Rosehip oil – its useful properties and applications. How to use rosehip oil for health and cosmetic purposes.

Rosehips I first associated with torn hands that suffered for the creation of the autumn crafts. From him in his time had suffered and my children, innocent language, which was unexpectedly awarded a portion of the barbed needles. Now I was not tormented by insatiable curiosity and the desire to eat something strange to hit the mother of his equanimity. I have not eat the rose hips, but discovered extremely beneficial for the skin product which is extracted from the same plant. We are talking about rosehip oil. Let us discuss what is so remarkable is this oil and what to do to become more beautiful and healthier.

Receipt of rosehip oil

To healing plant product is rosehip oil, which is produced from the fruit of plants of the Rose family. The world knows more than ten thousand species of wild rose. However, all scientists have recognized only 140 species, which is also, like it or not, is quite a impressive figure.

Most useful rosehip oil, extracted by cold pressed. But most of all rosehip oil is made from seeds by performing an extraction with organic solvents.

Properties of rosehip oil

Usually rosehip oil has an orange color. But it can also be brownish, with a slightly greenish tint. The wild rose oil odor. As for taste, this herbal oil is bitter.

Rosehip oil boasts metabolic, obstensively, regenerating, adaptogenic as well as vitamin and pharmacological properties. This product is famous for its antioxidant action. It contains vitamin C, Tocopherols and carotenoids. In rosehip seed oil are fatty acids (omega-3, omega-6). For example, it is possible to find linolenic and linoleic acid. Both are essential fatty acids, the lack of which can lead to abnormal development and functioning of the body.

Rosehip oil: contraindications

You can’t use the rosehip oil to people who have intolerance to such a product. It is also not recommended to take patients who have found disease of the pancreas. Careful with it you need to be and those suffering from thrombophlebitis, thrombosis.

Some diseases of the heart and liver, problems with blood circulation, duodenal ulcer, gastritis, hyperacidity of the stomach also should be a signal to the restriction of rosehip oil. In General, before you use it, it is better to consult a doctor and check whether you have the disease, the presence of which is not recommended to use the rosehip oil.

Attention: in order not to provoke an allergic reaction, using a treatment mask based on oil of rose, pre-test of this herbal product.

The use of rosehip oil

Rosehip oil is known in medicine as a wound healing agent. It is used for the treatment of bedsores, trophic ulcers and dermatoses. Even rosehip oil heals the cracks, it can be used in nursing women who need to quickly clean up the wound on the nipple. Rosehip oil is included with liquids, designed for klishirovannyh patients with non-specific ulcerative colitis.

In folk medicine, rose hip oil is used to treat chemical burns, and radiation skin lesions. Many years ago the soldiers used the rosehip oil to quickly cure received in battle wounds. They relied on the oil from the seeds, even in the case when he received a wound in the head.

Food rosehip oil is consumed rarely. But it like to use during the manufacture of cosmetic products. Rosehip oil can be found in nourishing creams, are designed for any skin (problematic, normal, dry). In addition, the oil from rose hips is used in the manufacture of linseed oil. To get such a film-forming agent, use the rose hip.

Beautiful skin and rosehip oil

Especially the rosehip oil pleases dry flaky skin. After all, it is due to the content of fatty acids is a good moisturizer. And rosehip oil perfectly softens the skin, protects it from UV rays. It is perfect for people with problem skin, because this oil has a anti-inflammatory effect.

Also rosehip oil improves the skin’s structure, visibly rejuvenates it, smoothens wrinkles and prevents premature aging. This oil effectively eliminates rashes and makes it less noticeable scars.

Anti-aging cream with rosehip oil

Main ingredient anti-aging cream is rosehip oil, which will give the skin radiance, making it firmer, hydrated and will reduce the severity of age spots. To prepare the cream for a week, you will need 10 drops of rosehip oil. The basis for such homemade products it is better to take hypoallergenic baby cream (2 tbsp). Add chinou box of fresh aloe juice, five drops of liquid vitamin B2 and jojoba oil.

