Orange essential oil — useful properties and applications. How to apply oil, sweet apalsa for beauty and health.

I think that many oranges cause associations with holiday, joy, high spirits, and, in General, with something pleasant and good. Many centuries ago this fruit came to us from countries of the far East. It cost too expensive and not every average person could afford at least once to try the orange. Now, the situation in a root has changed. Orange is one of the most affordable, delicious and healthy fruit, which can be found on the shelves. The juice of this bright fruit is often used in the treatment of any disease and to boost immunity. From oranges and make essential oil, which is endowed with indescribable healing properties and with all this, it is almost the cheapest among all the currently known essential oils.

How to get orange essential oil

Long ago, when special equipment not yet existed, it was possible to win orange essential oil from its fleshy skins by manually squeezing them. Just imagine how many people have long and to work hard to squeeze as much oil to be able to put it up for sale in the local market. Pure real and high-quality essential oil of oranges has a green-yellow color. Oil is now this color is nowhere to be found. And all because now it is produced by the method of cold pressed and filtered several times before pour into containers and prepared for sale. This oil will have a dark brownish colour and a sweet, pronounced fruit flavor.

If you have purchased orange essential oil, don’t think that it received from the peel of the fruit, as it should be, in principle. Now it should be made from the leaves of the orange tree, and from its flowers. This oil differs in quality from the derived from the peel, but yet is also has some valuable properties that you can use to improve health.

This essential oil can even be done yourself, it is not necessary to buy it, if in doubt about the composition of store oils. Orange oil, which is made at home, is good because you can add whatever you want and make it can not only peel, but the peel of the fruit.

Useful properties of orange essential oil

This oil has the ability to positively influence the skin cells, it increases their ability to heal itself and, thus, helps rather to heal small wounds. A great advantage of the oil of orange is that it can use any brand, regardless of the type of your skin. If you are tired of the discomfort and discomfort associated with excessive dryness of the skin, the oil is great to moisturize it, giving it a gentle citrus flavor. You have oily skin? This problem orange oil is also better than any other, even the most expensive tool.

Useful vitamins, which are saturated with orange oil will help the skin to regain elasticity and make it smooth and pleasant to the touch. This oil is used by women who are actively dealing with wrinkles on the skin and dream to get rid of them, albeit partially.

Using orange essential oil regularly, you will experience for yourself how it whitens the skin, evens its tone and making age spots less noticeable.

Orange oil can be used during massages. Its unique composition allows you to have an impact on the muscles, thereby relaxing them. Therefore, massage with essential oil of orange will be a wonderful conclusion to your hard day’s work. It will help to relieve stress and tune in to the rest. Delicate fruity aroma of the oil will create a holiday atmosphere and good mood.

Oil noticeably increases blood circulation and helps the skin to acquire an attractive appearance, making it supple. It is used when dealing with such a female problem as cellulite. Yes, totally get rid of it, alas, will not work, but sometimes making anti-cellulite massage with orange oil, you’ll soon notice positive changes.

Many on own experience in how difficult it is to get rid of small scars that remain on the face after acne and pimples. But, it is so important for women to face was beautiful and well kept. No need to despair and resort to the most expensive ways of dealing with disadvantages. Just try to make masks on the basis of orange essential oil and, soon, on the face and does not remain any flaw.

Oil is so versatile means that it’s hard not to wonder. In addition to all that has been said earlier, it will help you to forget about dental pain, remove discomfort caused by inflammation of the gums, and fights periodontal disease and stomatitis. It is often used as a preventive measure, because it kills germs in the mouth and has a positive effect on gums and tooth enamel.

Orange oil is often found in the composition of various cosmetic products. It is especially useful for the skin on the lips, because it is the most tender. In winter, when lips often crack, will not find tools better and more effective than orange oil. It will moisturize the skin and heal small cracks in the lips, delivering only the discomfort and pain.

Oil will become an indispensable tool in the kit of every woman. Many unsuccessfully trying to get rid of the terrible pain and discomfort during menstruation. And Yes, the period before menstruation, too, is hardly pleasant. Of course, some of us are not even aware, how difficult can pass the premenstrual period, and some suffer for many years and can’t find a suitable effective medication to relieve at least a bit, horrible symptoms that do not lead a full life. Not every lady are able to afford the luxury of how easy it is to lie down during menstruation, when things are really hurting. Most have to work continuously or to do household chores. Here come to the aid of the essential oil of orange. It promotes relaxation, alleviates pain during menstruation and relieves premenstrual period.

The oil can be used to improve the immune system. It includes a huge set of useful vitamins and other components that promote good health and increase immunity. If you are often sick, especially in autumn and winter, when viruses are most active and spread with incredible speed, try to use essential oil of orange. It is perfect as a preventive tool, not only for the treatment of colds.

Better solution than the orange oil, not to find if you suffer from diseases of the stomach, intestines or any other internal organs. With it is not difficult to remove toxins from the body and rid it of various harmful substances that enter there with bad food, including fast food outlets. Oil can increase appetite. That is why it is better not to use those who are trying to eat less or dieting.

Small amounts of oil should be taken during constipation and poisoning. It assists in the cleansing of the stomach and intestines. The butter will give a feeling of lightness and completely get rid of the unpleasant nausea and pain caused by spasms of the stomach. It will be a great way to prevent the formation of gallstones.

Contraindications and possible harm of orange essential oil

• do not use orange oil if you are allergic to citrus, because, consequently, for oil you also encounter an allergic reaction;

• do not apply oil to the skin, when it’s Sunny weather. There is a risk of burns;

• orange oil significantly increases the appetite, so you should not take him inside those people who are trying to lose weight.

Orange essential oil — indications and methods of use

Orange oil is often used as a means to calm the nerves. There is not, probably, such person who would have lived their lives without a single stress. They confront us at work, at home, in the circle of friends. If time does not calm down then there is a risk of nervous breakdowns, which in future can turn into various heart and mental diseases. To remedy was always at hand and can be used at any time, get an aromatherapy pendant there and drip a few drops of orange oil. At the moment when you are very nervous and already can’t control myself, then take out the pendant with the oil and inhale its delicate aroma. You will immediately feel an incredible relaxation, and thoughts are transported to some nice place where I would like to visit, and when you calm down a bit, you will see that your seemingly bad day, not so bad as you thought.

If you are a long time suffer from insomnia, and the expensive medicines do not give the desired result, then do not despair. Just use orange essential oil to be able to sleep. Get the first, if you have not yet, and drip to five drops of this oil. Put the first orange oil in the room before going to bed and enjoy the gentle fruity smell. You yourself will not notice how fell asleep, and waking up in the morning will feel just fine.

Make the oil inside is necessary, add it to juice or tea, two drops a day. It is important to calculate the dosage, to allergies and sickness. Do not think that the more oil you drink, the better effect it will have.

If you want to get rid of acne or make the skin more beautiful and tender, then just add a little oil in your cosmetic products and use them daily.

Orange oil would impact not only on human health but also on his attitude, so inhale its delicate fragrance and get a positive charge for the whole day. Life is too beautiful to waste on negative emotions.

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