The grace and elegance of vintage hairstyles (photos). Hairstyle in retro style on both long and medium hair – the perfect solution for true fashionistas

Hairstyle in retro style on both long and medium hair do not lose their relevance in our time. Wedding, photo shoot, themed friendly gatherings or just a casual look, it doesn’t matter. Importantly, these hairstyles are very elegant and refined.

Done properly, retro hairstyle will impress any party guests or celebration, no girlfriends.

Elegant lines, perfect curls, a large number of styling products or tools with the effect of wet hair, studs, clips, lace headbands and scarves, luxury brooches-pins with natural or artificial pearls, satin ribbon, feathers – all this «wealth» is distinguished by hairstyle, a stylized retro, from the rest. Thirties, fifties, seventies. What’s the hairstyle you decide for yourself.

Graceful waves in a retro hairstyle (photo) on medium hair and long

Remember those cute and naive movie divas of silent cinema? Their style was simple, but at the same time flawless. Clearly laid out at the head curls were as if glued to it. But at that time there was such a universal means for fixing the hair as it is now, and the hairstyles looked insanely elegant. Try to recreate this beauty. The more complex this styling, absolutely nothing.

Please note that the hair in this hairstyle can be washed and dried not in the day of its creation, and in a day or two before. It doesn’t matter because its fixation is ensured by a gel effect of wet hair and some nail Polish.

Hair gel can be applied on your comb and pass it over the entire length of hair. Gel will facilitate some obedience hair, removes static and frizz. To create waviness will need a Curling iron or special flat irons. The peculiarity of this hairstyle in a retro style on both long and medium hair that each new curl is laid on the head in the right direction and that is fixed by a clip to the main mass of hair until the next wave. When piercing waves, you can file it, or forward or back a little (depending on desire). When all waves are stacked and perfectly twisted, sprinkle varnish strong fixing hair and remove the clips. Sometimes this kind of hair style you want to apply shadow in the color of the hair. Hair can become more interesting.

Wrap and curls for a retro hairstyle (photo)

Want a simple and interesting solution for super-hair? Please note in the photo. It’s very simple – a large amount of the curls on the back of the head can be created on medium and long hair. If your hair is longer than mid shoulder blades, their tips, a little necessav, you can pin up with Bobby pins, laying underneath all the hair, or use pins.

Beautiful tease the hair near the face, in advance, dividing them into smooth Central parting. To complete the decorative hair band or special headband. The variant with the stones and beads perfectly festive.

Victory rolls – recreate 40 years, hairstyles in retro style on both long and medium hair

Wartime and elegant female images. Such thoughts can occur when you look at these photos. Women of those years is enviable in grace and the ability to create gorgeous hairstyles with your own hands, without the help of professionals.

And we will try to recreate this simple and easy. Hairstyle can be done on hair with slight curls or straight. It all depends on what shape and what size you need so-called rolls of hair.

In any case, the hair is divided into one or more partings. To comb the hair comb or flat brush, so as not to «push» the hair. If necessary, each strand before styling, you can sprinkle it with hair spray.

Start forming the rolls, throwing them around the palm of your hand, so that the base of the curl could be attached invisible to the roots of the hair. The height and density of the strands is determined by your taste. We can say that this hairstyle suited for ladies with long hair or very sparse hair. This is its charm.

The edges of the hair can be spiral twisted and tucked into the void roll, but unable to hang down. If desired, before laying a kind of cushion of hair, you can make an easy basal fleece, which will add splendor retro hairstyle. Loose hair will look great, if their curl with a Curling iron in the shape of a spring to direct each strand down, not combing, and drizzle them with fixing varnish. If medium length hair, the tight curls at the base of the head, will help to visually lengthen hair. You may be able to hide the free tip of each curl inward and fasten varnish, but in this case you will need the help of anyone. In addition, adorn the hairstyle of the original a flower or barrette.

Naughty bangs girls-hipsters – retro hairstyle with enthusiasm

Stylish and energetic, reckless and defiant. All these definitions approach girls, read time magnificent skirts-bells MIDI length and hairstyles in retro style on both long and medium hair with using grease. In our time, the beauty of the lush skirts still relevant, and «Barinova» styling of those years, can be satisfied by modern means, in particular, gels and waxes for hair.

Separate the top of the hair, capturing bangs, triangle. Try to capture hair along the forehead. They will form the desired curl. Comb the strand, smoothing the hair gel, wax, or abundant stream of hairspray. Form a roll of bangs, twisting it around his palm. Then, try to push the bangs forward so that it slightly hangs over the forehead, and at the same time was magnificent. Pin the bangs to makuleke of the head invisible. Spread the received wave. Attaching and fixing the bangs perfectly close stylish headband with protruding ends. Colors this accessory can be any. Whether the remaining hair curled with a Curling iron, curlers or remain straight, you decide. This hairstyle is not boring, definitely.

Create retro hair style (photo) with the volume and bouffant

Imposing the seventies – a time of lush shapes and bouffant hairstyles. The volume and negligence in laying, perhaps, a great advantage for those ladies who has a minimum of experience. This hairstyle in retro style on both long and medium hair can do any fashion, without resorting to outside help.

Comb the hair. Separate, dropping forward over his forehead, the entire piece of hair, at the crown. Occipital hair must be lifted basal dense fleece. Form at the back of the lush cushion and pin invisible in the hair. Then, the hair that was removed on the forehead, necesita throughout its length. Slightly, not combing the fleece, give them a form, allocating back, over obtained and recorded volume of the cushion at the back. Spread your hair so that they are fully covered neck roll. Secure the whole thing with Bobby pins or a beautiful barrette. Let light strands at the temples. The ends of the hair curl, if desired, in light curls. Drizzle with varnish. Hairstyle can be casual or formal. It is quite versatile and simple.