The perfect pedicure at home. Designs nails and expert tips for homemade pedicure

Women who want to look perfect from head to toe, must follow the condition of their feet and toes not just in the summer – the season of open sandals.

Specialized shops offer certain procedures for returns feet a well-groomed appearance.

But not all ladies have the opportunity to use their services, so it’s important to learn how to do a pedicure yourself.

Pedicure at home: tools and materials

Salon pedicure is a considerable financial costs. To make a perfectly smooth heels and marigold – are beautiful, and at home. There are two ways foot care: hardware and classic pedicure. The first method involves a special machine. Today we are going to focus on the more usual and affordable procedure – trimming pedicure.

For a thorough treatment of feet and toes we will need the following tools:

1. Tweezers (pliers) are used to trim nails. Choose a tool, made of high quality steel with uniform sharpening. Nippers double spring will last longer. Width of the blade may be from 5 to 9 mm. thinner Than it is, the sharper.

2. Cuticle nippers – a great alternative to the usual nail scissors. The tool is designed to remove on the toes of the Burr and neat cutting of cuticle. Carefully treat the skin allow triangular ends and beveled edges of the cutters.

3. The pedicure brush is used it to gently remove the rough layer of the skin after baths and for cleansing of the cuticles and nails. The tool can be made from natural fibers and synthetic materials.

4. Pedicure machine (scraper) is used for deep cleansing of rough skin on those areas where not handle a hard brush and a pumice stone. Comfortable handle and interchangeable blades allow you to make the surface perfectly smooth stop without much effort. Scraper perfectly removes dry calluses and corns.

5. Pumice is a porous stone, through which you can easily buff hard skin on the feet. This tool should be a convenient shape that will allow him to easily go in hand. The smaller the pores of the pumice stone, so it is more delicately on the skin.

6. The spatula cuticle (pusher manicure) – this tool pedicure at home has two functional parts. On the one hand, the product is equipped with a shovel, which you use to push back the cuticle. On the reverse side is the so-called «hatchet» which is designed for cleaning nails.

7. Grater for feet is used to remove the keratinized skin. Tool depending on preference and individual skin characteristics. Grater are:

• laser,

• glass,

• emery,

• ceramic.

8. Nail files of different grits to give the nails shape, grinding and polishing. There are following types of saws:

• sapphire crystal,

• ruby,

• diamond,

• ceramic.

9. Spacers for pedicures allow the user to apply nail Polish. The fingers do not touch each other, which guarantees high-quality coating them with varnish.

10. Disposable Slippers will ensure you move freely around the room while the varnish is still wet.

11. The foot bath. Modern baths for the pedicures are equipped with the latest technology, which makes the foot care in a pleasant procedure. We are talking about hydro and vibromassages, which removed fatigue, magnetic radiation, relieves discomfort in joints, UV Lam, get rid of the fungus.

12. Relaxing essential oil added to the water while taking a bath. A few drops of this wonderful tool will create a relaxed atmosphere and perfectly soften the skin.

13. Scrub or peeling for feet is committed to ensuring a quality massage and remove dead cells.

14. Liquid varnish remover, cotton buds and disks need to remove nail Polish.

15. Nail Polish, base, top coat will need to create a nail design.

16. Moisturizing cream or oil to stop.

17. The foot powder has a deodorizing effect and eliminates excessive sweating.

Tips care tools pedicure

Choosing accessories for a home pedicure, specialists recommend not to save. It should also be noted that the service life of tools depends not only on their quality, but also the right treatment.

• At least once a month to lubricate the friction surfaces of scissors, clippers and tweezers with a special oil. This will improve the smoothness of the accessory.

• Time to sharpen cutting elements of tools.

• Disinfect items before each use.

Pedicure at home: a sequence of actions

Next, consider how to do pedicure step by step.

1. Before the pedicure, wash your feet and to remove old nail Polish. Disinfect the tools.

2. Do the tub. In an ordinary basin or tub, pour hot water. To it add the baking soda, few drops of lemon juice, iodine and sea salt. It is also recommended to use any relaxing essential oils. Dip your foot in water to make them steam. It will take at least 15 minutes. On cooling the bath to add hot water.

