Select ink: basic rules

The choice of mascara depends not only on the price factor but also from a number of other circumstances. Let’s look at all the details of the choice of such an essential form of decorative cosmetics.

1. Price

Here, in fact, the differences are small. And expensive ink, and cheap may well cope with their responsibilities. The main criterion for the selection of mascara is not pricing.

2. Packaging and shelf life

But this is the main criterion. First you need to look at the expiration date. Typically, the ink can be used from 3 to 6 months, so if you purchase the mascara has a month left before the expiration date, the better the product not to take. And it’s not that the ink will be bad painting, but the fact that it will start to wind up the germs.

The second aspect to which you should pay attention to packaging. It needs to be mentioned: the composition (to avoid allergies), date of manufacture, manufacturer and type. The type is better to choose waterproof mascara, because even if the tears is not expected, ink may leak due to perspiration.

3. The smell

Many girls think that the brighter the smell of ink, the better. It is a myth. Mascara should not smell at all. If it emits a smell, then there is substandard acetone, or too much.

4. Consistency

The creamy consistency of the mascara is different depending on the purpose of use. The scheme is as follows:

Very liquid – elongation

Thick – volume

Neither liquid nor thick, and extends(50%), and increases the volume(50%).

5. Brush

Another important point – the choice of brushes, depending on the purpose of use. There are some types of brushes:

  • Silicone – perfect for separating eyelashes. Increase the amount or length of the silicone brushes should not be expected. It is better to use as a Supplement to other brushes.
  • With rare setae the only thing this brush will come in handy — increasing.
  • Spiral bristle – ideal for hard lashes.
  • Solid bristle – suitable for an increase, but only for soft lashes.
  • Long bristle – beautifully enhances volume and leaves a lot of mascara on the eyelashes.
  • Short bristle – for short eyelashes or touch-up the corners of his eyes.
  • The curved arc – «lift» the lashes, opening the eye.
  • In the form of a spindle – give volume and embellish the corners of his eyes.
  • Long bristles on the edges – «lifts» the lashes and gives them form.
  • Thick brushes with fibers of different lengths – ideal for separating and thoroughly coat each lash.

That’s all the key points for choosing mascara. If you use these tips, then you never will be problems with poor quality ink.

Text: Irina Lev