Spectacular drawings on the nails at home. A variety of nail designs and basic techniques at home

It is not necessary to be an artist to create unique designs on nails at home.

Having mastered the art of nail art, you will learn how to decorate nails simple but beautiful drawings.

Grooming and uniqueness to your manicure will appreciate all around.

Nails at home: what do I need

To get the hand, you first need to learn how to do simple drawings. For this you need to learn simple techniques and methods of applying patterns. Uncomplicated images are a base for beginners in the art of nail art.

An independent design drawings will require certain tools.

Accessories for the art of painting nails:

1. Dots or nail handle is a rod with a metal ball on the end. With the help of this tool on the nails you can apply dots, lines, commas, to draw all kinds of ornaments.

This manicure can be replaced by a crochet hook, a simple ballpoint pen, a pin with a ball on the end, orange stick or a regular toothpick.

2. Tweezers will need to create a design with rhinestones and other decorative elements.

3. Brushes made of quality synthetic fibers. Thin and flat brushes are indispensable in the drawing of small parts that require special precision and accuracy.

4. Decorative materials for nail art:

• varnishes in different colors;

• acrylic and gel paint.

• rhinestones;

• foil;

• glitteringly mixes;

• sequins;

• mother-of-pearl.

5. Cotton buds are needed to eliminate error in the application of Polish.

6. Transparent base coat and a top coat.

7. Liquid varnish remover, cotton pads.

8. Drill for piercing nails.

Using professional tools, you will get a neater nails at home.

Nails at home: photos and features

Consider the original and simple nail designs without any special skills can perform even beginners.

Drawings with stencils

Stencils for nail art are available and easy to use. They represent the workpiece, which are fixed on the nails to create neat drawings. The first type of stencil is adhesive. The workpiece is applied to the nail plate. On top of it to apply the varnish. The second type of stencil works on the principle of the stamp. The picture is applied to the nail as a result of impression.

Drawings with water

Modern fashionista who are addicted to nails at home, has managed to master the design with the help of water. An unusual and interesting technology will be able to understand and implement even for a novice.

To create an original water nail art, you will need a glass of cold water. It gently drop should add different shades of nail polishes. Then you need to mix them with a toothpick and guide into the center Cup. Now alternately fold the nails so that the varnish coated surface thereof. The paint will stick to a unique intricate pattern. After the procedure the skin is left clean, it is first necessary to lubricate any vegetable oil.

Traditional and coloured French

Among the drawings on the nails at home has not lost its relevance French manicure. Its loved by many women for romance and versatility. This kind of nail design suitable to different outfits and will be appropriate for any occasion. Traditional French manicure is created using pastel shades of varnish and white enamel.

Colored jacket looks very stylish and impressive. Straight line «smile» you can draw, using special stickers.

Lines on nails

Stripes, lines, zigzags are one of the most simple drawings on the nails at home. When implemented carefully in thin, smooth or wavy lines look very original. Applying it can contrast colors

Geometric patterns

Geometric shapes on nails can be done not only manually but also using the appropriate stencils. They are sold in specialized stores or cut out of regular tape. Experienced connoisseurs of the nail art have enough patience and accuracy, so use for drawing patterns of dots.

Floral manicure

Floral patterns are very popular among girls type of nail art. Modest flowers or whole plant composition will complement any look. According to professionals, to draw flowers on nails easy to understand technology of creating images step by step.

Leopard manicure

This original print will lend your everyday look charm and sexual rapacity. Fashionable animal manicure looks stylish in a variety of color schemes.

Nails at home: a sequence of actions

Before doing the nail art design should be put in order. Even the most fantastic of nail art will not bring positive emotions, if your cuticle is not processed and nails – various lengths. After hygienic nail Polish applied to the nails base coat and start creating these masterpieces.

Leopard spots: a step by step guide

To create this popular and beloved print will need the following tools and materials:

• Lucky. Choose colors for the base and spots depending on individual preferences. You can choose the classic brown tones or bright contrasting colors. The white base will fit any color. Required color of nail Polish when creating a leopard pattern is black.

• A thin brush. A great alternative to the hands become dots, a needle or a toothpick. All of these tools you can draw a beautiful leopard spots.

1. Put on low-fat marigold transparent base.

2. Cover nails with two layers of varnish, selected as the background. Allow to dry.

3. With a brush or other tool-drawn spots. The tip dip in nail Polish and in any order we arrange them on the surface of the nails. It should be noted that the spots should not be the same size and perfectly round. The uneven edges of the picture gives it a naturalness.

4. So the spots were similar to a leopard, every one of them must be outlined in black lacquer. Do not use smooth lines to outline the colored spots have jerky movements.

5. When the pattern dries, on nails, apply the top coat.

Nail art «Red poppies»

Experts advise to paint the poppies paint the gel because they give a more colorful and elegant result.

1. Apply to the nails base coat and give to dry completely.

2. Cover the nails with varnish base color. Incredibly soft juicy poppies look great on a white background.

3. When the coating has dried, start painting. Take a flat brush and dip one side of it in black lacquer, the other side is red.

4. Start drawing the petals. First you need to draw two petals. Don’t try to make them perfectly smooth, on the contrary, it is desirable to slightly distort their shape.

5. Draw two more petals of the poppy. To lighten them slightly, the tip of the brush add a small amount of white paint.

6. Draw serdtsevinka flower. Put point at the center. They will simulate the stamen.

7. In the end create the leaves. Gently green petals shaded darker.

Nail art with rhinestones

Decorate your manicure rhinestones can each woman. For this nail art you will need:

• Rhinestones. The shorter the nails, the smaller must be the rhinestones. The modern market offers a large variety of shapes, sizes and colors of shiny pebbles.

• Glue.

• Top coat for nails.

• Floss. With its help, you will «plant» the rhinestone onto nails.

There are two ways of fixing the rhinestone on the nail lacquer and the glue. Let’s consider them in more detail.

1. First you need to cover the nail base coat and let it dry.

2. Now, paint nails with two layers of colored lacquer.

3. When the varnish starts to dry, you should begin to consolidate rhinestones. Take a toothpick and wet the tip in water. Touches of rhinestones and gently apply it on the nail. Lightly pressed.

4. If we use adhesive, at the place where it will be glued on the rhinestones, you need to drip a small droplet, and then applying the stone.

5. Now cover the nails with top coat.

Nails at home: expert tips

Professional masters of nail art to achieve a neat and beautiful design, it is recommended to use the following tips:

1. To rhinestone to make a perfectly straight line, it is necessary to pre-schedule. The easiest way to do is «track», putting on the wet varnish of the usual string and quickly removing it.

2. Rhinestones will be better «sit down» on a toothpick or orange stick if its tip dipped in colorless nail Polish.

3. Rhinestones glued on the tip of the nail, will stay less than those located closer to the base plate.

4. If you plan to use a large number of crystals, it is better to focus them on a single fingernail. If you want to decorate each nail, there is no need to take more than three crystals.

5. Major nails at home would look appropriate only on long nails. For short choose small images.

6. Start to draw with a finger so as not to spoil already decorated nails.

7. Jacket visually lengthens the nails. Light and dark color polishes make the nails shorter.

8. While drawing make only superficial movement. This will help to avoid nail scratches.

9. Each new layer of varnish must be thoroughly dry. The coating dries instantly. Do not dry it under a stream of air. That kills the gloss of the lacquer. If there is no time absolutely, to speed up the drying process you can, lowering fingernails in cold water.

As you can see, the drawings on the nails at home can be mastered by every woman. Original and unique nail art is not only the attention of others, but also confidence in its appeal.