In bath you can add shower gel or liquid soap. This will allow even better to soften the Horny layer cells. After a pleasant procedure to wipe his feet with a towel.

3. Trim the nails and give them a shape. Take the clippers or manicure scissors and cut a straight line the part of the nail that protrudes. Experts advise to give your nails a square shape. This allows to avoid such trouble, as the ingrowth of the nail into the skin. Nail file trim cut, moving from the edges to the center. With a spatula move the cuticle, and apply emollient. Remove the cuticle pusher and clean the nail plate. Double-sided nail file for pedicure will allow you to Polish the nail plate to make them look shiny and smooth. Scissors remove burrs.

4. Now take a pumice stone and get rid of rough skin feet and heels. Gentle circular movements with light pressure to get rid of dead skin, dry calluses and corns. If the skin is too rough and the pumice doesn’t make it, then use the machine for a pedicure. To fix the result will help special peels and scrubs for feet.

5. Pedicure at home involves the nutrition and hydration of the skin. Take cream or butter and grease the feet with light massage movements. Also, now you can make a mask for the skin. On your feet wear socks for pedicure (or normal food bags) and socks. After 15-20 minutes, you’ll discover just how soft and velvet became your skin.

6. You can begin applying nail Polish. Treat nail plate with a special liquid nail Polish remover to degrease it and to ensure uniform application of the decorative coating. I applied the Foundation. After it dries nail. It is applied in two layers. This allows to achieve a uniform saturated color. Special separators (spacers) will make applying the product very comfortable, will keep it lubricated. Cover the nails with fixative.

In many women the question arises: how often should I do a pedicure? According to experts, the skin on the feet will always be well-groomed, if the procedure to do pedicure once every 7-10 days.

Pedicure at home: design options

Many women want their feet looked not only well maintained but also elegant. This helps beautiful lush pedicure. Consider the most popular and spectacular designs of nails that will allow you to look stunning.

Solid pedicure

Solid classic pedicure looks simple and incredibly elegant. Due to its restraint and brevity it is always appropriate. To diversify this type of design help bright neon shades. Unexpected colors accentuate the beauty of your feet. Also flair to any look will give the so-called «rainbow». A pedicure will not be boring if every finger to paint different colors.

French pedicure

Stylish versatile jacket never loses its relevance. It is suitable for creating casual looks, and evening. French pedicure with a properly chosen «smile line» looks perfect. For a change it can make some unexpected color. Also, this kind of design allows the use of lace, patterns and drawings. Modern French is characterized by a diversity of performance, but always looks feminine and harmonious.

White French

Color French

French ornament

Rhinestone pedicure

Shining decorative stone in your nails is an excellent way to demonstrate your refined taste and personality. In this design, it is important not to overdo it and keep pedicures easy and not overloaded.



Pedicure with pictures

Nails never cease to be fashionable. Here every woman can unleash the imagination. The most popular are floral and abstract designs. This pedicure liberating, gives femininity and looseness.


Pedicure at home: tips

Your legs will always look perfect, if you listen to the advice of professionals:

• Save the effect just made pedicure will help olive oil. It should be applied to feet at night. From top to wear cotton socks. This simple procedure will return your heels soft and perfect smoothness.

• Yellow nails you will be able to deliver not only the special store peeling. Clean the plate from stains and regain a healthy color helps scrub with coffee grounds.

• Equalize uneven surface of nails covered with ridges, you can use sanding nail file and varnish-base.

• Bath of sage or Bay leaf will reduce the sweating of the feet.

• During the pedicure don’t forget to do a light massage. After all, there are many acupuncture points that are responsible for the health of the entire body. Massage will improve circulation, relax and improve mood.

As you can see, it will be able to master every lady. Do not neglect this useful and necessary procedure. Now you do not need to constantly spend money to visit salons. To care for the feet themselves with the necessary tools is quite simple and nice. Fresh pedicure looks beautiful and gives confidence to any woman.