How to choose a hair color to the eyes: secrets. Examples of successful and unsuccessful selection of hair color to the eyes (photo)

Wanting to change something about looks, women are often hesitant to update the color of the hair.

In order for the colour result pleased, you need to know some rules how to choose a hair color to the eyes.

It is not always the color that she sees in a magazine, on someone, on a box with paint on the color palette, is the color that will transform her appearance.

Choose your favorite shade and paint in his hair, a subsequently upset, because the selected hue is absolutely not they are not perfect.

Hair color: does it need to change?

Before painting hair, you should decide whether you really need this, do benefit from that appearance. At home it is not always possible to achieve the desired shade without causing harm to hair. Therefore, it is best to come to the salon and consult a specialist. Those who never in life did not dye the hair, the more you should not risk and do it at home, as the result can be unpredictable.

Wanting to dye her hair unusual shades such as pinkish, bluish or purple, it is important to remember that they are not suitable for everyone. For example, brunettes should not paint strands in purple color, as a result, the woman will look older.

Blondes are much easier to achieve a beautiful pastel shade for blondes. Brunettes need preliminary clarification, which is best done in a barbershop, to avoid loss of gloss and strength of hair.

We should not forget that after toning and lightening you will need to visit a professional every 2-3 weeks, and it is not cheap procedure.

Choosing bright and vibrant shades, you need to consider that they are very quickly washed off. Brunettes have a bright color will hold up a week. Strands of bright pink after about 3 weeks will acquire peach shade.

After hair coloring will have to adhere to certain rules so that the hair color was a persistent and intense:

• do not wash your hair too often;

• less likely to use modeling tools;

• not to use very mild shampoos;

• rinse hair with warm water, then rinse with cool.

The best option for dyed hair will dry shampoos. Their action differs from conventional shampoos. They spare not of dirt, and sebum.

How to choose a hair color to the eyes: General principles

Choosing the right tone for the hair, it is important every detail of her appearance and of course, eye color. For example, whites girls best painted in a dark and reddish color. Girls with freckles it is better to use colors that have a reddish and Burgundy shades. Ladies with tanned complexion better to dye dark brown hair. Ladies can be divided into 4 color type.

Women with white hair and dim eyes should choose bright colors, allowed to warm tide. This is a spring color type.

Summer color type includes women, in whose body there is a bluish undertone, eyes also not highlighted. Allowed to be painted in sand tones are not darker than the natural color. If you decide to paint in dark color, you should avoid excessive color saturation.

The color type «Autumn» is characterized by the abundance of freckles and bright hair. Eyes pale, perhaps light brown. Such women need blonde or brown with copper shimmer.

Women winter different eye-catching eyes and very bright skin. By nature the hair is usually dark. For painting is available a variety of dark colors.

How to choose a hair color to the eyes: a good options (with photos)

If the girl has got dark skin and bright eyes, it should painted in dark tones. To give freshness, you can apply highlights or reddish sand. Hazel look great can shade sand color, warm amber color.

Pale-faced ladies with brown eyes are usually awarded by nature with blonde or reddish tone to the hair. Eyes are usually light brown. Such personages should be painted in orange or sand tone. Light hair is not often found in combination with bright eyes. But for those who still dreams of becoming a blonde, you should choose blonde or sandy tones. A good solution would be to weave.

Women with lightly tanned skin, deep blue eyes and naturally pale hair suitable bright Golden tone, a reddish or sandy color.

Must be taken into account the types of blue eyes shades:

• for light eyes with yellow and orange elements fit red paint, Golden tones or caramel color;

• if the eyes are a cool color, then dyeing hair is recommended in a light brown color;

• bright blue and blue eyes are a perfect match to rich brown colors of hair such as, for example, light chestnut.

The owners of dark skin in combination with green eyes hardly the question arises, how to choose a hair color to the eyes, because the choice in this situation is obvious and small: will fit only chocolate and chestnut colors. You can’t paint in pale colors, because they transform the way in unnatural.

For ladies with mysterious green eyes and pale skin, perfectly calm, natural colors, red, Golden and even black. Color type so successful that it is difficult to spoil.

You should pick up a hair color in accordance with the kind of eyes, as the green tone is quite versatile:

• owners of green eyes with orange or yellow patches need to dye your hair red, copper or Golden color of sand;

• with pale green eyes or the eyes of a pronounced green color will look great orange and red hair. Also goes well with chestnut and Golden hair;

• to swamp the eyes of the above options will not work. In this case, you need to find a calm tone.

Ladies with a dark body and pale gray eyes need to choose saturated colors that appearance has become brighter and more expressive: this will help nutty and chocolate tones. If the lady got not only pale eyes, but the hair, you should purchase a paint of ashy tones. If natural hair color is dark, it is possible to dye dark brown color.

How to choose a hair color to the eyes: the bad options (with photos)

Girls with light hair and eyes it is better not to dye your hair platinum and purple tones.

Black hair makes the image of a red boring.

Red ladies with an abundance of freckles is not necessary to use bright contrasting colors. If the person is prone to rashes, red hair only accentuate this problem.

Bliznaci ladies with bright brown eyes don’t need to be painted black, Burgund and eggplant and too pale shades.

Owners of gray eyes should not get involved too light or very dark colors that make the face visually more Mature.

Remembering tips on how to choose a hair color to the eyes, any fashionista can transform and update the image, emphasizing the best features of their appearance. After the choice of hair color many things must be taken into account, otherwise the image change can result in complete disappointment, not to miraculous upgrading.