Rosemary oil — useful properties and applications. How to use rosemary essential oil for beauty and health.

«Sea dew» — so romantic call rosemary inhabitants of the coast of the Mediterranean sea. The useful properties of the shrub were used back in ancient times, but it does not disappear from the list of effective means to care for themselves now.

How to get rosemary essential oil

As raw material for obtaining the essential oil using fresh shoots, flowers and twigs with leaves of rosemary. Miracle cure produced in several ways — by pressing, by solvent extraction. Basic technology — distillation with water vapor.

Essential oils can evaporate (volatilize), mingling with its molecules. Therefore, in obtaining the product comes in one of three ways:

1. Chopped raw material is completely immersed in boiling water.

2. Prepared shoots, leaves, branches, laid out on special lattices and pass through them hot steam.

3. Combine both boiling water and steam.

After such processing a gaseous mixture of steam and air enters the so-called refrigerator where it cools and condenseries (becomes liquid). This cocktail without problems split into the individual components have been run through. (separation tube). The result is two important product: aromatic water and essential oil. They both have a very wide application, but, of course, the more valuable is the oil.

The beneficial properties of rosemary oil

Composed of pale yellow product contain:


— pinene;

— borderliner;

— bornylacetate;

— camphor;

— campin etc.

Due to the presence of just such a bouquet of nutrients, essential oil of rosemary has an extremely beneficial impact on the human body:

— diuretic;

— anti-inflammatory;

— antiseptic;

— antioxidant;

— Antirheumatic;

— bactericidal;

— wound healing.

Rosemary oil is used in sports, cosmetics, in medicine, for the regulation and stabilization of psycho-emotional sphere.

Rosemary oil — contraindications (and possible harm)

Along with the benefits, rosemary oil has its contraindications.

1. Pregnancy.

2. Epilepsy, or at least suspected it.

3. The age of 6 years.

4. Intolerance component.

5. Hypertension.

6. The high sensitivity of the skin.

As side effects may be triggered by an allergic reaction.

In order not to harm their health, it is necessary to observe certain security measures:

— delete tool to access children;

— use mainly for outdoor use;

— do not use undiluted;

— to prevent the ingress of rosemary oil on the mucous membranes, especially the conjunctiva of the eye;

— do not use the product after 18 months from the date of manufacture;

— buy only certified product from a pharmacy or specialty store;

— observe the storage conditions darken, the optimum temperature in the range of 2-15°C.

Rosemary oil — indications and methods of use

Given the qualities of rosemary oil, its use is shown in the following cases:

— problem skin (dry, wilting);

— acne and boils;

wounds and abscesses;


— the weakening and loss of hair;

— weakening of memory;

— insomnia and migraines;

— mental fatigue;

nervous strain;

— decreased concentration;

— neurosis;

— problems with the cardiovascular system;

— disorders of the gastrointestinal tract;

— painful menstruation and disorders of the cycle;

— ARI and ARI;

— bronchitis and pneumonia;

— flu and sinusitis;

— gout and arthritis;

— stretching of the tendons and/or ligaments.

This is not the whole list of indications for the use of rosemary oil. Knowing that the possible contra-indications, before application it is necessary to consult with your doctor, then just follow his recommendations.

How to use rosemary oil? Quite a lot of options.

1. Taking a common bathroom, you can drop 5-8 times in the water. The procedure is performed in about 1.5-3 hours before bedtime.

2. Works well the air during the massage, if the basis for the cream, add 3-5 drops for every 10 grams.

3. Making a compress, moistened towel or gauze should be applied in pure form, 3-4 drops, duration of procedure — up to 0.5 hours.

4. If you are using aerolane, then for every 5 m2 it is recommended to use 1-2 drops.

5. In order to enrich cosmetic products, it is necessary to add to single serving of tonic, cream or shampoo 2-3 drops.

6. In aromamedalony you can drop 2-3 drops;

7. To perform inhalation of hot steam in 2 liters of hot water added 4 drops of the ether;

8. Before training the muscles well warmed up with 1 tablespoon of almond oil with the addition of 8 drop rosemary;

9. With caution should make the rosemary oil inside: can to half Cup warm water add 0,5 coffee spoon of honey with 1-2 drops of this liquid.

Naturally, given only General use of precious funds, over a wide range of procedures can be found on advice from your doctor or aromatherapist.

Rosemary essential oil for hair

Rosemary oil is the most effective tool for solving various problems with hair and scalp. The most stable result is obtained if the tool is to apply regularly, and not from case to case. This improves nutrition of cells and provokes the intensification of metabolic processes in hair bulbs.

The air helps to cleanse and treat the scalp, removing when you use cork grease, excessive greasiness glands, removing dandruff and dead skin particles. Daily scalp massage with a couple drops of rosemary miracle — real first aid for weak, damaged hair. Hair is transformed from a continuous problem into a source of pride and admiration: they can not help but admire, becoming really silky, shiny and bouncy. To achieve the desired result there are various ways of effective application.

The most common practice — adding to brand shampoos at the rate of 2-3 drops per procedure. As a rinse use warm water with 8-9 drops rosemary. Even better, 10 drops of oil mixed with 5 ml of alcohol (70%) and add mix in a quart of warm water makes a great mouthwash.

Huge recipes for hair masks at home. What to use? It depends on the specific problem for which the remedy needed.

1. To strengthen hair and make it Shine (except in bold type) mix 20 ml of grape seed oil, 10 ml jojoba. Add 2 drops of rosemary with air and 1 drop of birch Bay. Vigorously, but gently, causing the received fat based on your fingertips, massage the head skin, five minutes is enough completely. Then wrap hair with plastic wrap, then towel. After one hour, wash your hair as always.

2. In order to prevent hair loss dry and brittle hair, take avocado, macadamia, jojoba, 10 ml Mixed oils of rosemary, sweet, ylang-ylang, 2 drops taken. Added a drop of oil Bay, birch and chamomile. Apply the mixture on entire length of hair after a five-minute scalp massage that stimulate the roots. The hair is wrapped with polyethylene and towel. All thoroughly washed off after 1 hour.

3. For excessively oily hair care with 1 tablespoon of almond oil and 5 drops rosemary. This composition is applied on the scalp, the hair roots and massage, are massaged with gentle strokes. On hour place, we need to wrap up warm (film plus a towel), then gently rinse.

4. To solve the painful problem of dandruff recommended the face mask 10 ml of fatty oil (olive, cereal germ, almonds). Added 3 drops of oils of rosemary, lavender, geranium and cedar, tea tree. The resulting cocktail, rubbed into the scalp, to withstand, wrapped it completely, about 40 minutes, then wash in the usual way.

5. When the hair falls out, Willy-nilly panic. The problem is effectively solved using 50 ml of olive oil enriched with 5 drops of rosemary. Into the container with the mixture put a small sprig of rosemary, let stand 3 weeks in a dark place, then strain into a dark glass bottle. The tool is rubbed into the roots, then apply on the entire length. The mixture is kept on the head under the wrap and a towel not more than 0.5 hours.

There are basic rules for the use of masks for hair with rosemary oil.

1. To prevent possible troubles with hair masks are used 1 time in a week, when there was a specific problem — the number increased to two times.

2. Pure rosemary oil on the skin do not cause: possible burn.

3. The best effect is usually observed after 15 treatments.

4. Used oil before cooking the composition is better slightly warm.

5. Important: to test for the mixture: apply a drop on the inside of the elbow or behind the ear.

If after 12 hours the dough changes with the skin did not happen, so an allergic reaction will not develop, safe to use elegant and generous gift of nature.

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