Just how do you make perfume at home. You need to make spirits with their hands at home

Perfume can emphasize femininity and individuality, to reveal the image, and Vice versa.

It is important in this issue to study all the details or to trust a professional perfumer.

Will show you how to make perfume at home.

It turns out that to create the fragrance composition is very easy. The most important component of this magical action are oil – sources of uniqueness. An oil selected strictly the best of quality from good reliable companies. Better to buy from the producer. It depends on a large part of success in this perfume work.

What do you need

Aromatic essences are inherently volatile properties. If the body is to apply flavored fluid with time exudes the smell changes. Knowing all following the rules of composition, it is easy to understand how to make perfume at home. Perfumers connect components with different flavors – it turns out «base». It is divided into several «notes»:

• base note (loop);

• heart note;

top note (head).

From the time the application begins their period of action: they evaporate and exude the aroma turns from top to bottom.

Base note is considered to be the most stable in the composition. The scent lasts from twelve to 24 four hours after application. The duration of action is directly connected with specific EF-governmental oils, which are taken by the perfumer.

The heart note is the primary element of the composition. Engaging in interaction with other essential oils, reveals the shades and opens a new feel.

The top note is quickly volatilized essential oil. Can be called such citrus.

In all the fragrant fluids contain one of listed additional elements: distilled water, alcohol, coconut oil, jojoba, sweet almond. Considered — every woman should have their own special (genetic) flavor, preparation thereof, may exceptionally sensitive master.

Step by step instructions

First of all you need to bring to your desktop the following things:

• the content of the aromatic liquid – purified alcohol, olive qau oil, jojoba oil;

• distilled water, real spring;

• the existence of long-lasting fragrance provides the glycerin in a small proportion;

• fresh coffee (used to update the sense of smell);

• essential oils themselves;

• required: notebook, pen, 5 to 15 pharmacy clean pipettes, paper strips 0,4на10 see, the bottle for aromatic essences the future.

If making spirits at home with a pungent aroma – a combination of the fluid should be 70% of essential oils. For a gentle smell which is 20%.

To obtain spirits with «long-playing» flavor of the resulting liquid it is necessary to insist: first 48 hours in a dark and cool place (no refrigeration) and after adding water (if the base is equal to 80 milliliters – a couple tablespoons) and glycerin (a few drops) — another 48 hours. There are guidelines about the insistence (before adding water and glycerol) for one month. Experts claim that spirits required a good wine time to Mature.

The testers of paper are applied oil to 1 drop and brought to the nose, out the best any flavors. Preferences are specified in the notebook.

It is believed that the best ratio in the composition is a ratio of 1:2:3 (head:heart:base).

After the composition of the essential oils is ready, the work ends with the addition of alcohol or jojoba oil, or olive oil, or distilled water or pure spring water. In the case of preparation of dry spirits is added to the combination of fatty oils and waxes.

Options the mixing of odors

Recipe No. 1

How to make perfume at home for a romantic evening mood:

• first note – rose (1 drop), sandalwood (6 cap.);

• second note – ylang-ylang (3 drops);

• third note – verbena (3 drops).

Recipe No. 2

Aroma of lightness and summer:

• first note – rose (1 drop);

• second note – Melisa (2 cap.);

• third note – bergamot (2 drops), lemon (4 drops).

Recipe No. 3

Men’s fragrance:

• first note – sandalwood (2 drops);

• second note – lavender (2 drops), juniper (2 drops);

• third note – lemon (1 drop), bergamot (4 drops).

Recipe No. 4

The aroma of the stimulating:

• first note – rose (1 drop), sandalwood (8 drops), patchouli (3 drops), Jasmine (3 drops);

• second note – ylang-ylang (3 drops);

• third note – verbena (3 drops).

Recipe No. 5

Night delicate flavor (infused at least 15 hours):

• first note – sandalwood (5 drops), musk (5 drops), frankincense (3 drops);

• the third note (the second) – jojoba oil (3 drops).

Best perfume scents at home obtained by mixing of rose, lavender, chamomile, ylang-ylang, Jasmine and iris. The smell of peppermint is softened or lavender, or rosemary. Citrus perfectly blended with juniper. In any case you cannot mix the rosemary and lavender.

To stored for a long time

Being storing the resulting composition may become cloudy, lose flavour and even evaporate. However, the best quality perfume have a shelf life of not more than 3 years.

Firstly, perfume is best stored in a dark place. Better to keep a bottle in the box and do not expose to direct sunlight.

Secondly, of great importance in the extension of shelf life is the integrity of the vial. Best kept perfume atomizer.

Thirdly, when applying perfumes on body do not use this process fingers. This excessive skin contact with the spirits. You must use a disposable plastic stick or something similar.

And, finally, nothing will stand the test of time, but the quality perfume – oil-based – stored the longest. Because natural perfumes are much more expensive than their competitors. Spirits, home-made or store-bought alcohol base even from a sealed vial slowly evaporate under the influence of heat. They need to be stored in the refrigerator in a closed container.