How to make beautiful nails at home

No wonder the French believe that the hands of women — the most honest part of the body. Do — hand it is possible to determine not only the degree of well-groomed women, but her age, the presence of disease. As you know, beautiful nail, healthy nails. You need to properly care for them, carry out regular beauty treatments. Manicure is a business card of every fashionista, and it can be done not only in expensive salons, but at home.

Problem nails: causes

Sometimes the nails are unattractive – delaminate, become brittle, turn yellow. The reasons can be many.

— First, on the condition of nails affected by the use of chemical detergents, and secondly, the seasonal deficiency.

— Secondly, if the nail thickens, it may indicate poor blood circulation, dull shows a lack of moisture, white spots indicate iron deficiency and possible anemia, metabolic disorders.

— If the nail has a brown color — you need to pay attention to the condition of the adrenal gland, the color yellow is seen when an overdose of vitamin a or carotene, or some therapeutic drugs (e.g., tetracycline). In such cases it is necessary to consult a doctor and eliminate the causes of damage.

But brown stripes arise when properly done manicure if you apply pressure to the substrate, and the delamination occurs after the extension. In many cases, regular maintenance care gives excellent results. A day is enough to spend just 10 minutes — and they will find their previous form, will be healthy and attractive. First of all, they need to be strengthened baths and compresses.

Nail care at home — baths to strengthen nails

1. Bath with sea salt

Ingredients: sea salt (suitable cooking food, 1 tablespoon), water (1 Cup).

Dissolve salt in warm water, to omit the nails for 10 minutes. After the procedure, lubricate nourishing cream.

2. Baths with iodine and orange juice

Ingredients: salt (2 tablespoons) orange juice (50 grams), water (50 grams).

Mix ingredients, dip your fingers and keep in the solution for 10 minutes. Wet hands and lubricate with a nourishing or moisturizing cream.

3. Nourishing and firming bath for nails with olive oil

Ingredients: olive or other vegetable oil (half a Cup), Apple cider vinegar (half Cup). To make a mixture and omit the fingertips for 10 minutes.

4. Oil-bath lodowa

Ingredients: olive oil (2 tablespoons), iodine (teaspoon), water (1 Cup).

Warm the mixture on a water bath for 10 minutes to keep my fingers.

Trays should be completed within 10 days, greater effect can be achieved if after the procedure wear gloves made of cotton.

Manicure nails at home

In the nail salon use a lot of tools, but the home can be limited to only the most necessary. Any standard manicure set contains:

— nail file for natural nails. Additionally get a nail file — polisher, ceramic nail file and pumice;

— pusher or trimmer;

— scissors for trimming nails, you should add scissors to remove the cuticle;

— cutters.

In addition to this you will need a bowl for a mitigating solution, wipes or towel, cotton pads, liquid Polish remover. Home manicure can be done in 30-60 minutes.


1. Liquid soap or remedy for nail baths.

2. Bath salt.

3. Means to soften and cuticle care.

4. Hand cream.

Sequence of actions:

1. Clean nails. A cotton swab with liquid nail Polish remover to erase the nail Polish. It is recommended to use liquid that does not contain acetone.

2. Shaping. File his nails, give them the desired shape, sand. The main rule is that such actions should only be done with dry nails.

3. Cuticle treatment. Apply a special tool to delicate skin softened, let it soak for 2-3 minutes. To dip their hands into a bowl of soapy composition, and salt. After 5-10 minutes the trimmer or pusher to push the cuticles and remove the remains. Much regrown cuticle to cut the appropriate scissors.

4. The removal of burrs. Nail clippers for skin with a sharp or rounded edges to trim hangnails. Do not pull them to avoid painful sores.

5. Treatment pads and parts of the fingers. A piece of pumice or a ceramic nail file to whittle away the calluses on the palms surface on the side of the fingers, rough pads.

6. Application of the cream, which will soften and moisturize the skin. Leave for a few minutes so that the Polish will be completely absorbed.

7. Next, apply nail Polish and drawing. For degreasing, wipe the nail plate with liquid varnish remover.

Some helpful tips before applying the varnish

— Before applying the varnish it should be well shaken;

— apply the varnish for better warmed by the fingernails;

— it is not recommended to dry nail Polish dryer;

— apply the coating in two layers;

— splitting nails can’t do the polishing;

— podpilivaya plate in one direction;

— do not use metal nail files;

— use household gloves on cotton basis.

Manicure — how to choose quality paint

The final part of the manicure Polish on nails. This is an important and responsible procedure. The quality of the lacquer not only provides a beautiful lasting manicure, but also strengthens and protects the nail plate from and fragility and splitting. Properly lacquer contains a lot of toxic substances. What should be a quality paint?