Mix all until smooth, place the cream in a sealed jar. To keep a product should be refrigerated. The shelf life of the finished product – a week. Apply this anti-aging product once a day instead of a day cream.

Using this Kremik just two weeks, you can be sure that part of facial wrinkles smoothed, the skin becomes more smooth and shining as if from within. The blend of oils will relieve swelling, smooth out the bumps, eliminates Hyper pigmentation, nourish, moisturize.

this anti-aging cream can be applied under the eye and care it for the decollete and neck.

Mask with rosehip oil wrinkles under eyes

Base masks from wrinkles will be the rosehip oil which contains large amount of vitamin C, while it absolutely does not dry the skin (unlike many foods rich in this vitamin), but instead moisturizes it. Vitamin C is very quickly removes dark circles under the eyes. In addition to three tea spoons of oil of rose hips, we need more and jojoba oil – a product of youth. Jojoba oil, and aloe juice, liquid honey, have a teaspoon. The last two components – vitamins a and E.

aloe juice mask take from the plant, which is more than three years. Pressure the juice should be after leaf aloe ‘ em in the fridge for about a week.

Note: if you have a dark face, instead of vitamins, you can use sea buckthorn oil, which because of its coloring properties are not suitable for girls with fair skin.

To prepare the mask under the eyes need to mix all the above natural ingredients. The mask should be rubbed into the skin products should drive at her fingertips. The agent should be applied on cleansed skin. To do the procedure every day for two weeks. The first results will become visible after five to six days. After two weeks to use this tool as a preventive measure. To keep the skin under the eyes in shape enough to do a mask once a week, at least no more than two.

This tool is used sparingly. Cooked according to the recipe of the mask enough for the entire course. Anti-aging products stored in the refrigerator. It should be placed in a glass container with a tight-fitting lid.

Anti-inflammatory and regenerating night mask

First, get a aloe juice or buy a natural aloe gel. Juice should be half teaspoon. Mix aloe Vera with six drops of rosehip oil and two of tea tree.

The agent should be applied on otstraivanie the skin. Leave the mixture on the face till morning. Before going to work, wash with warm water.

If you want to eliminate flaking, redness, replace the tea tree oil for lavender. Smooth skin will help oil of rosewood, while the ylang-ylang perfectly narrow pores. If you have too oily skin, use citrus essential oils. You’ll like orange oil or grapefruit and lemon.

The simplest oil mask for any skin

Not necessary to put oil with any tricky components. Because rosehip oil contains large amounts of vitamins, antioxidant, anti-aging, synthesizing collagen, hydrating, oxygenating and fatty acids that strengthen the skin’s protective barrier and exposed building material for new cells, it can be used by mixing with the usual favorite cream. This simple remedy made from cream and rosehip oil will also have a healing effect, eliminates stagnant spots and small scars.

Oil emulsion-aging

This tool in addition to anti-aging effect also has a regenerative effect and healthily nourishes the skin. You will need a teaspoon of rosehip oil, twice that of almond oil, half a small spoon of beeswax. Other ingredients: four drops of vitamin E, a tablespoon rose water, 10 drops essential oils of geranium, ylang ylang and neroli.

First melt the beeswax, removing it from heat (water bath), mix with vegetable oils. Parallel to the heat in a separate container rose water (instead, you can take distilled). Pouring water into the wax, quickly whisk a mass of about three minutes. Then add a vitamin and essential oils in the resulting light pink emulsion and again whisk it.

Put the tool in a tightly sealable container and put that in the fridge. The products can be stored in a cool place for up to six months. Apply rejuvenating emulsion in the evening on the face, neckline and neck. As the mixture is concentrated, for once is enough to get funds in the amount of a pea.

If you forgot to put cooked products in the refrigerator, do not be upset and blame themselves – this emulsion will not become a victim of your forgetfulness. She’s not particularly terrible room temperature. Moreover, the tool can be stored out of the fridge a month.

Rosehip oil stretch marks

Rosehip oil is used for the prevention of stretch marks or reduce the appearance of stretch marks resulting. This oil should be rubbed into the skin, giving it a good massaging. It is usually combined with other vegetable or essential oils (almond, lavender).

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