contrast compress, approximately every 10 minutes.

Swelling under the eyes is another problem for many women. Mask of potatoes is very helpful in getting rid of this cosmetic defect. Potatoes need to clean, grate and 10-15 minutes to attach to the site of edema.

And finally, a little secret for all women, dreaming about beautiful thick eyelashes. Every time before going to sleep lubricate eyelashes with a solution of castor oil. This will help keep their body and avoid falling.