Nail design with foil: photo of interesting ideas, new trends. Step-by-step instructions for creating nail design with foil

Look stylish and attractive every day becomes easier and more affordable.

Many women are quite serious about their appearance, constantly changing and striving for perfection until the tips of the nails.

Lovely ladies are not stop to keep up with the times, diligently creating on their nails once a work of art, able to emphasize and add zest to your image and make it more original.

To date, a fairly popular nail design with foil.

This allows you to create a nice manicure with a brilliant metallic shade. To achieve this design with the help of a specialized foil, ordinary kitchen in this case will not fit. It is sold in the Pro shop for nail design. To perform such a manicure can be both independently and referring to specialists.

Nail design with foil — what’s the difference

Unusual and striking design with the use of shiny thin foil of different colors is one of the most fashionable and the latest trends in modern nail art. Despite the fact that this type of manicure has already got its fans, but not all ladies have learned to use this design in practice.

There are several variations of this material, which is used for nail design with foil:

Sheet – is sold in rolls, Packed in a small jar. Has a huge variety of colors. Can be printed different patterns or abstractions. Glued on an ad hoc basis on top of the nail.

Foil with thermal effect more docile under the influence of warm air. This allows you to easily and quickly cover the nail plate.

Embossed combines rough and smooth at the same time structure, it is possible to easily perform the drawing. Sold in two versions: stickers, cut the shape of the nail plate, or solid sheet.

Stickers. Usually sold in strips or ready-cut labels in the shape of a nail. Feature an adhesive structure. Very practical and easy to use.

With the help of a well-developed imagination and foil to create a stylish and gorgeous nail-art. It can be as classic French with a bonding material at the free edge, design in metal style when creating a foil on the entire nail or just the original picture.

Design nail art foil with different directions

The highest popularity of the girls uses shrink wrap. To use it you need to buy professional stickers to the nail plate. The dimensions of these stickers are pretty standard, so may need to correct their form. You are then required to remove the excess layer and glue the workpiece to the corresponding nail. For the best straightening foil on the nail you need to use professional bulb. Nail designs with shrink foil looks effectively on the nails of rectangular shape. This original method provides a beautiful and bright manicure.

The classic French manicure involves applying white varnish at the tip of the nail plate. To give the classic French manicure is the most spectacular view, you can use metalized film. There is a ready conversion of semicircular blanks which differ in shape and size. This film has a variety of shades, the most popular are silver and gold. To apply foil on top of the coating after it dried. Then cover the entire surface of the nail surface with a transparent top, which gives it a glossy sheen and durability.

Moon manicure design. To implement this design easily enough. After covering the nail plate basic Foundation, it requires a little dry. Apply the adhesive to make a hole on the base of the nail. On a slightly transparent glue to carefully glue the prepared foil, smooth out her special wand and dramatically to disrupt it. For greater strength nail Polish to cover the nail protecting coating.

Gold plating looks spectacular and rich. To perform such a manicure, you will need a metallic thin tissue paper. After procrasti the surface of the nail varnish, very carefully attach to the plate of Golden foil before it is completely dry. After 20 minutes, you should use a transparent varnish. To give the originality of nail design with foil, you can make the effect on a few nails. Thus, all attention will be focused specifically on them.

Original geometric pattern. This design is used with a strong foil in the form of strips. Their width can be choose according to your taste, depending on the chosen design. After covering plate with base, to give her a little dry. Cut strips of foil and glued to the nail. Disorder of the workpiece vertically in a grid, horizontally and in waves. In this case it is important to wisely choose the lacquer color and the material used. They required ideal contrast with the base lacquer. Variations like this tape a lot, they are both one-tone and floral print.

Foil should be applied when the base Polish was still not dry. Advance with small scissors cut out the desired shape. Transfer it to the nail plate caution, as its structure is quite fragile and soft. Try not to touch the material with his hands, and to use only special clamps or tweezers.

This nail art will definitely make women’s hands more attractive and beautiful.

It is very important when performing follow a certain sequence of actions:

• The first thing you need to do before this procedure is to prepare and to completely clean the nail plate from the old varnish, to adjust the shape of the nail and gently remove the cuticle.

• The second stage involves buying and preparation of material used.

• The third stage is applied to the nail special base or the usual varnish.

Nail design with foil: sequence of actions

Despite the great diversity of varnishes, nail design with foil does not lose its popularity. This fashionable and stunning manicure which has a metal for a chic effect. To create nail design with foil there is no need for special abilities, in this case, the main thorough approach to work and accuracy.

To accomplish an attractive and original design of nails with foil, you need the following materials and tools:

• A piece of thin shiny foil.

• Basic or gel Polish.

• Special glue.

• Orange stick.

• Small scissors.

• Slim easy brush.

• Any clear gel Polish or top.

Step through the unusual design by using foil:

• To lead nails in order. After treatment and removal of cuticle on the nail surface to apply a base top. Apply nail base. This is necessary if the lumen through the foil, so he’s not much different from the plate, and the design was careful.

• After drying of the varnish applied to the nail professional adhesive, then you need to wait about 3 or 4 minutes, it will not be mother of pearl or transparent. Foil matte side to make a nail Polish, orange stick to work on the edge, and then back to the middle. Quickly and sharply to tear the foil. The following procedure with each nail.

• If some sections of the foil will be transferred not completely, you need to duplicate it. Because it was written as the basis, slight gaps are not noticeable.

• Complete a design will help the top coating. It is important to apply it after at least two hours after the procedure. Lacquer from damage not only adds Shine to your nails, but also ideal prolong their shelf life.

How to remove this manicure?

Remove it by usual means for removing nail Polish. To preserve the nail art on the nails longer, you can use gel varnish instead of glue.

Nail design with foil: advice from the professionals

The works of the masters of nail design does not cease to excite General admiration. Many decorative solutions able to satisfy the newcomers, but it is necessary to acquire all the materials. Specialized professional shops amazing variety of types of foil, a huge color and textural richness. The material is quite comfortable and practical to use, it opens creative freedom. Speaking of nail design with foil, it should be noted a huge number of shades and variations of this material, which will help to create a truly chic manicure Hollywood.

Experts recommend to use the stickers on the nails with great care. Too shiny and flashy foil can easily spoil your image and give it a bad taste. Salon masters offer their clients not to wear a lot of jewelry while performing the nail art. For example, a complex geometrical pattern can be applied only on a few nails. Usually this technique is used to draw special attention to the fingers that are wearing rings. When the girl prefers too flashy manicure is not worth it to combine with the clothes in the color «metallic».

A manicure is not recommended to create a metallic design on the nails of girls who have not reached the age of majority, as their nail plate is not fully developed and it can cause their nails harm. Older women need to pause between this nail Polish, it will restore the nails. It is desirable during this period to strengthen their vitamin varnishes and gels.

It is important to remember that sloppy pasted foil can completely mess up your manicure. Before its implementation need to pre-purchase and prepare all the tools and materials, and most importantly to have patience. Beginners beautiful metallic manicure may at first fail, but trying, any woman or girl to do it. The main thing is to believe in the final result.

Today, the nail design with foil very popular. Modern ladies choose this manicure with the purpose of attraction of admiring glances his way. If you are going to impress others with unusual and elegant manicure your own performance, then learn the technology of the design with foil. Even a simple metallic design on your nails will look just fine. But if to arm with all the right accessories and learn to create original drawings, your hands are constantly will be able to Shine and become the center of attention.