— Liquid, but to lay down a uniform dense layer (a drop of varnish from the brush must fall within 5 seconds);

— elastic, after drying, to hold, does not flake off;

— water-resistant, to have immunity against household chemicals.

Do not open the bubbles from the lacquer in the open air – the nail Polish is viscous and requires more time for drying.

Nails at home

To make artificial nails at home is the real challenge. This will save you time and money. However, have to learn.

Option # 1. False nails

The easiest way to use the art tips is to stick them on with special glue. Pros – quick gluing, do not require a thorough manicure. The cons, unfortunately, much more. First, sloppy glued nail tips look very unnatural. Besides the rapid gluing may do a disservice — no particular skill to perform the procedure quite difficult. Second, the glue negatively affects the structure of the nail.

Glue should not hurry putting everything tips in order. Artificial nails it is better to glue on nails — so they’ll last longer. Old varnish to remove and treat the cuticles, trim hangnails. Hands should be dry. Removable plates are easier if you drop them a drop of liquid nail Polish remover, then gently lift the stick for manicure.

Option # 2. Acrylic nails

Acrylic today is one of the most common materials to give the nails the right shape. It is a mixture of powder and liquid, connected in a special way. Dental facility recently began to apply the manicure. Synthetic nails to form two ways on tips or forms.

The service life of acrylic nails – up to 4 months, then they should be removed, and give your hands a rest. In forming the nail directly polymeric material is a durable and beautiful manicure, but there are negative aspects – it is an unpleasant smell, toxicity.

You will need:

— acrylic, solvent, degreaser;

— liquid to increase adhesion to the natural nail with the artificial;

brush and nail file.

Building on the form — procedure

1. After you complete the basic manicure, apply the nail special preparation. Leave to dry.

2. To set the shape and glue the ends.

3. Pour in a container of the monomer, dip the brush a good squeeze and score the camouflage powder brush. Get the ball, keep it up until he is soaked with liquid.

4. Apply on the form, roll over the surface and to the cuticle area.

5. Create the desired shape. Repeat steps to achieve the desired result.

6. Thus it is possible to make the ordinary nails of any length, using white and pink powder is made by French manicure.

7. The form to remove with tweezers, cut the extra edge, Polish and abrade.

8. To apply patterns.

The boundary between the artificial nail and natural can change as regrowth. The correction is approximately 3 weeks. Carefully apply the product to avoid damaging the cuticle. Acrylic to put on the nail surface, simulating an exact copy of this plate.

Option # 3. Gel nails

This method is more popular than the previous more natural or semi-synthetic components, for example, resin of coniferous trees. Manicure is very light, it is impossible to distinguish from natural. The last improvement concerns the silk fabric, which is placed under nail tips.

Fashionable adornment beads, sequins, coloured foil, in this embodiment, the building keeps much better. One of the main disadvantages is the high cost of consumables. Do not use the building for a long time because of possible degeneration and thinning of the nail plate. To perform a manicure using modern manicure sets, definitely need a UV lamp.

You will need:

— liquid sanitizer»

— nail files, nail tips, brushes;

primer, bonder, gel;

— acrylic paints, brushes for painting.

Gel extensions using forms – procedure

1. To clean the length of your nails during a basic manicure, to leave only the edge of the nail 2-3 mm. the Surface should be sanded down.

2. To put on a uniform to build.

3. Apply a layer of gel to extend it to the required length.

4. Put under the lamp to dry for 1 minute.

5. Apply a second coat and leave a space to the cuticle of 1-2 mm. then place it under the lamp.

6. Remove the stencil to create the desired shape. Brush to distribute the gel to both sides, to form a beautiful mound in the center of the nail.

7. Again allow to dry. Nail file to make the desired shape.

8. Apply the last thin layer of gel to dry under a lamp. After the procedure, do not wet hands for half an hour.

As with acrylic extensions, 3-4 weeks will require correction of nails.

Drawings on the nails at home

Draw on the nails can even a girl that has no artistic skills.

For this purpose, special varnishes with the thin brushes or acrylic paint and a thin natural brushes. The easiest way is to mix different colors of conventional lacquers.

Take into consideration a few more tips:

— figures need to stock up on different colors of nail polishes are definitely black and white, red, beige, green, gold and silver, and the rest at your discretion;

— before you unleash the imagination, work out tips;

— the main way — mixing needle or a toothpick and stretch.

Drawings can be done not only colors in the scheme and to experiment. Practice with colors, and very soon you will be able to create their own drawings.

Designs for nails — photos

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